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23rd Apr 2004, 19:28

Probe into baby 'burned in oven'
23 April 2004

Detectives are attempting to discover if a three-week-old boy found with horrific burns was dumped in an oven before his death.

Officers are searching a house in Grimwade Close, Peckham, south-east London, where the child was discovered.

23rd Apr 2004, 20:08
Twas many moons ago when I worked in a butchers shop. It was mid December and a lady rang up to change her Christmas order:

"Can I change me chris'mas turkey from an 18-pounder to a 14-pounder?"
"Certainly ma'am, no problem at all"
"Its just me baby weighs 18 pounds and it don't fit in t'oven"

True Story :rolleyes: