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25th Apr 2004, 00:46
Evening all

Just a quick question for the house; the couple next door have been having these masssive arguments for a couple of weeks, which are increasing in frequency and severity. I really do believe it is only a matter of time before they got to punching stations.

The question is, at what point does one intervene? if at all? do you play the Good German and ignore everything? get a book going on who gets the worst kicking?

Onan the Clumsy
25th Apr 2004, 01:34
If they're your mates that's one thing, but if they're just neighbours, I'd just wait for the fists (and shoes) to start flying and call the cops.

They'll not thank you for interviening.

25th Apr 2004, 03:22
Well if there is concern they are going to start injuring each other then the police need to be involved for their own safety, and if it is simply becoming annoying then the police need to be involved for the sake of the peace that you are entitled to in your own home.

I wouldn't hesitate to call - it is selfish behaviour that you don't have to put up with.

Onan the Clumsy
25th Apr 2004, 04:37
What if they ARE the Police? :confused:

25th Apr 2004, 14:17
What if they ARE the Police? Then form a vigilante mob and out them :}

If you find they're very noisy and disturbing your sleep/rest/TV watching/prooning etc then call the police, they're comitting breach of the peace.

25th Apr 2004, 15:46
Leave a loaded weapon on their front door step. Perhaps one of them will do the right thing and end all this fighting once and for all.:E


25th Apr 2004, 17:34
My local, several moons ago, used to be run by a couple who were always having public arguments. They were both in their 60s...she of the pinny and hairnet brigade, behind the bar doing all the work, whilst he was in the tap room playing cards, darts or dominoes with his pals.
She would shout to him "Bitter's gone" or the like for him to get up and change a barrel. This usual reply was shouted back "well go change it your ******** self!" Then a handled pint pot would come hurtling from behind the bar, across the public bar and smash into the wall just above his head in the tap room.
If a customer ever tried to intervene they both shot the poor deil down and barred him!
It was taking more and more smashed pots to make him change a barrel...until one day she put him in hospital with a direct hit!
The brewery made them retire immediately.
Several years later, the pub was refurbished and the brewery asked the old pair back to officially open the place. In they came in their wheel chairs...the old bitterness had all gone...........
seems the shock of one physically injuring the other made them think.

The moral of this tale:
Keep out of the argument if you don't need to get involved.

25th Apr 2004, 18:37
Ignore it,

I witnessed a bust up between him & her once, mate & myself tried to intervene and got set upon by both... learned my lesson.

25th Apr 2004, 19:38
A friend of mine once went to the aid of a lady being attacked by her husband.

He did not know this was the case at the time, he just went to assist.

He got seriously beaten up, with her joining in also.

He spent several months off work and the attackers were never caught.

26th Apr 2004, 00:13

Went to the aid of a female being beaten by a male on the metro in Paris years ago. Both of them promptly set about me. I would love to think I would do the same again but---

26th Apr 2004, 01:17
30 years ago, when I was still living with my parents, my family were increasingly troubled by neighbours like this. Things got worse until very late one night the husband put her through the back door glass, severing all the tendons in her arm. She ran out screaming into the road, gushing blood, followed by him who proceded to wallop her from behind. I had just come in on my old BSA and was still dressed appropriately. By the time I realised my father had gone out there in the road, trying to stop this idiot beating her up, the neighbour had him in a head lock and was trying to punch him in the face.

I was working as a builder's labourer in those days and was fit as a butchers dog. My old Dad didn't stay in the headlock for long. The neighbour went for me then, to his error, as he was soon lying on his back and my bike boots had steel toe caps...

However, when the neighbour came back on bail the next day, not only was he limping badly but he also had the biggest pair of black eyes I had ever seen. Not me, my contribution was only to his ribs. A police spokesman later told us that "they had a bit of trouble down at the station".

Yes, I would certainly do it again but only if I understood the situation. I had an acquaintance who was murdered trying to stop a fight in a pub.

26th Apr 2004, 10:03
Roger your last, Shy Torque, I will get my steaming bats on and give him next door a right royal leathering.:ok: