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23rd Apr 2004, 12:47
A quick Q.

Anyone know where I can get a tachograph fitted to a Land Rover Defender? I know they have to be calibrated at official places, do they fit them as well?

Some googling has produced manufacturers but no fitters.

Also if any of you folks out there are in the haulage industry what's the implications of the directive from Brussels about digital tacho's? A pointer to info sources would be great.

Many thanks in advance.

23rd Apr 2004, 12:51
Why on earth would one want to fit a tachograph to a vehicle with gross vehicle weight of <3,500kg or <9 persons?!!! :}

23rd Apr 2004, 12:58
Various reasons, airship.. the most common is when a light vehicle has a gross train weight of over 3.5 tonnes, despite its gross vehicle weight being 3.5 tonnes or less (in simple terms, a Transit van pulling a trailer needs one).

I am asked to put them on vans sometimes by management wanting to keep a check on the drivers activities (or lack thereof!).

Groundbased, Try Barnes of Reading on 0118 932 3383

23rd Apr 2004, 13:34
Thanks Timmcat.

Indeed this is due to the towing requirement. Using a vehicle trailer commercially I am legally required to have a tacho.


23rd Apr 2004, 13:49
You might find this (http://www.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/post?f=2&t=15778) interesting groundbased. I know it's for a Trooper, but there are some useful imbedded URLs.

23rd Apr 2004, 13:57
timmcat, you've got me worried now! I was always under the impression that the tachograph was unnecessary until the gross vehicle weight exceeded 3,500kgs. And that one could pull a trailer of upto 2,000kgs with the necessary driver's license (or 750kgs with an ordinary license) to give a total vehicle + trailer weight of 5,200kgs (4,250kgs on an ordinary license) before coming into the realm of the tacho?! :confused:

23rd Apr 2004, 14:15
airship have a look at page 16 of this (http://www.ntta.co.uk/law/Safe&LegalTowingShort.pdf) link

23rd Apr 2004, 14:49
airship, the key to it as the flowchart suggests is maximum permissable weight - so, even if you have a train weighing under 3500kgs and the plated GTW is over 3500kgs (ie, the train could legally weigh over 3500kgs) then a tacho is required and must be used. You fell for a very common misconception.

23rd Apr 2004, 15:05
newswatcher / timmcat, having read the lengthy document referred to, I understand that the tacho would only be required if the trailer was being used for the commercial transport of "goods", otherwise it would fall into the "exempted" category which presumably includes people towing their boats, air compressors or caravans in the normal course of their (business, or not) activities. However, I do agree that when you have the warning "As a result of the recent appeal court case, it might well be that the vehicle and trailer would have to be taken to a weighbridge and weighed at over 3,500kg before a prosecution could proceed. If either the gross plated weight or the train weight of your vehicle is over 3,500kg, you need to consider your position very carefully. The DETR and the NTTA stress that their comments are for advice only and that it is for the courts to interpret the law." one should proceed carefully. At least here in France, the regulations are explicit... :\ And if employers really want to keep track of their drivers, there are any number of systems including GPS-based but also mobile phone-based trackers... :uhoh:

4th May 2004, 11:46
airship, It looks like VOSA disagree with that in this ('hoursandtachographrulesforgoodsvehiclesfaq.htm)

OK why can't I make that link work properly?

4th May 2004, 11:59
OK why can't I make that link work properly?
probably because there is a quote ( ' ) in it.
Looks like the server ( does not respond however.
Where did you get that link from ?

4th May 2004, 12:02

There is an apostrophe in the address!

Try http://www.vosa.gov.uk then select 'HGV & PSV Drivers' then 'EC Drivers' Hours And Tachograph Rules For Goods Vehicles FAQ'

4th May 2004, 12:04

(cut & paste in a new browser window and remove double quotes, but leave single quote in the middle)

The forum software gets mad with the quote, so don't use the "http://" button, and disable "Automatically parse URLs"

4th May 2004, 12:06
Bre901, your link doesn't work either!

4th May 2004, 12:09
Only works with cut & paste in a new browser window (and remove possible spaces converted to %20).
Buggah :*

I can't post the darn URL without crap spaces getting in :{ :{

I give up before I start cursing :mad: :mad:

I guess someone should mail VOSA and tell them to avoid such sh!tty URLS :yuk:

4th May 2004, 12:18
Bre901, They are now know.