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27th Mar 2002, 01:31
The shipping industry newspaper Lloyd's List, one of the world's oldest publications, announced Wednesday it will no longer use the feminine pronoun "she" when referring to ships, but would instead use the more neutral "it." . .. .In response to the move, British newspapers announced they would follow suit when referring to former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. .. .(nicked from http://www.satirewire.com/index.shtml). .. .Funny, IMHO. . . . <small>[ 26 March 2002, 21:33: Message edited by: Unwell_Raptor ]</small>

Moritz Suter
27th Mar 2002, 01:56
"May God bless It, and all who sail in It.". .. .Yuk, doesn't have the same ring to it at all, Mr. Raptor. Maybe changing It to Him, might be better? Chicks never 'got it' about boats anyhoo!. .. .MS.

Tartan Gannet
27th Mar 2002, 02:09
Well Im delighted! At long last common sense prevails. For years I have refused to grant gender to inanimate objects. Unlike the French and the Germans we reserve such distinction, where it occurs at all, for living creatures. Thus a woman has HER house, a man HIS car etc, but THE or A is the same whether the noun attached is male, female, or inanimate. . .. .To me a ship, aircraft, car or any other such object is an IT. I dont ascribe gender to my house, bicycle, computer, TV set, fishing tackle etc. Now of course to the French the gender of a word CAN indicate its meaning, eg LE vase and LA vase. One means a container for flowers, the other mud. Cant remember which. We have no such problem, both at neuter.

27th Mar 2002, 02:31
TG:. .. .Yeah, but ships are special and been around a lot longer than yer bicycle and computer. In fact they have "Grandmother Rights".. .. .She is a happy ship.. .. .That just sounds right.... .. .It is a happy ship..?. .. .He is a happy ship..?. .. .Nah, not the same thing.. .. .Lets vote to keep ships and boats female.. .(The rounded forms and sometimes the wide stern sometimes really uh, looks female also). .. .Since we are at it, lets vote back female only names for Hurricanes. . .It does not sound right with male names: Floyd and Patrick and Hugo and all that.. .. .Lisa and Irene and their sisters: Now ya know something big, bad and furious is coming yer way.. .Head for shelter.. . <img border="0" title="" alt="[Wink]" src="wink.gif" />. . . . <small>[ 26 March 2002, 22:33: Message edited by: TowerDog ]</small>

gravity victim
27th Mar 2002, 02:35
Apparently the Royal Navy began calling its ships 'she' because they cost a fortune to keep in paint and powder. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Smile]" src="smile.gif" />

Send Clowns
27th Mar 2002, 03:06
And indeed a representative of HM's Royal Navy interiewed on the subject was emphatic that to the Sevice a ship was still "she".

27th Mar 2002, 04:27
Thank God it's only Lloyd's that has gone soft in the head.

Moritz Suter
27th Mar 2002, 04:41
Mr. Dog,. .. .As usual, I couldn't agree with you more. Anyone who has seen the glory of a hull from under the water can only know a ship to be a she.. .. .Oh, and I'm afraid I ignored your advice and got a beautie at Islamorada...but thanks anyway. Key west sucked!. .. .MS.

27th Mar 2002, 04:52
Sad I think. I know it's not PC but a ship needs to be depenable and reliable a bit like a mother so why not refer to the ship using the female pronoun.. .. .Standing by for the mummys boy analogies now <img border="0" title="" alt="[Smile]" src="smile.gif" />

27th Mar 2002, 05:07
Heard somewhere that in the US Navy the aircraft carrier in a group is called 'Mother' - don't know if this is:. .a) correct?. .. .b) just a nick name?

Moritz Suter
27th Mar 2002, 05:08
Not at all, Mr. SWC. Absolutely right, and beautifully put, if I might say it.. .I think you've, perhaps, the heart of a poet in yer!. .. .MS.

27th Mar 2002, 05:19
Must be living too close to the sea that does it.

27th Mar 2002, 06:22
This is a very important moment in the liberation of women since a ship occasionally does go down.

27th Mar 2002, 06:29
Moritz, you slacker, have you forgotten the mission? &gt;&gt;&gt; <img border="0" title="" alt="[Razz]" src="tongue.gif" />

Send Clowns
27th Mar 2002, 12:42
I believe you are correct Mr Khan (even the RN use the term). Hence the commonly-known use of "mother ship" in science fiction for a large vessel carrying the smaller ones.

Feeton Terrafirma
27th Mar 2002, 12:51
I don't know anything about boats, but my car is a she, cos she's bewdiful, and my computer is a she, cos she's a bitch, and goes down more than she should <img border="0" title="" alt="[Wink]" src="wink.gif" />

tony draper
27th Mar 2002, 13:12
PC Ratbastard **** pigs, BBC has new logo that reflects our crappy micky mouse multi ethnic society, the luvy, touchy feely, tree huggy burblin, empty headed, tosser, shirt liftin bastards.. .P!ss on em all.. .Ships is she, **** em. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Mad]" src="mad.gif" /> <img border="0" title="" alt="[Mad]" src="mad.gif" /> <img border="0" title="" alt="[Mad]" src="mad.gif" /> <img border="0" title="" alt="[Mad]" src="mad.gif" />. . . . <small>[ 27 March 2002, 09:13: Message edited by: tony draper ]</small>

27th Mar 2002, 14:07
Apropos of nothing in particular, I believe the Russians call their ships "he".

The Nr Fairy
27th Mar 2002, 14:59
Go on, TD, tell us what you REALLY think.

itchy kitchin
27th Mar 2002, 17:24
I thought they were called "she" because they are all full of seamen. . .. .I would like to apologise now for the poor quality of this post. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Roll Eyes]" src="rolleyes.gif" />

27th Mar 2002, 18:32
Correct Papillon, I just checked with a Russian chap in work. They also refer to their country as the Fatherland like the Germans. Do the Germans refer to ships, aeroplanes, cars etc as he I wonder? <img border="0" title="" alt="[Confused]" src="confused.gif" />

Tartan Gannet
27th Mar 2002, 22:12
In Star Trek the Klingons refer to their ships as HE.. .. .Live long and prosper!

27th Mar 2002, 23:24
I can think of a dredger as an "it" or perhaps the chain ferry in Poole harbour, but what about the "Cutty Sark" or QE2? Could only be a she in either case.

28th Mar 2002, 03:46
If the Russians refer to their country as "He" why is it known as "The Great Mother Russia"? <img border="0" title="" alt="[Frown]" src="frown.gif" />

Send Clowns
28th Mar 2002, 04:09
Have you seen Russian mothers??????

28th Mar 2002, 06:26

28th Mar 2002, 07:18
Loki, did you consider the extraordinary ability of the female to dredge up the past when you made your post. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Big Grin]" src="biggrin.gif" />