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Kaptin M
23rd Apr 2004, 02:11
From Mainichi Daily News, comes this article.

Indulge yourself in a full-course meal atop a fleshy Asian dish.
By Masuo Kamiyama
Contributing writer
April 22, 2004

On April 2, news reports from the southwest Chinese city of Kunming noted that a Japanese restaurant in that city had been shut down by the sanitation authorities. Food poisoning? No. The proprietors had been cited for serving up sushi placed atop the prone bodies of unclad females, a practice called "nyotai-mori" in Japanese.
China --- whose authorities take a considerably more prudish attitude toward exposure of the unclad human form in public than do those in Japan --- has clearly drawn the line on using young women's bodies as serving dishes, even for business purposes.

While the custom of nyotai-mori may be well known in Japan, Asahi Geino notes that aside perhaps from inns at hot springs resorts in the remote countryside, the opportunities to partake of such meals are today nearly nonexistent. Is this traditional form of lecherous feasting, then, on the verge of extinction?

Not quite --- thanks in no small part to imported talent. Asahi Geino's investigative reporter has learned of a "Mabuhay," a Tokyo-based Philippine "delivery health" (outcall sex service), which changes a basic fee of 15,000 yen for the girl, and an additional 15,000 for refreshments of the edible variety.

In keeping with the nationality of the masseuse, the cuisine is also prepared in the Philippine style, with tropical fruits and three bottles of San Miguel beer.

To get the ball rolling, so to speak, the service was contacted by telephone and a lady summoned to the reporter's hotel. Upon arrival, Leia (age 25) entered the room and completely disrobed, revealing she has plenty of meat of her own. She stretched out on the bed and without further ado, our reporter peeled off the skin from a fresh mango, placing the ripe fruit atop her Mount of Venus.

"Oooh! That's cold!" she squeals.

Continuing, the reporter artfully arranges deep-fried prawns, roast pork, bananas and other items atop her epidermis. When placing slices of lemon atop both breasts, the reporter lingers, using chopsticks to stimulate her hardening nipples.

"Heeyyy," Leia giggles, "that tickles."

Following the main course, the reporter enjoys dessert, and notices the mango and banana retain the warm body heat from their, er, serving platters.

Having sunk this far into dining depravity, the serving wench then proceeds to soak her public hair in foamy San Miguel and invites the diner to lap it off her lap.

"Now it's my turn to eat," she winks, as the service goes from supper to the second, more sexual course of the feast. She begins with something called the "Mabuhay testicle massage," which, she explains, is a Philippine tradition for, er, cementing martial relationships, especially during pregnancy when the wife is not available to provide full duties.

Although by this point the reporter's Little Nipa Hut is ready to blow its roof, Leia encourages him to hang on, since there's more to come in the form of Philippine-style "sumata," kneeling and raising her buttocks to allow him to reach orgasm while sliding his shaft along the exterior of her lubricated labia majora --- which is about as close to the real thing as possible without quite going all the way. And since there's no penetration and therefore according to the Japanese view of things does not constitute sexual intercourse, it's completely legal.

The Asahi Geino article also provides the telephone number and Mabuhay web site ( in Japanese only, sorry guys).

Mabuhay's manager encourages readers to give the 30,000 yen nyotai-mori course a try.

"Instead of a group party, we arrange for you to have a private party for two," she winks.

Ralph the Bong
23rd Apr 2004, 04:40
Reminisant of the famous Maxim's of Paris. This restaurant claimed it would serve any dish ordered by patons.

One Gentelman of note placed his order one evening being "that waitress, naked and covered with cherry sauce". Served in a private room, of course.

Bon Appitite'!

Kaptin M
23rd Apr 2004, 05:01
My guess is the Japanese dish is covered in a white cream sauce :eek:

23rd Apr 2004, 08:43
I might try and get a job as the 'Dish' washer. Might even be some leftovers. :E .... er, on second thoughts ....:uhoh:

23rd Apr 2004, 11:06
Sounds fishy to me.

23rd Apr 2004, 11:09
Yum,Yum pigs bum. Can you get seconds if you're greedy?