View Full Version : Channel Tunnel, good or bad.

21st Aug 2001, 22:51
So, was it a good idea, or is it just a waste of tax payers money and an easy way for economic migrants to infiltrate the UK?
Personally I`d rather fly to Europe or take a ferry, after all we don`t all live in the South East now do we.

tony draper
21st Aug 2001, 23:42
Install some one way valves, ;)
Mine the channel.

22nd Aug 2001, 00:19
We shall fight them on the beaches. We shall fight them in the tunnel... Britain shall never surrender.

22nd Aug 2001, 00:46
I do live in the SE of England (like a sizeable chunk of the population).Possibly, that`s why I think it`s a great idea. It`s only 2 train rides to Brussels or Paris from my home town.

The only annoying thing the other day were the idiots in my carriage who made pointless calls on their mobile phones all the way on the above ground section on the UK side.... what bliss when we entered the tunnel!

22nd Aug 2001, 01:22
And going to Paris or Brussels is good Because?

Tricky Woo
22nd Aug 2001, 01:49
You should hear what the Parisians say when they hear about someone wanting to go to London.


22nd Aug 2001, 02:03
Merde Alors! probably.

22nd Aug 2001, 02:10
You may be 2 train rides from Paris or Brussels, but you are 1 or 2 flights away from anywhere in the world!

22nd Aug 2001, 04:14
The Channel tunnel should have all the French people put in and then both ends should be blocked.

*ducks for cover*

Homer :D :D :D :D

Kermit 180
22nd Aug 2001, 11:42
It'll make it so much easier, for the next little Corporal who wants to occupy Europe, to finish the job quickly and without delay.

Herr Kerms

23rd Aug 2001, 01:39

How would he do this? Do you think he could make the Luftwaffe fly through the tunnel?

Herr GAF4139