View Full Version : Gillingham Tearaways- Where's the Justice?

Tartan Gannet
27th Mar 2002, 11:14
I shudder to start another thread on the well worn Law and Order topic but can someone please explain why the Magistrates in Gillingham released 3 young tearaways with no real punishment?. .. .These unruly kids have been responsible for much petty crime in their area including shoplifting. They were already in breach of an anti-social behaviour order and instead of a custodial sentence the Mags imposed a 2 Year Supervision Order. BIG DEAL! Im sure the little scrotes are in tears -----OF LAUGHTER! This sends out entirely the wrong message to other little criminals of this type.. .. .We have enough CRIME, can we please return to the idea of PUNISHMENT for those guilty of it?. .. .It is no surprise that people, from the Metropolitam Police Comissioner downwards have mildly veiled contempt for our Criminal Court System, and some folks, fed up with such soft sanctions, even take the Law back into their own hands!. .. .(TG digs in for the inevitable flack this thread will attract from certain quarters.)

27th Mar 2002, 11:26
TG. .as a serving magistrate I can understand the frustration you feel. I am at a loss to know why kids like these ride roughshod over the courts, police and criminal justice system.. .I have recently been censured by my bench chairman for holding too strong views in as much I want to meet out punishment to fit the crime. It seems some of my collegues on the bench think I hold to strong views about what we should do with the criminals we get before us.. .As to youth courts I do not know the procedure and powers available to the magistrates sitting in that court, so I cant really pass an informed opinion. I only deal with Adults.. .. .I am seriously considering resigning from the Magistracy because of what I consider the weak and ineffectual use of the powers available to my collegues, who don't or are reluctant to sentence appropriately.

27th Mar 2002, 11:38
No flack from me TG.. .The Northern Territory of Australia was villified by the various national and international legal interests for introducing mandatory sentencing for minor property crime.. .One learned gentleman went so far as to say that the Criminal Law is so complex that politicians and laymen cannot understand it and it is best left to the legal and judicial systems to manage it.. .(Begs the question of the value of a law that cannot be understood by the community.). .However, a change of Government last August saw the law repealed after 2 years of operation.. .Result: crime rates zoom and prison populations significantly increased - all in 6 months.. .Even so, the magistrates are still flogging most 'minor' cases with the proverbial limp lettuce leaf.. .. .Regrettably its another case of . .lawyers - 1, community -0 <img border="0" title="" alt="[Mad]" src="mad.gif" /> <img border="0" title="" alt="[Mad]" src="mad.gif" /> <img border="0" title="" alt="[Mad]" src="mad.gif" />