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25th Apr 2004, 20:34
Ok, have tried Techs/Engineers and Military and have not quite found the answers to my questions (although the ensuing conversations were interesting :D ) So I pitch it to the great minds that reside in JetBlast.

I'm looking for any techy info (manuals, specs etc) on Plessey IPN starter's, type LTSA 150 Mk 12 to be specific. I believe the Starter originated in a Lightning.

Reasons for wanting to know techy specs? Ask the boyfriend, he's hoping to use it as a power takeoff turbine in conjunction with a TRS 18 Microturbine (nicked from Faulknet Drone) and stick the lot in a Honda CBR 900 Fireblade. :E

The general idea (I think, me not being entirely 'up' in these things) is that the Plessey will start the Microturbine which in turn will fire the Fireblade to infinity and beyond. :uhoh:

Before my dearly beloved goes blowing big holes in his particular area of merry England creating huge legal bills, I am desperate for at least something that tells you how to put it together if not a 'how to attach it to other whizzy bits safely' manual.

The Military guys have posted various requests to see the results of 'Project Suicide' without being overly helpful :hmm: :p and the techy guys haven't replied at all so it's over to you.... :ok:

25th Apr 2004, 21:07


In the first instance. They may be able to help

Ascend Charlie
25th Apr 2004, 22:35
Keep us infomed on how this progresses, and please leave an address for us, so we can forward the Darwin Award.

26th Apr 2004, 00:05
Sorry, can't help with info but your dearly beloved is not alone.

I was at Santa Pod on Easter weekend and watched a chap on a rocket powered motorcycle? do the quarter mile in around 6 secs with a terminal velocity of around 280 mph!

Pretty sure he was only a passenger but interesting to watch.

They also had a car with propelled by an afterburning jet engine, that was quite watchable too!

26th Apr 2004, 09:04
Holy cow that sounds interesting! I'd love to witness your friend committing suicide on his Honda- from a safe distance of course. When and where is this monstrous fireball going to take place?

The Plessey IPN starter was possibly the most inherently dangerous piece of kit ever to be fitted in a nominally airworthy flying machine. I assume that your friend is aware that IPN is a monofuel that doesn't require oxygen to burn? One got through an awful lot of berets on any squadron that used the IPN starter. The RAF beret was the only known method of putting out an IPN fire and we were only able to return to wearing forage caps once the last starter was withdrawn from service. I preferred the less dangerous pyrotechnic cartridge starters myself. Simpler to work with and easier to extinguish. Old Lightning and Canberra hands are easily recognized by the full body burn scars.

26th Apr 2004, 17:28
Bletchley - Thanks for that, have passed it on to the powers that be and will leave it for him to digest.

I've already promised the Military guys photos of the more recognisable lumps of charred Honda when Project Suicide is complete, will post a link here too.

Blacksheep - um...know where I can get any RAF berets?! Have a feeling they may be called into service once more :uhoh:

26th Apr 2004, 17:45
I remember reading about a chap who tried something like this in the mid 1990's, using a microjet from a scrapped Phantom.

Strapped the thing to his bike, fired it up and the forward motion was a bit disappointing, but his front garden was ripped up and deposited into his next door neighbours garden.

It would have been fun to watch that, make sure you have a video camera running for the first test runs of Project Suicide Jet Powered Fireplace.

26th Apr 2004, 17:53
First test runs?! I have a feeling there will be one and one only. You guys really aren't going too far out of your way to make me feel any more confident about the whole thing. :suspect:

Photo's, video clips and the like will be available once released by NASA (or whoever's on charge of photographing outer space at the moment).