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The Invisible Man
22nd Apr 2004, 19:49
Danny has been for tea and crumpets today, (thats Danny the bin man) and was intrigued by the PPrune website.

"Do you get all this much fun for free?" he said

"Yes" says I. One can buy a title if one desires but thats it.

"Wow" says he. "I'll have soma that"

I got to thinking would I pay for membership of this esteemed sight... yes I would thinks I.

Would you pay a fiver a year or would it make you leave?

(sorry if this has been done before but I am new)

22nd Apr 2004, 20:05
A fiver a year isn't very much. Nevertheless, it's not quite the same when one has to pay for it! ;) (Not that I've ever had to, just what I've heard... :O )

22nd Apr 2004, 20:16
No problem for me, I'd be happy to pay (within reason of course).

tony draper
22nd Apr 2004, 20:40
Obviously you have never been three months at sea in a Tanker and have only three hours in Port, airship.

22nd Apr 2004, 20:51
Drapes, I was under the impression that tanker drivers today were allowed to take their women along. And I suppose the swimming pool and satellite TV arrived after your day too? 3 months is rather a long time... :hmm:

22nd Apr 2004, 21:20
I reckon that free is a very good price.......

..... but yes, I reckon that with the current fun to be had a subscription service would be acceptable!


Buster Hyman
23rd Apr 2004, 00:00
A fiver in my currency is about fifteen after conversion. Still, I'd be happy to pay to stay...especially if the frequent poster program gets off the ground!!!:E

Onan the Clumsy
23rd Apr 2004, 00:04
Three months! :ooh: I bet your knob was saw after that. :uhoh:

Were you still able to write legibly?

23rd Apr 2004, 00:04
Pay - for pprune . ..

Yes. yes yes

(if only to wind up about Hugh Cornwall)

23rd Apr 2004, 00:24
I bet your knob was saw after that

Living in close proximty and all, do you really think he went around showing it to everybody?