View Full Version : Good news for B17 fans

22nd Apr 2004, 03:00
Visited Kissimee USA today and saw a B17 that is rapidly becoming the 13th flyable example worldwide. Said machine is owned by the Liberty Foundation and originated as an airborne engine test bed having avoided military service (similar story to BBMF Lanc) only this one was also trashed big style by a Tornado (weather not aircraft!). Anyhow, over a million new rivets later, she has been restored to B17 G config and was being prepared for respray this morning, will post a picture when i can

22nd Apr 2004, 20:19
Saw her a year ago but did not go down there last week, (was at Sun n Fun) If they are up to painting then I am amazed, there seemed so much to do.

Fascinating wing structure, don't know if you could see it. Looks like the ceiling in the school gym. Open web beams form several spars rather than ribs off one main spar.

25th Apr 2004, 02:24
She is now Silver overall and looking good.

Visited Kermit Weeks today and he has one under rebuild also.