View Full Version : Pass the orange

23rd Apr 2004, 01:43
Okay, I got it. It's under my chin. Here I come MS BlueDiamond grab it with yours, but hands behind yer back;)


Lon More
23rd Apr 2004, 01:49
Buncha perverts.

Is this some strange Australian ritual?

23rd Apr 2004, 01:57
Dude, I seriously wouldn't call Ozzy an Aussie....................:uhoh:

23rd Apr 2004, 02:02
Feckin 'ell Lon More it's my nickname not my feckin nationality!!! Right, Holland's off the tour.

Who might want my orange?:E


23rd Apr 2004, 02:09
Used to play this as a kid. Had to be boy-girl-boy-girl-unsure-girl (in these PC times and all.............)

There, there Ozzy.........it could be worse. He could have implied you were Welsh :p

23rd Apr 2004, 02:25
Ooooh ... a game! I'm not too sure how this is played but here we go...

O.k., Ozzy ... You're a lot taller than I am but I've got the orange safely. (You need a shave there, mate before I play with you again! :E )

Topcat450 ... you're next!