View Full Version : 3rd biggest uk airport group?

22nd Apr 2004, 09:51
After BAA and the manchester airport group who do you think is the 3rd biggest airport group?

I'd say it's between TBI (Luton, Cardiff, Belfast)and Peel Airports(Liverpool, Teesside, Robin Hood).

TBI are bigger now, but Peel definetly have a chance to overtake them.

also does anyone know if any uk airports are likley to be up for sale in the near future as I believe Peel is looking to expand their portfolio.

Buster the Bear
22nd Apr 2004, 10:15
Biggest in terms of what?


Probably Peel, with thier property portfolio?

22nd Apr 2004, 10:25
Value of the airports( so not including other assets)

Based on;

- passenger numbers(now and projected)
- freight figures
- % owned and freehold or leasehold(I beleive luton is leased)
- value of airside land and business parks.

22nd Apr 2004, 11:40
TBI also own Orlando Sanford. Technically not a UK airport but still owned by a UK company.

22nd Apr 2004, 20:44
TBI also own Stockholm Skavsta

(yeah, yeah.....I know it's in Sweden) TBI also have other major property interests......eg The Hilton in Cardiff (well posh!)

Rabbit :)

Sir George Cayley
22nd Apr 2004, 21:31
Just to be super pedantic...

Peel own Sheffield and Barton too!

Sir George Cayley

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