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27th Apr 2004, 19:36
The question is, WHY? Why do some folks pay to have their initials on their shirts? I was trying to figure this out the other day, is it just in case they forget their initials or who they are. I'm not counting the guy that pumps gas and has BillyBob on his left breast pocket. No, it's the guy in a dress shirt with a JB on his cuffs or shirt pocket. Is it vanity? Is it so you know when yer get the wrong shirt back from the dry cleaner? Any ideas people??:confused:


27th Apr 2004, 19:38
My underpants have "St Michael" on the label. That makes me feel special.

27th Apr 2004, 19:43
I walk around with a tag stapled to my ear, with my name, address and medication printed on it:\

27th Apr 2004, 19:47
In Spain if you order to a do shirt with your sizes they will allways put your initials. I guess that they think that looks good.


27th Apr 2004, 20:31
They all had a "Paddington Bear" when they were kids...and probably still do!

27th Apr 2004, 20:45
No, it's the guy in a dress shirt with a JB on his cuffs or shirt pocket

Where can we order a set for Wholi? ;)

27th Apr 2004, 20:55
My Grundies say 'Next' on the label - thought it was an invitation for the ladies.....:\

27th Apr 2004, 20:59
I've some that say St Bernard in.

Was he St Michael's brother?

27th Apr 2004, 22:57
IB 4138..No you're just bending over too far.

Onan the Clumsy
28th Apr 2004, 01:02
No, it's the guy in a dress shirt with a JB on his cuffs or shirt pocket May be he was an inveterate Jet Blast poster

28th Apr 2004, 01:38
Does Calvin Klein ever get his own underpants back from the laundry?

28th Apr 2004, 02:40
Never mind Calvin Klein. Does the Fruit of The Loom get his back?

28th Apr 2004, 02:47
I've never seen these things ... is the lettering done in the same colour as the shirt and thus very discreet or is it done in a colour to make it stand out??

28th Apr 2004, 08:38
Think I mentioned on another thread when someone wanted to know how much to pay for a shirt or something like that....
I had a few shirts made up last time in HK and at $35/$40 US they were a good deal. The monogram came optional extra free-of-charge. So I opted for initials on left cuff in same colour thread as shirt.
Very discrete, but I know they are there and I like it.

having them blazoned in a contrasting colour across the chest is a OTT I think.

28th Apr 2004, 12:34
I've seen both BlueDIamond, but the one that set me off this time was dark blue lettering on left shirt pocket of a light blue shirt. And yes his initials are "JB" (first name Joe...). Mind you, he is also the type of guy that decorates his desk with lots bits and bobs that have is name and/or initials on them...I think he has a memory problem....or he might just be a egotistical tosser:E :E


tony draper
28th Apr 2004, 13:03
Saw a post on another website, southern chap wanted to know where he could buy those underpants with the bump at the front like we northern chaps have.


28th Apr 2004, 13:06
" Swing low sweet chariot"!!