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26th Apr 2004, 19:11
Diary of a Private Party Organiser

Year 2002

Blah blah nag blah - piss-up in Somerset - nag - when’s he gonna do it - blah whine nag - wish he’d hurry up and get his act together soddim - nag blah.

Year 2003

Blah blah nag blah - piss-up in Somerset - nag - when’s he gonna do it - blah whine nag - wish he’d hurry up and get his act together soddim - nag blah.

Year 2004

Think I’d finally better do something about this --- can’t stand the nagging much longer.
Posts in Admin “anyone wanna come to a Somerset Private Party?” :E :E

Couple of months later …..
“Bleedin’ ‘ell – I’m fed up with cooking all these curries”.

Thursday 22 April.

Drive to Heathrow and pick up Flaps and Flyblue. Drive home. Eat a lot, get pissed. Go to bed VERY late!

Friday 23 April.

Get up VERY early (3 hours sleep), swallow 137 paracetamol. Feel awful. Cook breakfast for ladies. Take ladies shopping. Get home thinking “aaaah good --- just time for a combat nap”. Phone rings: “Hello Wholi – BOSS!! here -I’m at the hotel, shall I come over?” “Of course Danny, we’re just sitting here wondering how to pass the time……….(buggah)”

Give Danny beer and feel compelled to join him (but just for one cos driving). Drive to collect Cleo from station. Get back and continue the good work by drinking before, during and after the arrival of 327 PPruners and half a dozen local mates (note to self – must stop exaggerating). Actual list of Ppruners was: Cleo, Flyblue, Flaps, Danny, Flying Farmer, Mrs FF, DX Wombat, Roger d’Errassoff and “friend”. Additional local mates were: John and Bridget Barrow, Pete and Carol Millard (next door neighbours – otherwise known as “The Neighbours from Hell, and at other times “Cu’s Best Friends”. Oops - forgot. Bro-in-law was also here with wife and daughter.

Serve curries various, eat curries various, drink booze various, talk bullshit various, get pissed, go to bed VERY LATE!!!

Saturday 24 April.

Get up VERY early (2 hours sleep), swallow 784 paracetamol. Feel awful. Drive to village to get breakfast for the people. At various times: welcome MisNomer, Roger d’Errassoff and “friend” AND - OF COURSE - THE LOVELY, CHARMING AND WITTY AERBABE.

Shepherd the motley crew to a pub for lunch where we meet IFR and Mrs IFR, Reddo and Checkboard, Hugmonster and Hugmistress, Genghis, The Nr Fairy (always thought that name was very apt) and Mrs Nr Fairy and Fairy Junior. The 2 junior FFs were also there with mum and dad. Have a sharpener at the pub. Shepherd the motley crew to the Fleet Air Arm Museum at Yeovilton, thinking on the way “wish I could have faced something to eat”.

Wander round Museum, have cup of tea outside afterwards, drive home and get ready for next phase. Find 10W sitting outside drinking beer and saying “you might like to consider re-stocking your fridge before we go out – and by the way – your dog’s pissed”. (Note to diary editor: must remember to forget to mention drinking party within Dubs’ earshot again!)

Shepherd the motley crew into the village to pub. Drink a bit. Go to next pub where we were going to eat. (Diary editor’s note: there were supposed to be 2 more pubs in between these 2, but people were a shambles and wouldn’t be organised. Must get a different lot of Ppruners next time.)

In pub, ogle barmaids and waitresses, eat a lot, drink a lot, bullshit a lot, wish I was in bed a lot, get over that wilt and carry on with the first 4 items in this list. When totally full to the level of “wish I was in the bog”, and everybody else gone from the pub, shepherd the motley crew back to my place and continue the attempts to empty my cellar. Having realised that we were not going to succeed, give up (pissed) and go to bed VERY VERY late. The actual time of quitting could well have been triggered by the fact that on Friday evening certain people had been feeding my dog ample amounts of curry, and the anal vent effects in the lounge next evening were something to be experienced (but only if you have had your nasal passages cauterised!!!!!).

Sunday 25 April.

Get up VERY early (3 hours sleep), feeling shabbier than a shabby thing this time. Swallow 1287 paracetamol. Wonder why everybody else still in bed. Cook major breakfast fest for the motley crew. Wake the buggahs up on the “one up- all up” principle. Realise it’s now far too late to go through with the plan to visit the Haynes Motor Museum, so refrain from mentioning it in the hope that all the others would feel too shabby to remember that was the plan. (That worked thank goodness!)

Decide that I need to be in bed. Instead, drive Flaps and Flyblue to Heathrow. Drink coffee at airport. Start drive back. Stop for coffee and buy 2 cans of Red Bull. Drink 2 cans of Red Bull in next half hour of driving. Realise that the bladder is now too old to deal with quite that much diuretic, and so stop at next garage to visit the bog. Arrive home to be greeted by the results of the visit of the Pprune Ground Force Team and a very large single malt. Have a quick freshen up and drive to Flying Farmer’s village where he forces us to accompany him, his wife and his kids next door to the pub. Repeat process of eating, drinking and bullshitting that we had by now totally perfected. Think “must be getting a bit old, can’t stay here any longer, must go home to bed”. DX Wombat drives us all home, where we find that there is a God and we have received a second wind. (Note to diary editor: the second wind could well be the result of the absolute terror felt whilst being driven home by DX Wombat.) As a result of this God-sent miracle cure for tiredness, we continue with the attempt to empty the cellar. Having failed again, go to bed (not quite so late) and die for 5 hours.

Monday 26 April.

Wake up. Greet DX Wombat as a saviour when she arrives with breakfast. Eat breakfast. Drive 10W (or was he 10E by now?) and Cleo to railway station. Get back to find the remnant of the Pprune Ground Force Team (DX Wombat) continuing with the sterling work of turning the jungle into something where you could actually walk without fear of being attacked by snakes and scorpions!!

Heat up left-over curries and invite neighbours (who had been co-opted to join the remnant of the Ground Force Team under threat of who knows what?) to join us. Eat curry. Think “bug&er it – I’ll never be left alone unless I get the report done, so can’t go to bed – and anyway the others are still here”.

Note from diary editor: God I wish they would bug&er off so I could go to bed for a few days!!!!!!!

The End (Thank God).

Some pics at

26th Apr 2004, 20:06
Gulp! Apart from Cu, everyone looks quite human... :confused: Thanks for the glimpse into the private lives of our peers and proof that the sun can shine for 2 consecutive days en Angleterre! :)

26th Apr 2004, 20:09
Actually airship - the sun shone for 5 days consecutively :D

The Invisible Cat
26th Apr 2004, 20:11

Are you calling the ones who have the power to rob your Aunt Mary of all her lottery winnings "our peers" ?
:confused: :confused:

A small bonus from Auntie Mary for being so wise. Entirely temporary I'm sure!:E

tony draper
26th Apr 2004, 20:23
Thats some peach of a hound Wholi,one notes that either Flappy Flyblue or the Boss are Marlbourgh men like Drapes,
even if they do smoke the sissy brand.

Drapes yer powers of observation are unsurpassed; 10 out of 10 for noticing that Flyblue and I are female. ;)

Drapes, FYI moi don't smoke (I mean other than all I had to suffer from those two puffing addicts) :rolleyes:

But apparently you like coffee Flyblue :E

26th Apr 2004, 20:37
Flaps smokes the full fat variety. I smoke the poofs' version.

tony draper
26th Apr 2004, 20:40
You must be ok for duty frees with that lot Wholi. :rolleyes:

26th Apr 2004, 21:00
Day 2
Get up very early and almost choke on something black and syruppy which Wholi calls tea. :confused: Surreptiously wave tea bag over fresh mug of boiled water, steal lemon from Wholi's G&T hoard, add to tea and put shaky body outside to soak up morning sun. Light up first fag of the day, inhale deeply and feel somewhat queasy. Wonder about Flyblue's Pesto Pasta the night before; perhaps it was off?
Decide to have a banana while waiting for brekkers. Take one bite and only by applying full throttle manage to reach bog in time for technicolor :yuk: :yuk: :yuk: .
Still blaming Flyblue's pasta when it suddenly becomes clear....................
Those 8 different ....you gotta try this one Flappy, 25 year old cask strength... oh and have you ever tasted this one? Only 30 bottles ever made, we'll add just a drop of water there darling..... Hey Flappy, single malt ripened in old sherry casks, surely a wee drop? Good girl; now there's this bottle my kids got me last year.... Hmmmm... a little smoother don't you agree? You lived on Islay did you? Lemme see; ah yes, here it is...... look at that colour...

Whols, apart from being an officer and a very lecherous gentleman, you are also the first bloke to get me drunk since a spotty lad fed me Rum & Cokes for my 17th birthday. :oh:

Sunny Somerset was paradise after 6 months of Norwegian winter. Wonderful do and not sure who's the bigger softie, you or that HUGE animal. ;)

Thanks for having us Whols :ok: Your hospitality is unsurpassed!

26th Apr 2004, 21:10
Bleedin' 'ell Flaps ------ NOW you tell me you were pissed!!!! You hid it so well I thought my evil plan hadn't worked and so I didn't rush into yer room at oh dark thirty :)) :))

What a waste!!!!

(PS: Want a coffee???)

The Invisible Man
26th Apr 2004, 21:16

I'm tempted to report your post to a Moderator, it's disgusting and disgraceful!!! :E :E

The pics are great.

You may also have a (perhaps temporary) bonus for the comment about the pics.

The Nr Fairy
26th Apr 2004, 21:18
a) Sorry about the strap in the piccie ! I thought I'd taken another one.

b) I thought you normally took pictures of top cleavage, but that particular cleavage shot is almost as good !

26th Apr 2004, 21:19
My God, that isn't a dog it's a horse!

Thanks for some great pics Wholi.

Loved the extended sharpening :)

26th Apr 2004, 22:31
No, it's okay... I don't mind not being mentioned. You probably didn't even notice I was there. :{

Actually, you might have wished I wasn't at times. :O

But thanks for the hospitality, and thanks/apologies to everyone else where appropriate.

Please read report again Aerbabe. And I do love you really!

26th Apr 2004, 22:48
Actually, you might have wished I wasn't at times


26th Apr 2004, 23:47
See first post for some more pics

27th Apr 2004, 05:51
Wow! Great stuff. Good to put faces to handles so to speak.

27th Apr 2004, 06:55
Where's yer fur coat, Flapper? Don't tell me it was actually warm enough in the U.K. to go without!


Wanders off to kitchen in search of scissors and teddy-bear shaped patterns .... ;)

Another St Ivian
27th Apr 2004, 08:24
Could be a long shot, but anyway.....is that small horse/dog occasionally found running around outside a certain hangar at Colerne?


27th Apr 2004, 09:22
Well, seen the gorgeous flapsters piccy before, but, wasnt aware we had another stunner in the mod ranks..:)

Oh.. and then there's Wholi to bring us back down to Earth.:sad:

27th Apr 2004, 09:25
ASI ---- absolutely right mate!! ;)

Another St Ivian
27th Apr 2004, 09:55
Ah, knew it! Last time I saw that thing it was trying to liberate a Ginsters buffet bar from an open pocket on my leg!


27th Apr 2004, 10:22
Must be the right one then! :p He very expert at that.

27th Apr 2004, 10:37
just don't tell Wholi you're the one who fed Cu with egg sandwiches before his 1h15' ride back home :D

timmcat :O

27th Apr 2004, 12:26
Why aren't Flaps and Flyblue in Hollywood... (http://groups.msn.com/WholigansPictures2/shoebox.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=4)instead of being stuck in front of a computer screen?! They are so convincing! :)

27th Apr 2004, 15:23
Diary of a professional Party Goer

Party Day -1

Finish work in the early afternoon. Blazing sunshine and all the hard work means a cerveza or two is in order. Head downtown on the Metro to Plaza Del Sol with workmates. Find a suitable bar with a regular flow of 'eye candy' passing by and grab the tables out in the full force of the sun. Predictable lot us Brits abroad. +25C is obviously a little cool for the locals who scurry past in fur coats, scarves, hats and gloves, etc. Sunburn starts to cultivate nicely, whilst the cerveza and tapas provide sustenance. Sun moves and we end up in the shade. Consider going native and having a siesta, but empty beer glass dispels thought in a nano second.

Route march undertaken to Plaza Santa Anna and another table found in the sun. Continue practicing process of eating, drinking, and bullshitting since Wholigan is a renouned master of the technique and I will be sorely tested on arrival in Somerset. Perfect technique of taking pictures of senoritas over the shoulders of colleagues whilst pretending to be taking pics of aforementioned colleagues. Muy hermosa !! Note that time our table booked for dinner has snuck upon us and taxi hijacked back to hotel.

Consume vast amounts of rich food and many bottles of Vino Tinto, followed by liquers, and then spirits and beer in the bar. Consider getting back in to UK mode and asking for measured spirit drinks. Decide that the Spanish bar maid would be offended and think it an insult so continue with the half pint offerings of gin.

Party Day

Brain cell passes message at around 0200 that getting a few hours sleep could be something useful to have in the energy reserve banks. Alarm goes at 0530. Must be a bad dream. Only just fallen asleep I think. ******, haven't packed yet !! Throw clothes in bags, creases not a problem as only going to Somerset. All farmers there so no standing on ceremony. Not like I am going to the 'Ociffers Mess' after all, the host is only a bleeding Flight Lieutenant for Gawd's sake ;) Get picked up for airport at Early O'Clock and am delivered to Terminal 2 at Heathrow courtesy of Iberia a few hours later. Amazingly, the sun is shining in the UK.

Bus gets me to Woking and a smooth transfer to Basingstoke on a packed train. Advantages of said transport - lots of exercise for the eyes as the hot weather has awoken many T shirt and bra less young fillies from hibernation. Disadvantages - close proximity to several grockels for whom personal hygiene has yet to be discovered. Find trains to Yeovil delayed. Excuses offered every few minutes over the Tannoy, ranging from sick staff member, signal failure, to awaiting staff joining from another service, etc. They really should take a lesson from the airline industry and blame ATC. It works every time. Text Wholigan and advise I may not make the Museum trip at this rate and will divert to his local pub instead. He foolishly gives me instructions to enable entry to his house and also supplies the location of the fridge which houses the beer :E. Warns me of the presence of his dog who may bark a bit. No problem. As an ex Fighter Command jet jockey, he's bound to have a small Jack Russell. Any nonsense from the yippy little dog and he'll get the Jonny Wilkinson treatment :ok: Am given severe warnings not to touch certain things in the house, namely the cheese and whisky collections. Beer location already supplied so warnings are superfluous :hmm:. Sell access details of house to some Pikie types on train. Weekend now paid for.

Arrive in Yeovil Junction around 1500. Next bus to town is due around July 2005. Sit in sun for a while till taxi comes to pick up a little old lady. Distract her and steal her cab. Friendly lot down here, she waved her walking stick at me for a good half mile or so. Taxi driver was a chatty sort, so recieved a good briefing on Westland Helicopters Annual Report, the rise of the Screwfix empire (they have call girls in Somerset ?? .... coool := ), Ham stone and Yeovil Town FC. After a little navigational exercise in finding Wholi's pad, paid the gent and told him to keep the change in my Scottish accent. Had to call ambulance after he fainted.

Find secret entrance to the Wholi HQ and attempt to locate small hound. Can only find small pony who drools and whinnys in a most unusual manner. Apply 'horse whisperer' skills and the stallion calms down and leads me to his secret biscuit supply. Feed him several biscuits and check I have all fingers and thumbs intact. Ask him where beer is and he raises paw and points to picture of his master on the wall. Look at the hounds ID tag to discover his name. Wierd name for a dog ..... Oh One Nine Three Five Etc Etc. Find fridge and liberate a case of beer which myself and Cu quickly make light work of out in the jungle. Sorely tempted to have some cheese but remember warnings and 'Cu' kindly shares his dog biscuits with me and tells me some tales about his master ......

then everyone arrived back and the party began. And that's the last I remember :)

27th Apr 2004, 16:08
After waiting for Checkers to get home from a trip on Friday night we set off at 9-ish Sat am.
After Checkers expertly programmed the GPS we decided to track direct to the pub. We're Australian, it's expected of us. Had a brilliant run down to the said pub.
It was Anzac day in Oz so we took some Anzac cookies. :D
The rest of the trip has been more or less described and then came the drinkies at Wholi's house. Flyblue and Flaps attempt to teach me how to walk/stagger in heels. Very dangerous after the amount of incahol I had consumed. Didn't break a leg so I thought that was a result. At some very early hour Checkers impersonated Cu and stunk out the house. Nice one. *cough hack*.
After eventually lapsing into unconsciousness trying to ignore the snoring...... :zzz: I got a reasonable night's sleep. We missed the Anzac dawn service because I don't do early mornings.
After a very pleasant breaky/lunch we bid our host and friends fairwell and choofed off back up the A303.
We spied Stonehenge and had a look around. We made it back home in time to collect Checkers former AN colleague (now QF library manager {SO}) from the train station. Repeat late night.

Thank you Wholi for your hospitality, thank you DX for your chaufering skills around town.
Thank you to every one for a ripper of a weekend. :D

Biggles Flies Undone
27th Apr 2004, 16:15
'ripper' sounds about right!

Wholi - maybe you should consider a monicker change from Cu to Cb......

PPRuNe Radar
27th Apr 2004, 18:47

There most definitely is a problem with your piccies. Not a cleavage shot in sight !!

:p :E

27th Apr 2004, 19:46
There most definitely is a problem with your piccies. Not a cleavage shot in sight !!
Pay attention Radar, there's certainly one (http://groups.msn.com/WholigansPictures/shoebox.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=21) in there I remember :cool: (now, where's that glossy photo paper....)

27th Apr 2004, 20:16
I remember PPRuNe Pop taking quite a few cleavage shots rather late on Sat night :D
Flyblue was a rather good sport about it :E

28th Apr 2004, 05:26
Few more pics added to: http://groups.msn.com/WholigansPictures2/shoebox.msnw

28th Apr 2004, 15:52
quality mate, you almost emulate the life of a student!

28th Apr 2004, 19:28



BHR:) :) :)


Your smile could light up a room.



DX Wombat
29th Apr 2004, 10:14
Aer Babe it's my fault Wholi left you off his list. He was just starting his recovery from the festivities so he asked me to check that he had included everyone and I was so excited at the prospect of being taken flying the next day that I forgot. :{ Sorry about that. :( I got back here late last night so haven't had much time to write anything and I'm off to work in a few minutes but will add a sober :hmm: person's point of view later. :E

DX Wombat
7th May 2004, 20:12
A Slightly Different Point of View

January 2004 around the beginning of the month
Conversation with Wholi W:“What are you doing in April? Which weekends are you free?”
Me: “Free? Weekends?? I work for the NHS remember so no chance over Easter or the following weekend, try weekend of 24th/25th, I might be able to book some time off. Why do you want me to book time off in April? A gathering in Somerset? Sounds nice. Oh you feel it may be wise to have a nurse there. Hmmmmm Sounds ominous. :uhoh:You do remember that I’m a Midwife and Neonatal Nurse? You aren’t pregnant are you?”:E
Later in January 2004
Email to Wholi: “I’ve managed to book some time off for that weekend and a bit to spare for travelling down there and back again. Got any decent caravan sites near you?”
Time passes and a place at the Southfork Caravan Site is booked – hope it’s a reasonable place. A map with directions to Wholi’s house is provided in an email – a map from the A 123 or something like that.
Thursday April 22nd
Arrive at caravan and unexpectedly have to spend two hours removing chunks of concrete and other rubble to make an exit. Divert back to house to fetch forgotten items (cheese) then spend further hour driving to M606 a trip which normally takes about 15 minutes. Now running three hours late and I haven’t even reached the M1 yet.
Eventually arrive at Southfork at 2015 hours with just sufficient daylight left to set up the caravan before having something to eat and retiring to bed.
Friday April 23rd
Decide that it would be a good time to sort out the caravan water system and get it properly sterilised. I don’t like green bits floating in the water. Sit around trying unsuccessfully to get radio to work on various bands, give up and complete the job of cleaning the water system. Drive into village to buy some bread to eat with lunch. Later in the afternoon, having done some homework (reading CAP 413 in anticipation of the following Tuesday’s treat) decide that it might be an idea to find where Wholi Mansions is actually located as the map provided is totally useless for me as Southfork is nowhere to be seen on it and the instructions don’t mention it. Eventually manage to work out where I am supposed to be going, return to caravan for cup of coffee, ring Wholi “What time are we supposed to get there? Oh whenever you like, I’ve got three of the….m here already. Adjourn to Wholi’s for the evening (see his report of events) and meet other PPRuNers and, most importantly, Cu. Return to caravan at 0030 hrs approx, try to sneak in quietly, not easy to do as alternator has a nasty whine. Hope neighbours do not hear me.
Saturday April 24th
Up and about at 0730 hrs have cup of coffee whilst sitting outside caravan enjoying the early morning, smile at neighbours as they take dogs for short walk. Adjourn to Wholi’s at around 1030hrs where the survivors of the previous night’s festivities are beginning to stagger forth in search of food, drink and Paracetamol. Prise the remains of my supply from Wholi’s hands and share them out amongst the others.
Take Roger D’Erassoff and his friend with me in the car to the designated assembly point in pub, spot the only bit of shade available in which a car could fit so park in it.
Visit to Museum as previously described by others – enjoyed that.
Having a car which can be adjusted to take six passengers has it’s advantage for those who wish to drink but not drive so Reddo, Checkboard, IFR and Mrs IFR and MisNomer join me for the pub crawl. Drive from first pub to dinner location and attempt to park my car back at Wholi Mansions. A dreadful wail from beside me causes me to change my plan. “Where are you going?” Me, “To park my car at Wholi’s. Why?” IFR, “But that means we will have to walk to the pub” A distance of 50 yards!!!!! Never let it be said that I failed to treat the older generation with a bit of consideration. I turned the car round and, to Mrs IFR’s amusement, drove to the pub car park where I parked in the nearest available place – approximately the same distance away from the pub as Wholi Mansions. Please note, IFR WALKED back to Wholi Mansions after dinner by choice! Enjoy the meal and company then adjourn to Wholi Mansions to observe the attempts to annihilate his alcohol stocks.
Return to caravan at 0130 hours still trying to sneak in without the neighbours hearing me. Notice I have two lots of new neighbours in tents.
Sunday 25th April
Up at 0800 and sit outside the caravan drinking another cup of coffee and enjoying the pleasant weather and scenery. Smile and say good morning to neighbour as she takes dogs for walks. Neighbour looks as if she can’t quite believe her eyes. Decide that it might be better to delay my arrival at Wholi Mansions a little as the occupants were bound to be feeling a little fragile once more. Stock up on supply of Paracetamol and eventually arrive at 1045 hrs to find the tattered remnants just emerging from their beds and Wholi cooking breakfast. Administer Paracetamol as necessary and, once again, prise my, by now, extremely depleted stock from Wholi’s grasp. Discover I am expected to join everyone for breakfast. This was the meal at which Flyblue was introduced to that renowned delicacy “Heinz Tinned Spaghetti” Flyblue was less than impressed and seemed to have some difficulty identifying the worm-like mass in orange coloured sauce as spaghetti. I shall not offend delicate eyes and ears by repeating her comments. Suffice to say she did not approve.:mad: During breakfast we receive a flying visit from Flying Farmer – literally. I am assured by the ATCOs present that he is at least 1500’ above us.
Following breakfast Reddo and Checkers leave for home and Wholi takes Flyblue and Flaps to Heathrow. In his absence Cleo, 10W, AerBabe and I decide to form a PPRuNe Ground Force Team and tackle the weeds. A short discussion on tactics resulted in a trip to B&Q in Yeovil (we couldn’t find a Garden Centre nearer) and the purchase of various plants to fill in some of the gaps we were about to make. Following an ice cream at Safeway we return to the task in hand. Wholi eventually returns and AerBabe departs for home. Wholi insists that we should inflict ourselves on Flying Farmer and family. They drink, I don’t, so they all pile into my car. 10W announces that I should request clearance to depart in the authorised manner. His request is denied with the traditional response “Belt up please” and we set off. A long diversion is averted when I spot the sign saying “To FF’s” which Wholi, who was supposed to be navigating, had managed to miss. Flying Farmer and Mrs FF do a good impression of being delighted to see us and promptly shuffle us all off to the pub next door. The children are sent to keep places for us whilst we decide what we will have to drink.
After coffee at the FFs we return to Wholi Mansions where a further assault is made on his alcohol store. I return to the caravan at 0045 hrs to find the neighbours have moved on.
Monday 26th April
At 0900hrs I present myself at the local bakery in order to purchase breakfast. This task having been successfully accomplished I drive to Wholi Mansions where only Wholi appears to be vaguely alive. He sends the fourlegged alarm clock upstairs to help the others wake up. Following breakfast he drives Cleo and 10W to the station and I settle down to do a bit more homework. The last bit of the flowerbed still looks very tatty so I decide to try to finish the previous day’s task. Wholi arrives home and giggles at the sight. A little later on “The Neighbours from Hell” arrive and Mrs NFH volunteers to help me complete the task. Following more curry and a quick look at PPRuNe I return to the caravan at around 2200hrs.
Tuesday 27th April
I pick up my laptop computer from Wholi’s on my way to Bristol Airport where a very kind PPRuNer has offered to take me flying. A diversion for roadworks means I am no longer certain of my exact location so I stop to ask directions. I am given clear, concise ones and head off. Twenty minutes later I am VERY suspicious of the information so confidently given so stop and ask two lorry drivers. I had been given directions to Exeter Airport. Eventually arrive at Bristol and have a wonderful time flying around over Glastonbury Tor, out to Burnham on Sea and then on to Clevedon before turning back to Bristol. Pick up my radio from Wholi’s and return to the caravan.
Wednesday 28th April
Pack up caravan for return trip. Return book to NFH and go to say goodbye to Cu who looks thoroughly miserable. Stand with him while he eats his breakfast then, feeling a real heel, set off for home. :{

Thank you so much Wholi for inviting me. It was great to meet people at last. I think Flaps & I have been talking in chat for nearly three years now but had never actually met up. As for my driving skills, or lack of them, just be grateful you didn’t have to walk home from FF’s. You got back in one piece didn’t you so why complain?
Reddo, it was a pleasure to drive you and Checkers around and also the IFRs, MisNomer and the others. I wasn’t aware that Banjo Paterson had written so many interesting verses to Waltzing Matilda, do you think you could let me have a copy sometime? Oh, and by the way, your singing is really quite tuneful and not, as I had been led to believe, not dissimilar to a corncrake with laryngitis.
Cu, if you need rescuing just let me know.:ok: