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Tonic Please
27th Apr 2004, 21:17
Well well. I'm at it again. Another far fetched brainwave. This time its a bit over the top.

I have had this vision for quite some time now about my own Jazz Club. (I'm waiting for Notso to slap me round the head with a blunt shovel). I can imagine the setting. A smart-casual request of customers. Jazz/Blues alternating each evening with touring bands. A high qulity restaraunt with top notch chefs. A wine bar. Lovely interior etc. I can imagine it being the big highlight place in Surrey!

Has anyone ventured into something similar? Am I being stupid? Of course I'll get negative feedback, and I'm most likely way way above myself, but I thought why the hell not give this thought a shot for a few weeks, and see what people say and think.

Look forward to it!


(What about killing to birds with one stone, and starting the business in Canada where I want to live asap?) Even more rediculous? There must be at least SOME sanity here?

27th Apr 2004, 22:20
Don't think there is enough culture here. I had an employee about 10 years ago who was a recognised Jazz player (locally) We sponsored a concert with bands etc etc. , I think all of three people plus my kids turned up. I ended up with about 400 hot dogs and buns. We're still eating the mustard and ketchup.

tony draper
27th Apr 2004, 22:34
My family will be happy to offer your club our protection for a small weekly fee, one cannot be to carefull these days,what with the risk petrol bombs being thrown thru your windows, accidental knee capping of band members ect ect.