View Full Version : Are you a serial killer?

18th Aug 2001, 05:21

Dave Incognito
18th Aug 2001, 05:27

At least there is potential for a career change if this whole flying thing doesn't work out :D

18th Aug 2001, 05:33
There are times when I could fairly murder a bowl of cornflakes ... does that count?

18th Aug 2001, 11:34
Ha, a score of 11....

Now where did I put my axe/hunting knife/chainsaw?

Oh well, off to work.....

The Guvnor
18th Aug 2001, 12:48
Beat ya, Red Devil - scored 12!! Now, where's that garotte and the hockey goalies' mask?? :D :D :D

tony draper
18th Aug 2001, 13:13
Oh dear, Tony has big big number. :(

Plastic Paddy
18th Aug 2001, 13:57
Well Obviously the test is faulty !!

Yes it's defenitely faulty, the voices told me. :eek:

Feeton Terrafirma
18th Aug 2001, 16:32
I don't know why I got 19? I'm sure that no one knows about the serial ports I've killed.

maybe it's my work in IT that is to blame, or maybe it's the lack of satisfaction with other things in life? :eek:

Capt Homesick
18th Aug 2001, 19:09
Apparently, I am a reasonably sane person, with just enough quirks to be interesting... or maybe I just lie instinctively when filling out online quizzes?

18th Aug 2001, 20:32
I scored 11. Never mind; I seem to be in good company.

19th Aug 2001, 06:53
8? Oh good, I'm not as weird as my kids say I am :D

Through difficulties to the cinema

19th Aug 2001, 20:23
Hhmm, 13, well, what an interesting number, my lucky number at that.

And the psychologist lady I talk to at the other end of the phone say's I'll be ok, once the voices stop.

Hope the HMO keeps paying for her, the nice HMO guy on the other end of the phone seems to think so.

But the other lady I talk to at the other end of the phone, she makes me hear more voices and bothers me. Why would a wife do that?

Send Clowns
19th Aug 2001, 21:12
Was that a natural 8, or did I lie to get myself out of an awkward admission? :eek:

19th Aug 2001, 21:36
This test is obviously flawed, I only scored 6, which is less than the number of people I've killed in cold blood in the last 3 months.

19th Aug 2001, 23:40
I think I'd like to keep my score private ;)


20th Aug 2001, 03:27
FlyingForFun, you're as good as dead right now, I am planing to kill you, your family and everyone you ever known.

20th Aug 2001, 08:01
18, oh dear...

20th Aug 2001, 17:23
"Toucan son of Sam"
A real Cereal Killer ... :D

I'm no serial killer, with an automatic rifle I go for parallel hits ...

But for those who really are serial killers, you do need to clean up after yourselves, so here's a link to some help:


You want it when?
20th Aug 2001, 17:28
The perfect 10 - borderline-ish. FFF why no comment, unless of course it was in the late teens..... ;)

Vortex what...ouch!
20th Aug 2001, 17:35
Hmmm 10. So the grey man again :)

20th Aug 2001, 17:48
I'm not anouncing my score. Its lieing, of course. Everyones lieing. You,re all lieing to me. I'm absloutley fine. Its the world thats f***ed up. Well, I'll have the last laugh. I'll get back at the lot you. Bastards I knew you were all against me! ..
Er, have I just said something wrong? I think I'll have a lie down for a while. Enjoy your flight..

20th Aug 2001, 18:07
Exactly how would you define unconventional as a place to light a fire ;)

Should I have confessed ooooops

20th Aug 2001, 18:45
Hmm, i got 17. I always though i was pretty sane...ish. :confused:

I was worried until i read the small print and found out its 'not meant to be interpreted literally'!

Scared myself for a moment though! :D

Feeton Terrafirma
21st Aug 2001, 16:50
I don't just think I'm sane, I KNOW I'm sane and no one has ever argued otherwise and won.

In fact since the last time (poor bloke) no one has argued otherwise!

Constable Clipcock
21st Aug 2001, 22:43
Only scored 10!

("!" as in "exclamation mark", not as in "factorial of 10" — though I'm still trying!)

http://www.stickdeath.com is worth a look.

21st Aug 2001, 22:55
well I guess it takes one to find one!! (thats all I'm saying on the matter)

all your comments noted in my book and anything else you say will be written down in pencil so it can be altered later :p

21st Aug 2001, 23:28
Only got 10, in spite of the fire-raising :(

Must try harder....

22nd Aug 2001, 15:58
well i got 10 as well
seems a few people did
great minds think alike? :cool: