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26th Apr 2004, 07:21
This is addressed to a delinquent who 'signs' itself Pawz.

He/she (but I guess it's a he) has covered my local train station with graffiti consisting of the word 'Pawz'. When I came back from Greenwich Park with my kids yesterday at 1800 zulu the station was clean and graffiti-free. At 0425 zulu it was covered with your monicker. I wonder how long it took you to learn how to spell that.

Look you tosser. Do you not realise that people aren't interested in your pathetic street name? Do you not realise that graffiti is disfiguring? Do you not realise that scrawled graffiti instills in many people a sense of depression? Do you not realise that you're a moron and an imbecile? Do you not realise that poorly paid staff at Charlton station will have removed your idiotic signing by 0900 zulu today -- a job they sadly have to do on most days of the week?

No. You don't.

Because you're a **** and a feckwit.

Over and out.

Power Up
26th Apr 2004, 07:44
Angels, Bad day? :*

26th Apr 2004, 08:19
Power - had a great weekend as detailed 'in the thread with over 7,600 replies'. Just spoilt by the shite I saw this morning.

tony draper
26th Apr 2004, 08:20
Watched a documentry a while back,a train parked in the sidings was tageted by graphitti artists,it cost 30,000 quid to clean up,so the railway police lay a trap,they catch one of these artists red handed with a bag full of spray cans,they search the guys house and find he designs his graphitti on his puter,and he even has a studio where he practices his art, guess what? the CPS refuses to take the criminal damage case to case to court because of lack of evidence?,the chap is fined a few quid for trespass on the railways,its hardly supprising our policemen get frustrated, if its not the CPS sabotaging their efforts its the poxy courts and legal system.

26th Apr 2004, 09:00
So what moniker do you think "Pawz" uses when he/she logs onto Pprune?:rolleyes:

26th Apr 2004, 10:03
Angels, it may just boost your morning a bit if you have a look at:


26th Apr 2004, 11:31
Pawz you say...........

One of the resident felines care to comment?

The Invisible Cat
26th Apr 2004, 11:46
No comment :suspect:
Suffice to say that one allus avoids contact with fresh paint.

Nearly Man
26th Apr 2004, 11:56
I don't think Pawz would be reading Pprune, would he?

26th Apr 2004, 12:28

Just read the bottom bit of the link that Duckbutt posted:
LU with its maintenance partner companies, Tube Lines and Metronet, run extensive programmes to clean graffiti off trains and stations within 24 hours of it appearing.

The programmes cost around 12m per year to run.

To deal with all the scratch graffiti which is etched into Tube train windows would cost an estimated 38m.

Jesus! TWELVE MILLION Quid a year!!!!!!! I hope the little scroats get electrocuted! :* :suspect: :* :suspect:

26th Apr 2004, 14:31
Dont give them fines and time in young offenders institution (aka hotel) give them a brush and a bucket of soapy water and make the beggers clean it off - community service:ok: :E

Even worse than the paint is when they 'etch' their 'tagz' in to the windows or seats little :mad:ers

tu chan go
26th Apr 2004, 14:39
In addition to making them clean it up, we should tattoo their 'tag' on their foreheads then everyone will know who they are!

26th Apr 2004, 14:42
Best idea I've heard all afternoon:ok:

26th Apr 2004, 15:49
Surely, brands are cheaper than tattoos?:E

26th Apr 2004, 21:08
Seems to me that Singapore dealt fairly succesfully with graffiti defacers. Even an American one

Doesn't Iran still have public flogging? That would make a fine adjunct to having them repaint their damage at their own cost.

Didn't most of the NYC graffiti disappear shortly after Giuliani took over from Dinkins? Attitude counts!

26th Apr 2004, 21:11
'xcuse me - whats a tosser? Could someone give me the american equivilent? :D

tony draper
26th Apr 2004, 21:56
A "Jerk Off" would just about cover it mattpilot,

26th Apr 2004, 22:07
Explanation of an Onanist (http://www.everythinghurts.com/blog/2003/08/definition_of_a.html)

26th Apr 2004, 23:18
Thou shall not take Onan's name in vain!:p

26th Apr 2004, 23:23
LOL good one jerricho! :ok:

well thanks for the explanation - 'tosser' just sounds so hilarious :)

oh and btw - what the fook is a blimey?

I\'ve been wondering about that for a while now - sounds worse than tosser :)

27th Apr 2004, 01:24
Matt, you're not getting confused with the word "limey" are you?

27th Apr 2004, 01:51
dunno - it sounds like 'blimey'. With your british pronounciation anything is possible :)

27th Apr 2004, 02:38
Ahhhh, Blimey (btw, I'm not a Brit ;) ).

Usually it's used as an exclaimation as in "Blimey! T.I.C. has snuck up on me and scratched my eyes out" or "Blimey!! Was that Mr. A. Carn making a return appearance?!"

Nothing too sinister, although you can find more alternative words for British here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alternative_words_for_British)

27th Apr 2004, 03:07
Blimey! Thats an awesome page. Thank you very much tosser ! :E

... as you can see, i'm putting these new learned words already to good use :D

just kidding around boss :cool: :}

I called one of my buddies a 'tosser' today. He looked at me like i was a complete idiot :hmm: .

27th Apr 2004, 05:30
Ah! The wonders of thread-drift! I posted about a graffiti **** in Southeast London and it ends up with someone in Oklahoma being called a tosser!

I rather like that....:O

27th Apr 2004, 05:53
Ah, life on PPRuNe.

I started a thread asking for opinions on Oceanic long haul engine numbers and it ends up being started by someone else and the posts out of order.

As for PAWz, I would like to decorate his computer screen with my complex and space filling tag and see how he likes it.

27th Apr 2004, 07:40
Many moons ago I was told that "Blimey" derives from "Cor Blimey", which is a London (probably East End) expression that in turns derives from "God Blind Me", an oath that expresses major surprise when something astonishing is seen. But then I may have just been fed bullsh1t as a child!

henry crun
27th Apr 2004, 07:56
If you were Wholi, my Mum fed me the same stuff. :)

27th Apr 2004, 12:48

Absolutely hate graffiti too!
Must admit one has not seen any adorning the Dutch trams or trains.

Do they use special anti-paint coatings; clean it off daily or is there less of it here?

Maybe I'm not looking at the right trains:confused:

27th Apr 2004, 12:57
Guess we'll find the little f***ers are Dutch when we catch 'em!

27th Apr 2004, 17:03
I wonder what PAWZ would think of someone who uses the word zulu?


27th Apr 2004, 23:18
Matt, you can substitute the word "w anker" for tosser as well (Australian version!).

And can somebody please explain why you can use the word tosser in a post, but not w anker?.............. ;)

SawThe Light
28th Apr 2004, 03:50
Fair suck of the sav!

They are one and the same word, "******" and "tosser".

I don't mind if you use the "w" word to describe the brain-dead pr*ck, and I'm sure the mods won't either. Could be wrong though. We'll see.


Jeez Jericho, you are blo*dy right. They wiped it.

You can\'t use the word ****** to describe a ******.


28th Apr 2004, 04:28
Naaah Saw The Light -- we don't wipe the words. The system has a programme that automatically asterisks certain words and expressions. Who programmes it??? Don't know sorry.

Onan the Clumsy
28th Apr 2004, 04:40
That brings to mind an old thread called "Test the censor" in which each contibutant entered a word for his post to see if the censor allowed it or not.

A few items like tosser were then visible but the majority of the thread was asterisks.

It died a natural death though as noone could figure out which words had been used and which were yet to be used. :zzz:

28th Apr 2004, 11:38
Oh Onan, you're such a ***************! :p

Onan the Clumsy
29th Apr 2004, 02:36
HEY! :*

There are enough asterisks there to spell "Mother-in-Law"


29th Apr 2004, 11:38
Not if you spell it 'pain in the ass':O

Master Yoda
29th Apr 2004, 12:41
Anyone noticed the graffiti on the old Lucozade buliding by the old clock (which aint working now) coming into London on the M4 Flyover (eastbound) by Brentford?
Skunk saying: 'WELCOME TO HELL' .

29th Apr 2004, 21:02
I like the way that the software censors S****horpe. Always makes me chuckle that does.

That's S c u n thorpe...