View Full Version : Heathrow Security?

27th Apr 2004, 08:22
Came back on BA783 from Stockholm last Friday. Get to LHR, on a stand, 'bus comes, get off bus and up escalator. Stuck - no doors open, no staff, no nothing. Doors eventually opened after about 5 minutes of banging, and passengers pour out - into the domestic arrivals hall. So everyone with carry on bags departs, without having gone through immigration or customs. Those with checked bags get into the customs hall and collect bags and go through customs - but nobody from the first 'bus went through immigration.

Plus the fact that for about 5 minutes, there was nothing to stop people wandering off down the stairs and being unescorted airside.

And we criticise the US!!

B Sousa
27th Apr 2004, 13:47
Hey, its Europe..Your all one big family now anyway. In fact why do you need immigration? Just like here in the states your overrun.....

29th Apr 2004, 21:13
That's hilarious. But it does sound like one single cockup by a bus driver going to the wrong place.