View Full Version : 800 Posts!!!!!

19th Aug 2001, 00:07
Well, do I get congratulations? Or only commiserations? And am I still "in need of PPRuNers Anonymous"? Or something else now?

19th Aug 2001, 01:09
Well done Whirlybird go for the 1k mark.

Bowes in deep respect.

19th Aug 2001, 01:52
From someone who is only half your total, you have my sympathy and total understanding.

The Guvnor
19th Aug 2001, 02:46
I should be at around 2,500 with this one!! :D :D :D

19th Aug 2001, 03:14
whirly having just met u in chat, i have nothing but admiration for you. go for the thousand. Look at me at a miserable 47 girl :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

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19th Aug 2001, 04:38
Ooh look im nearly at 1000 too! ......

Oh wait, er no! :p

19th Aug 2001, 05:46
Keep up the good work..........


Kermit 180
19th Aug 2001, 09:15
Looks like you still require the services of PpRuNe anonymous. Keep it coming Whirley! ;)


Tricky Woo
19th Aug 2001, 12:12
Do you hear that, Herr Draper? I think we should accelerate...


19th Aug 2001, 14:20
It looks like I've got a long way to go then.

Congrats anyway.

Capt Homesick
19th Aug 2001, 21:18
In a year? Wow! Apparently there are people with even less of a life than me!

19th Aug 2001, 23:36
Congrats Whirly! I am but a mere mortal...


20th Aug 2001, 17:17
woohoo whirly! :)
i have 750 but if i really try hard with my catching up with pprune (oh i have missed it so!) i think i can get to 800 posts too :D
hmmm i will try to get there by next week :p

You want it when?
20th Aug 2001, 17:32
Tis a strange metric to measure your life by, but a worthwhile one. Congrats on making 800 (or 803 as it now reads).

I fear that my paltry 150 odd will never grow to such a high score... unless I can work out how to beat the flood control :D

21st Aug 2001, 20:41
First one to 6728492 gets shot ! :eek:

21st Aug 2001, 23:55
Keep taking the tablets Whirly! :D :D

22nd Aug 2001, 03:49
Ive now got more posts than flying hours!



22nd Aug 2001, 08:00
well i am getting there
and i defintely have more posts than hours i have ever spent in an aircraft!

24th Aug 2001, 07:46
hopefully this should get me there!
woohoo reaching a goal is something i so seldom do!

24th Aug 2001, 13:15
Free man, not a number:
What is 'flood control' I think we should be told.
If I keep posting at this rate I'll reach 10 by Christmas.