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The Guvnor
22nd Aug 2001, 17:00
Thursday, August 16, 2001

Naked woman caught looking for sex at airport

JERUSALEM - Israeli police found a naked German woman tourist looking for sex in a parking lot at Tel Aviv's Ben-Gurion International Airport this week, officials said Wednesday.

The "beautiful blonde'' had time to kill before flying home, so she decided to have sex with passing men, a police spokesman said.

After a brief romp between parked cars, she was spotted by a police patrol who questioned and released her, fully clothed, with no charges against her.

"I thought they were pulling my leg, but the officers were stubborn and said I had to come to the station (to question her),'' Superintendent Moshe Feldinger of the airport police station told the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper.


How long before this thread gets sent over to JetBlast? :D :D :D

22nd Aug 2001, 17:15
probably just after lunch!

22nd Aug 2001, 17:34
beats Channel 4 mooching around carparks looking for drunk pilots!
:D :D

22nd Aug 2001, 18:15
would everybody please keep track of their cabin crew in future !

Harry Erman
22nd Aug 2001, 18:15
This is not the place to discuss parking slots..

fire wall
22nd Aug 2001, 18:35
If ever Isreal's tourist industry needed a boost this is it !

22nd Aug 2001, 19:05
Obviously not carrying out minge-rest before her cock-pit duty!!! Wonder if there was a long male-infested queue for the toilet onboard???? :D :D ;) :D :D

22nd Aug 2001, 19:42
I thought that all airports had hookers in the parking lot.

gravity victim
22nd Aug 2001, 20:04
I think Danny must be away! :eek:

The Guvnor
22nd Aug 2001, 21:20
... and the answer is 8 replies! :D :D :D

Cyclic Hotline
23rd Aug 2001, 09:49
If a male were to try the same trick (sic) I somehow doubt he would avoid going to jail!

Mind you, then he would probably have more sex than he could handle!

23rd Aug 2001, 23:58
Not Velvet up to her tricks again... surely.

24th Aug 2001, 02:35
If is was a male Cyclic, the queue might have been longer :eek: