View Full Version : Arsenal managed it then....

25th Apr 2004, 17:54
Well I guess it was rather predictable...

Will anyone be able to beat the red and white machine next season ?

Will Abramovic's millions bring Chelsea glory next year ?

25th Apr 2004, 18:00
:) :) :) CHAMPION'SAGAIN and at White Hart Lane even better :) :) :)

Come on Chelsea:cool: :cool:

25th Apr 2004, 18:06
Nothing wrong with the best team winning the Championship, especially if they play the kind of football that Arsenal have played this season.

Well done Arsenal, but make sure you keep our trophy nice and clean because we'll be asking for it back next season. :ok:

C'mon you Reds........................ :E

25th Apr 2004, 18:34

If only Ronaldiniho had gone to Old Trafford....if only!:{

25th Apr 2004, 18:38
Wouldn't have made any difference, IB4138. We've just got to hold our hands up and admit that Arsenal were far and away the best team in the country over the whole campaign.

Which they were.

Now, remind me again how many times they beat United this season............:E

25th Apr 2004, 19:27
Champions - champions champions. And I really hope Spurs have done enought to stay up. The season wouldn't be the same without that other north London team playing the Gooners. Come on Chelsea - you can still do it. Come on Millwall - wipe that arrogant smile off of the faces of mancs

25th Apr 2004, 19:46
The novelty not worn off yet then, phnuff?? ;)

And who are you calling a "Manc"? That's fighting talk where I come from! :ooh:

25th Apr 2004, 19:59
Congratulations indeed - best club side in English football since...1988 ;)

Oh for players like Barnes, Beardsley, Aldridge & Houghton now... :{

Then again such players go by the names of Henry & Pires now.

25th Apr 2004, 20:06
I'm a gooner and I'm not remotely interested that we have just done the title.

Football is fast disappearing up its own arse in my opinion. If you will pardon the pun.

25th Apr 2004, 20:09
And who are you calling a "Manc"

So what do you call a Man U fan ? A Cornishman ?? A New Yorker??

25th Apr 2004, 20:13
Oooooooo!!!! Touchy! So all Gooners live within 5 miles of Highbury, do they? ;)

Joking apart - I have to admit (through gritted teeth) that Arsenal have played some quite fantastic football this season and are worthy Champions.

25th Apr 2004, 20:15
Really !...dear oh dear !

You should realise that most Man U fans don't actually live there or come from there.

According to what I found out when I worked in Manchester last year, most Mancs support City.

Is the statistic 98% for the fans that have never been to Utd or is it for the % fans who don't come from there?

:ok: :E

25th Apr 2004, 20:16
Go on the hoops!! errr sorry couldn't help putting in my 2 penneth from the SPL since it's a footie thread and Celtic have won it up here. Champiooooonies, champiooooonies! :}

25th Apr 2004, 20:19
For shame, Bletchley!

This is Arsenal's day, so why not put ABUism (that's Anyone But United, for non football fans and other deviants) to one side and join the rest of us, irrespective of our normal allegiances, in saluting a truly magnificent team?

That played us 4 times this season and didn't win once............ :p

25th Apr 2004, 20:25
Hey chill out partner !

All in good jest.

Thank you for the good wishes, I just wish every other MU fan was so open minded!

Re not having beaten you, I could talk about diving and aggressive play but I won't spoil things!

25th Apr 2004, 20:34
Re not having beaten you, I could talk about diving and aggressive play but I won't spoil things! Yes, why talk about Bergkamp at a time like this?

You reckon you might go one step further next season, then, and win the Champions League? I wouldn't be at all surprised, myself.

I don't care what shirt a player like Henry is wearing - any football fan worthy of the name has to agree that he's about the best in the business in his current form.

There's always next year...........:ok:

25th Apr 2004, 21:01
Well done gooners, four games to go and ten points clear, remarkable indeed.

Now, back to the serious bit, I believe Liverpool beat someone this weekend, I have been a bit busy and missed who they beat and where...... :D :D :D :D :D Could someone just remind me please...!!!!!!!

25th Apr 2004, 21:09
Can't remember ;)

Somewhere Up North I think

25th Apr 2004, 21:10
Yeah, some bunch of losers........:rolleyes:

25th Apr 2004, 22:20
Hey Bletchley - thats the point. Most people who come from Manchester are City fans, not United fans. Anyway, I still like ManU more than Spurs !!

He He - Champions (hic) Champions (hic)

25th Apr 2004, 22:27
Clearly you are a person of taste

25th Apr 2004, 23:20
I wonder if Arsene will really try to go the whole season undefeated or will he perhaps give some of the first team a rest and let some of the youngsters have a go?

Could be bad news for England - Henry, Pires, Vieira will all be nicely rested for June 13th - while the Man U representatives on the England team will probably still be limping from their encounter with Millwall in the FA Cup final in late-May.

25th Apr 2004, 23:38
Yahoo!!!! So PPRuNers DO like sport!!

I was beginning to lose all hope!

26th Apr 2004, 04:19
I have enjoyed watching Arsenal, and indeed the other premier league teams, and they deserve their glory. There seems to be few premier league teams doing much for England players.

The majority of Australia players play in Europe!

26th Apr 2004, 06:09
Even though I'm a die hard reds fan, gotta admit that Arsenal played the best game in the league...

and whats worse is that they beat my other favourite team to win the title, Spurs!

26th Apr 2004, 06:27
Bombay Duck

Did your papers in India go to print before the final whistle?

Arsenal/Spurs was a 2-2 draw!

Penalty for Spurs in the last few minutes after Arsenal's German keeper mugged Keane....and he got away with a yellow card!

26th Apr 2004, 09:21
bwahahahaha that lightens up a bad day - I stopped watching around three fourths of the way!

And also now that Chelsea got whacked by Newcastle - thanks, St. James! Thanks again, Shearer!

26th Apr 2004, 13:27
Arsne has not gone the whole season undefeated - he lost twice to the Boro (albeit in the cup)

Just thought i'd put the record straight, well done, you play much better football than anyone else (even chelsea and their superstar XI)


(up the boro)

26th Apr 2004, 16:53
Arsne has not gone the whole season undefeated - he lost twice to the Boro (albeit in the cup) There was also the small matter of an FA Cup semifinal.............

However, to go as many games undefeated in the Premier League as Arsenal already have this season is, in itself, a mammoth achievement.

For the information and elucidation of you ABUs - while most natives of the poor benighted City of Manchester may know no better than to support City, those of us who hail from the correct side of the Irwell are mainly United.

By the way - I watched the 2nd leg of the Arsenal-Chelsea Champions League tie in a pub in Bath that was full of locals (no mistaking the accent) wearing Arsenal shirts.

Mind you, most of them were probably wearing United shirts up until a couple of seasons ago and Liverpool shirts before that. :rolleyes:

26th Apr 2004, 19:41
Not that set of immitation shirts where the name on the badge reads "Arenal"!
Wondered where they'd gone from my van!

On another point of order..
Who won the Charity Shield at the beginning of the season?
Not that team from Old Trafford was it?
Didn't they beat Arsenal on penalties?

Looks like another lend of the Premership Trophy to Arsenal for one season, whilst the team gets fixed!

By the way Man City's new ground is known as "The Council House Stadium" as they are tenants of the Council.

26th Apr 2004, 20:44
Not that set of immitation shirts where the name on the badge reads "Arenal"! No, there was no shortage of "Arses" in that pub!

It was only the intervention of my lovely (although City-supporting - nobody's perfect) and glamorous colleague grabbing my collar and dragging me towards the exit that curtailed my celebrations at full-time, although even she was p*ssing herself laughing all the way back to the hotel. ;)

Happy days!

26th Apr 2004, 21:33
Just remember that your glory days are on the way out.

You lost the Cup fair and square last season. It was only our own stupidity that let you get it by default.

Temporary loan?

You're having a laugh aren't you?

A man desperate at man united current situation decides to top himself.

In his living room, alone, he prepares to hang himself.

At the very last moment, he decides upon wearing his full Man U kit as his last statement.

A neighbour, catching sight of the impending incident, informs the police.

On arrival, the police quickly remove the Man U kit and dress the man instockings and suspenders.

The neighbour, totally confused asks why.

The policeman simply replies, "it's to avoid embarrassing the family."

26th Apr 2004, 22:29
Bletchley, Bletchley.......

Such anger, such ire!

Arsenal won the League - just sit back and enjoy the feeling

You never know - Norwich might win it next season! :ooh:

26th Apr 2004, 22:39
A lighthearted response I assure you !

Dry humour doesn't translate easily onto here.