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Send Clowns
26th Mar 2002, 20:17
How about some more alternative meanings of common words? We haven't had this one for a while, and I came across a new one today : . .. .Debate : what you load de question with to catch de opponent

27th Mar 2002, 05:48
Debate is also de stuff on de hook for fishin'.. .. . <img border="0" title="" alt="[Big Grin]" src="biggrin.gif" />

27th Mar 2002, 06:02
Airline economic cycles, (yeah. yeah three words). .. .Amnesia,. .. .Denial.

27th Mar 2002, 07:45
Bigamist - an Italian's opinion of London

27th Mar 2002, 14:01
Innuendo: an Italian suppository. .Allocate: greeting for a girl named Katherine. .Bespoke: replacing factory car-rims with aluminium alloy ones. .Defibrilate: to remove the lies out of a political speech/text. .Deflagrate: to lower the flag at sundown. .Despise: what MI5 is supposed to do. .Conical: of or pertaining to criminals. .Concentric: someone who is attracted to criminals. .Eccentric: someone who is attracted to divorcees. .Palaeontology: the scientific study of friendships. .Permutation: a woman's hairdo gone sadly wrong. .Hyperbole: a sports arena bigger than the superbowl. .Beatitude: term describing someone with a real attitude problem. .Catalyst: ranking of domestic cats by popularity of breed. .Syncope: the ability to accept oneself in spite of one's faults. .Overture: someone who masticates their food far too long. .Internet: where fish usually go before they get tinned. .Defenestrate: to remove wildlife etc from the fenlands. .Castrate: to review performances of actors in live theatre

27th Mar 2002, 14:36
Mistress: Something between "mister" and "matress"

28th Mar 2002, 13:05
Fossilise: What Grampa tells Granma. .Irrigator: Cranky amphibious reptile

28th Mar 2002, 13:44
Specimen: Italian Astronaut

28th Mar 2002, 23:10
defence: de ting dat surrounds de feild.