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26th Apr 2004, 17:20
Part of a book review:

Recently geneticists studying the DNA of 2,000 men across Eurasia spotted a genetic pattern common to eight per cent, irrespective of where they came from. These men, they concluded, had a common male ancestor. He lived about 1,000 years ago and must have impregnated hundreds of women from the Pacific to the Caspian Sea. There was only one candidate:

26th Apr 2004, 17:29
He did a hard work!
What a great live taking in acount that they use to died early age.


26th Apr 2004, 17:55
One of me ancestors I think...Genghis Khan or one of his great great grandfathers. I only know this because I often have this irresistable urge to make war, pillage and deflower a great many virgins, not necessarily in that order... :p

26th Apr 2004, 18:24
Aiship, take a gold star from petty cash and go straight to the top of the Eurasian history class

Our mystery man is none other than Genghis Khan, ranking right up there in the pleasantness stakes with Vlad the Impaler and Pol Pot.

The review continues:
There was only one candidate: Genghis Khan. One of the extra ordinary results of his 40-year campaign of slaughter, pillage and rape is that there are now, by means of extrapolation, about 16 million people in Eurasia who have inherited part of Genghis Khan's DNA.

26th Apr 2004, 18:46
kinda like that guy out of the start of Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy


26th Apr 2004, 18:53
Why, thank ye _spanky_ but I'm not one to be patient, so I already raided The Zero Club's till...! So that's the pillaging out of the way. Got any more questions...if I get them right, can I go and make war and deflower some virgins please?! :=