View Full Version : Who Has Enjoyed The Lovely Weather Today?

24th Apr 2004, 17:32
What have you done today? I've lazed around in the park in the sun, and not done my essay for monday.... And i will have a bbq shortly!

The weather should be here tomorrow too!

24th Apr 2004, 17:43
It's great to feel the warmth isn't it? I went for a pleasant walk with the wife to a) Steal other people's garden ideas, and b) Get to talk to her for an hour without any interruptions.

Pity about my ensuing hayfever attack, but I've just about recovered now. :sad:

24th Apr 2004, 17:52
Funny how a change in the amount of condensed water in the air changes the behaviour of people so much. About 2 o clock yesterday, clothes were removed, people phoned in sick, alcohol began to be consumed, at 2.30 bbq's were being lit from john o groats to lands end.

But.. the best thing is how those pretty girls with tans in little skirts and tight tops appear. Where do the come from?? I wish i had a key to the warehouse where they are kept, so i could let them out on rainy days, or just lock myself in with them. It's rumoured that the 'sunshine girls' may be kept in an aircraft hanger at RNAS culdrose when it is raining. If the sun comes out the merlins are loaded up with them and they paradrop over sunny areas.

24th Apr 2004, 18:41
The weather should be here tomorrow too! Well yes, it would be wouldn't it?

Come rain, come shine, the weather's always there.

24th Apr 2004, 20:01
I looked out my window and decided not to cut the grass.


:ok: :ok:

Capn Notarious
24th Apr 2004, 20:11
They is guarded by wire mesh and a determined cat.
Here we go again, red sky at night.:ok:

24th Apr 2004, 20:21
YES - got some horse schooling done, went to the swimming pool, sat outside a pub with a pint while phnufflet played herself to sleep on a climbing frame.

Tomorrow, all being well, I have a fun run, the Grand Prix and a fly to look forward to


24th Apr 2004, 20:41
unknowingly, I posted my answer on TRRBAIPSOI. :ok:

24th Apr 2004, 21:20
Fixed a leak on my shower. Pure rock and roll; don't you all just wish you were me?:ok:

24th Apr 2004, 22:09
Spork said:

"I went for a pleasant walk with the wife to a) Steal other people's garden ideas, and b) Get to talk to her for an hour without any interruptions".

Spork, please give me your advice! How on earth can you get to talk with her for an hour
without any interruptions ?

A talk with my wife is one long interruption :\

24th Apr 2004, 22:10
Livin' the dream, ain't ya Cu ;)

Glad to hear things are nice over in Blighty.

NIce here in the prairies as well (if you can get out of the wind).

24th Apr 2004, 23:36
phnuff. photo looks nice wherever that is! - sorry i mean roghead.

edited due to wrongness

25th Apr 2004, 00:12
photo - me ???? um

25th Apr 2004, 01:51
Yesterday in Perth was about 30 sunny and delightful. We are in for another similar day today. Wonderful weather for ANZAC day and a long weekend!

25th Apr 2004, 06:48
Abu Dhabi yesterday - almost 40 C. Begining to build towards summer. Yesterday's golf got a bit of a struggle towards the end of the round! Still, it beats working!

25th Apr 2004, 14:10
Another beautiful day here. I dug over the soil thismorning and put some bedding plants down and then sat in the sun with a book and an ice cold cider. Going back out to sit after I watch my team beat Hearts ;). I think I'll take my radio out and play Oasis to wind up the old dear next door heh heh heh :}

25th Apr 2004, 17:57
I went and sat in hyde park (Leeds version) among the dope-smoking students. (although i didnt take part myself, i hasten to add officer).

Also played a little Frsibee, and ate an Ice Cream (Which in a lovely bit of Irony, was made in Middlesbrough!)

Tisn't Life Grand?


25th Apr 2004, 19:47
Well since I was stuck inside yesterday working in the beautiful weather sob sob, I know I should have stayed at home studying but I said to hell with that, I'm getting out! :ok:

My Geology club had arranged a weekend in Wicklow not far from Dublin so atleast I was able to catch the bus up to them for one day of zooming around the countryside in convoys examing all sorts of wonderful & weird geological formations. The British leader of the group wore one of those weird & wonderful hats that the Brits used to sport during the Raj in India, & in Africa, turned out his Turkish wife had cooked a fab dinner for the group last night in his home, hell you can't win them all. :(

Geologists are far from a tame crowd so although there were no rock formations perched precariously ten miles up the side of some mountain to look at & no rivers to negotiate, there was the mandatory getting over barbed wire fences, crossing muddy fields, perching on the side of precipitous gorges, & scrambling over mounds of loose clay, fairly tame stuff compared to the usual. I missed a trip earlier in the year where they were knee deep in snow way up the side of a mountain, thank Gawd. However the sojorn in a lovely Irish pub in the wilds of Wicklow half way through the day with the smell of burning turf & hot soup & rolls laid on for us made all the hardship worthwhile. :D

See in the meantime my religion thread has taken off, must get back sooner than later to replying after digesting all the answers, help!:uhoh:


25th Apr 2004, 23:36
So,today ,I looked out my window again and decided I would cut the grass.


:cool: :cool:

25th Apr 2004, 23:57
24/4/2004 Weather- fine, windspeed low. Went flying.

25/4/2004 Weather - fine, windspeed low. Went flying.

Spotted the emerging pattern yet?:O


Point Seven
26th Apr 2004, 00:03

Ah to be in the wind and the mosquito clouds of Winnipeg. Not.


26th Apr 2004, 00:16
quality lawn roghead. what do you use to cut that?

26th Apr 2004, 10:34

My wife.

:D :D :D

a is dum
26th Apr 2004, 11:36

Rothesay perchance?


26th Apr 2004, 12:46
a is dum.

Not so dumb, you're pretty close. It's the Clyde Estuary ( Firth of Clyde or River Clyde to be pedantic) looking SE to Greenock.

:D :D

a is dum
26th Apr 2004, 12:51
Could not remember how far away the coast/peninsula junction to the LH side would be from Rothesay "east coast".

Not bad for a foreigner, eh? :}

26th Apr 2004, 16:00
Sat 24th April - club flyout, Southend to Le Touquet. All times BST

0845 - arrive at club, walkaround, oil & fuel Cessna 152 G-BOLW, file flight plan.
1015 - "G-BOLW, request taxi runway 24, VFR to Le Touquet"
1020 - "Left turn after departure on track DVR, runway 24 cleared for take off"
1030 - "London Information G-BOLW overhead sheerness
3000ft, VFR Southend to Le Touquet 1 on board,
estimating DVR VOR 1049, FIR boundary 1056"
1056 - Mid channel, enter French airspace.
1115 - "G-BOLW cleared land 32, vacate first left, further traffic
short finals"
1120 - Friendly Frenchman on bicycle marshalls me onto stand.
1140 - Return flight plan filed. Walk in to town
1230 - Find suitable restaurant for lunch. Fillet of Duck with
green pepper sauce and french fries, followed by vanilla
and chocolate ice cream.
1400 - Stroll along the beach in glorious sunshine. Temperature
22 deg!
1515 - Local supermarket....
1630 - Arrive back at Le Touquet
1645 - "G-BOLW cleared taxi holding point runway 32"
1650 - "LW cleared take off 32"
1725 - "Manston G-BOLW mid channel DVR 158 @11nm,3200ft
requesting FIS"
1750 - "G-BOLW cleared land 24, wind calm"
1755 - Parked up.

Fantastic day out. Good company, good food, nice flying weather. Summer is here.