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Angel 1
25th Apr 2004, 18:39
Heeeellloooo Charlie! ;)

The Invisible Man
25th Apr 2004, 18:42
Hi Angel1,

Why do I sense Angels 2 and 3 are not far behind you!

25th Apr 2004, 18:44
Is that some sort of primodial mating call?

Guess it kind of worked!

Angel 1
26th Apr 2004, 12:48
Why do I sense Angels 2 and 3 are not far behind you Looks like you should get a sense check. :uhoh:

Jerricho, which meaning of 'Primordial'?

26th Apr 2004, 13:27
Now then Angel 1, don't antagonise the punters. You know Charlie would not like it. He asked me to set Cu to guard his interests and you know what he is like if Charlie does not get his way.

Angel 1
26th Apr 2004, 13:54
Sorry Bosley, I didn't meant to antagonise anyone. :(
How about I go and kick some butt instead?

26th Apr 2004, 14:09
When I saw the title of this thread I thought for one horrible moment that the Pink thing had found JB! (Tee bloody Hee)

Angel 3
26th Apr 2004, 14:32
No place for any pink thing here. Only tough wimin :cool:
Scratch Hell's Hound's ears on my behalf :E

The Invisible Cat
26th Apr 2004, 14:34
Order, Ladies and Gentlemen, order, please

Angel 3 should have waited for Angel 2 to show up before posting.

The Invisible Man
26th Apr 2004, 14:42
I blikin told ya so....

In actual fact Angels, I have a job for you:E

Angel 1
26th Apr 2004, 14:44
Poor Angel 2 is probably having to do her part-time job today.

Sorry TIM, but "Yes Torquil" doesn't have quite the ring to it. You'll have to check with Charlie whether you can use us or not. :E

Angel 3
26th Apr 2004, 14:46
It's probably the "Proot" that would spoil it :cool:

The Invisible Cat
26th Apr 2004, 14:49
T.I.M.It's probably the "Proot" that would spoil itSounds familiar, doesn't it ?

26th Apr 2004, 15:08
What's a Proot? Have I missed something? I usually manage to. :{

Angels eh? What do you wash your feathers in? Head and shoulders? :O

"Charlie" Townsend
26th Apr 2004, 15:13
Angels --- you know that I usually like to do my business with you ( :)) ) through Boswell, but I shall not hesitate to chastise you severely if you incur my wrath. And Angel 3, you know very well that pink (and purple) things are permitted in here! Now --- I'd like a coffee please Angel 3 .... :E :E

The Invisible Man
26th Apr 2004, 15:17

What's a Proot..what's a Proot!!! eee I dont know!

Ask Lukeafb1 he'll tell ya :(


Yes it does, should we have a side bet?

( check your pm's later)

Angel 3
26th Apr 2004, 15:37
Full coffee Charlie? :E

26th Apr 2004, 16:38
Angel 3

I'm sure he'd settle for anything you'd care to offer ............

26th Apr 2004, 18:05
someone say coffee?? :}

26th Apr 2004, 19:54
Scuse my butting in here - but the job of PPRune Tea lady is NOT - I say again NOT vacant! (yet):uhoh: :hmm:

26th Apr 2004, 20:22
Now Angels - see what you've done. Upset the tea-lady!!!

Rich Lee
26th Apr 2004, 20:26
Nobody told me about a PPrune tea lady. All day long I have desired tea and never knew where to turn.

I feel so woefully un-informed.

26th Apr 2004, 22:18
Wey-hey........all 3 angels!!

Right, I've got a missing person for you to find, goes by the name Anthony Carn aka Carnsie. If you find him, tell him we all miss him.

26th Apr 2004, 22:23
So where's Angel 2 then Jerricho? You got TIC's or TIM's skills? Or has the MIL got witch's powers to see what ain't been in yet?


26th Apr 2004, 22:26
Oh, Angel 2 is here. Just hiding in the shadows waiting to pounce, Angel Style (like what you see in the movies and all).

(Closes eyes and thinks of Lucy Liu)