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Moritz Suter
27th Mar 2002, 03:22
When things look bleak, and life seems hued in changing shades of grey, I call to mind the expedition of Sir Ernest Shackleton to the Antarctic in 1914, the destruction of HMS Endurance when her hull was crushed by ice, and the astonishing courage and determination of Shackleton in leading his men to safety...against all odds when facing certain death. I visited, recently, the Royal Geographic Society where the originals of Frank Hurley’s magnificent photographs are kept. . .. .http://www.kodak.com/US/en/corp/features/endurance/. .. .They mostly live on penguin and seals cooked on blubber-fueled stoves. They usually have their meals outside, at a stove, moving up one by one, day by day, so that each man gets a turn sitting near the stove. They make lamps from sardine cans, with bandages for wicks and seal oil for fuel. . .. .Seals and penguin were getting scarce as rescue neared. On the day of rescue, Hurley and two others were serving a lunch of limpets, seaweed, and stewed seal bones. . .. .When Shackleton arrives to save them, Hurley goes to the snow hole where he had cached his sealed cans of plates and film. “I had to preserve them almost with my life,” he later said. Thus also rescued, Hurley’s photos live on as vivid testimony to an epic of exploration.. . . . <small>[ 27 March 2002, 02:28: Message edited by: Moritz Suter ]</small>