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22nd Apr 2004, 13:15
Can someone kindly explain to me why an ‘accidental’ quick flash of a Janet Jackson nipple poses a grave threat to the morals of the 99.99999% of the American population who have two of their own, whereas a 15 second showing on prime time TV of a photograph of a dying woman in the wreckage of a car is “in no way graphic or exploitive”?

22nd Apr 2004, 13:19
Can someone kindly explain to me why men have 'em?

22nd Apr 2004, 13:22
I've got 3,just call me scaramanga or freak!

22nd Apr 2004, 13:25
Close call if you come from Burnley!

22nd Apr 2004, 13:28
Maybe because it was Janet Jackson! Keep your nipples to yourself luv :yuk:

Now if it was Britney Spears...:E

22nd Apr 2004, 13:33
And to think the US has one of the World's largest porn industries and can still get upset about a millisecond flash! Hmm double standards springs to mind

22nd Apr 2004, 13:53
Can someone kindly explain to me why men have 'em?

Yes, RT ... I can. The form or template for the human body is female regardless of whether the foetus has XX or XY chromosomes. In order for a child to be born male, significant events must take place to "make" it into a boy. Regardless of this, elements of the natural female form are always retained (such as the nipples.)

22nd Apr 2004, 13:53
Rolling - Excuse the non-medical terminology, but I've been told that men have nipples because in the early stages of pregnancy the foetus hasn't decided excatly what sex it will be. So it shoves on nipples to both sexes before deciding whether the foetus will be a male or female.
As per usual -- I stand to be corrected.

22nd Apr 2004, 13:56
So you admit it BlueDiamond, men are higher up the evolutionary scale... :E

22nd Apr 2004, 14:00
Come on - you know thats not true.

men are the basic version and women come with all the accessories.

My man tells me that men are the utes and women the sports cars.

22nd Apr 2004, 14:31
It's easy to make girls,you've got the pattern in front of you.

22nd Apr 2004, 15:02
Blue Diamond said,

Regardless of this, elements of the natural female form are always retained .

Thank God that we didn't inherit the shopping gene too!

22nd Apr 2004, 15:10
But retail therapy is good for the soul, Maxflyer!


And men are higher up the evolutionary scale...
I'm admitting nothing of the sort, airship. The very idea!


22nd Apr 2004, 16:17
Hmmm there's one for the religious fanatics. I thought God took a bone from Adam and made Eve but in actual fact Eve comes first and then Adam. Let's see them try to explain that one heh heh heh :}

Onan the Clumsy
22nd Apr 2004, 17:01
I had a girlfriend once who had SIX nipples.

I dumped her though...she was a dog :}

22nd Apr 2004, 17:13
Any of us who have daughters know that any fool can put a spout on, but it takes a skilled tradesman to turn the edges in.

Onan the Clumsy
22nd Apr 2004, 17:26
If I had a daughter, would the previous post actually make sense to me? :confused:


btw Binos, I see your Aunt Mary has been fortunate of late :ok:

22nd Apr 2004, 17:31
This might get removed for being graphic.. but it's just the truth.

A Penis is formed from precursor of the Clitoris but at 7 - 9 weeks the urogenital sinus and the genital tubercale grow into a tiny beginning of a penis. By 12 weeks the penis is fully formed.

For those of you wondering WTF? It is related to the post on why we have nipples.

Dr Jekyll
22nd Apr 2004, 17:57
There are interesting cases where someone is genetically male, but the male hormones supposed to turn the foetus male have no effect.
The result is technically male but looks female, the condition often isn't diagnosed until puberty if at all.

How female do they look? Well, there are certain rumours about a very well known actress. (Not Janet Jackson).

I don't know if they are true, but the fact that they exist about someone who certainly looks "female enough" is interesting in itself.

23rd Apr 2004, 04:28
Well I for one would love to get close enough to Jamie Lee to find out the truth, and the result of the search would make precisely no difference to what I'd like to do to her. :E