View Full Version : VS 27 LGW-MCO 30th Apr/ VS 28 MCO-LGW 8th May

24th Apr 2004, 22:13

Outbound VS 27 1115 LGW- MCO 30th April
Inbound VS 28 1750 MCO-LGW 8th May

If there are any ppruners on board the two flights above, I will be in the UC cabin( nose section) and be at the bar for a short while ( drinking soft drinks.:D) after the lunch service ( flying on the VS 27 on my 35th birthday:D for a week at Disney.)



25th Apr 2004, 07:34
Do the LGW 74s have the bar area? I searched around when I went to UVF and was sure I didn't miss it ;)

I'll be ******ed if I did!

cheers ;)

25th Apr 2004, 08:19
Hi Fornerflyer,

Normally the LGW fleet only has a few drinks laid out on the ( non functioning) beauty therapist area in the nose.

However, according to the seat map and reservations, an LHR 747-400 ( with the proper bar area) is on my flights while an LGW a/c is in for maintenance (so I assume they may put the drinkies in the bar area ;)

Of course, I'm aware that there can be a further a/c swap so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.



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