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25th Apr 2004, 00:27
My other half is trying to give up smoking!! I have done a search or two through the forums and have found a lot of useful info.

My question is, what should i be doing to help her?? Obviously i am behind her 110% but i want to help her without winding her up to the point where she needs to whip out a tab!?!?!

Anybody got a little pearl of wisdom available for me to help her sanity and my face???


25th Apr 2004, 00:44
Buy her the Allan Carr book "The easy way to give up smoking". Doesn't put her under pressure. She can read it when she's ready and it works for a hell of a lot of people. Including me.

25th Apr 2004, 00:48
Sew her lips up.

25th Apr 2004, 00:57
I gave up smoking 25 years ago. My wife and I decided to quit so we stopped. That's it. No fancy trick to stopping. The hard part is not starting again. It's very hard at first and you play games with yourself like "that was easy, I could just have a couple and stop anytime I want" this trap is the really hard part, But it gets easier the longer you go. I wish her all the best!

Of course if that doesn't work you could give her the "Patch", A little duct tape over the lips works wonders.;)


tony draper
25th Apr 2004, 12:03
The Patches are no good, purchase a fifty gallon drum of nicotine and have a good soak in a nicotine bath twice a day.


25th Apr 2004, 12:29
Try this Give up smoking course. (http://www.allencarrseasyway.com/)

A work colleague went and said it is very clever psychology, he was sceptical but it worked for him.

They also appear to offer a genuine money back guarantee.

I have no connection with them at all.

It would be interesting to hear from someone else who has attended for their views.

I gave up many years ago because I GENUINELY wanted to, not because I thought I ought too! The genuine desire is half the battle in my book.

Good luck.

25th Apr 2004, 12:37
Doctors agree that one is much more likely to give up successfully by weening off nicotine rather than going for the "cold turkey" approach. Thankfully, there are many different ways to do this - patches,lozenges,chewing gum,inhalors etc.

I gave up smoking by using the inhalor 4 years ago, it worked for me....although I am still guilty of smoking the odd cigar now and again :O

25th Apr 2004, 13:05
A colleague of mine recently stopped after his wife organised a session with a hypnotist (also a M.D.). It's now almost a month since he took his last puff and says it was quite painless. He also said another side-benefit is that he no longer feels stressed when his wife goes off on shopping trips with the CC... :hmm: :suspect:

25th Apr 2004, 13:21
Help her avoid the situations in which she would normally light up. How you do this obviously depends on what these situations are.

This could involve refusing to perform certain marital duties that tend to end with a cigarette.;)

Or if she normally likes a smoke after dinner at home - sabotage the dishwasher to give her something to do instead. Can't smoke with wet fingers!:D

Or when dining out – if she normally likes to enjoy a cigarette with her coffee at the end of the meal – try a “dine-and-dash”. After 10 minutes running from irate waiters she won’t feel like smoking!

Seriously though – if there are social activities which are usually times when she likes to smoke – either try avoiding these for a while until she gets used to not smoking – or be sure to be especially supportive at these times. It’s likely that it’s on these occasions she’ll need persuading that she can’t get away with having “just one.”

25th Apr 2004, 13:33
I gave up fags (cigarettes if you're a septic) about 18months ago; started on high-strength gum then onto low-strength (of which I still have to have a packet handy...). The craving for cigs has gone away, although I still occasionally reach for the gum. Best advice I can give is start running, once you realise how congested your lungs are it gives more impetus to stop, as well as exercise generating endorphins that will counteract withdrawal symptoms.

I know a couple of chaps that went on the Carr course in person, neither have relapsed, although I don't think it's a cheap option.

25th Apr 2004, 15:02
I've never smoked alot but a few months ago i had a really bad habbit of ocasionally smoking ciggarettes that were offered to me when i was out (after a few beers). It really annoyed me! Not a good thing for someone who plays sport, and wants to pilot raf hardware.

My tip on smoking cessation, don't drink alcohol when you're giving up, and tell people never to offer them to you.

Ohh, also write 3rd year project on oncology and oncogenetics. When you have studied cancer in depth.... you wouldn't touch a cancer stick again.

Best of luck, Paul

25th Apr 2004, 16:19
I know a couple of chaps that went on the Carr course in person, neither have relapsed, although I don't think it's a cheap option.

At £4.50 per 20 neither is smoking.

Point Seven
25th Apr 2004, 16:33
Cut out the first cigarette of the day. Easy.


25th Apr 2004, 16:40
I gave up smoking 12 months ago.

It's very tough. But when you analyse the times at which you smoke it kind of makes sense,

- after a meal
- with coffee

I.e. no reason to light up. Just habit. Think about it.