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Tricky Woo
17th Aug 2001, 17:31

17th Aug 2001, 17:55
Oh God - it's deja vu all over again.

The Mistress
17th Aug 2001, 18:13

It's back under the duvet gang. Arrow2 and PP where are you?

17th Aug 2001, 18:28
Right behind you TM. Whats Tricky been on? - there was I thinking he had been particularly awake and witty over the last few weeks.....he must have had a very good Zurich curry and a few beers to send him back off.... oh well its late afternoon so


Stiff Lil' Fingers
17th Aug 2001, 19:11
Right gang, gather round and listen up! Our mate Tricky has obviously had a beer or two this lunchtime and is quietly snoozing away. Let's try that great and tested gag where we place his hand in a bowl of warm water and let nature take its course. That'll teach him to come back to the office sozzled!

So, whose with me?

17th Aug 2001, 20:00
I'm here, and my good friend BFU will be back on Sunday. Are we preparing for our winter hibernation? Because if we are, I'm afraid I simply have to have the electric blanket on.

Tricky Woo
17th Aug 2001, 21:55
There I was having a nice nap while there was bugger all happening in Jet Blast when you lot invade my bed chamber and start all your shenanigans again.

Deja vu? I'll f**king say.


18th Aug 2001, 14:56
Ahh..the return of that most classic thread.

Quietly turns off the light, but leaves the the lava lamp on and happily departs softly whistling a tune that if anyone asked him, he would say was Spanish Harlem....

Tricky Woo
18th Aug 2001, 23:19
...zzzzzz....ZZZZZ...zzz... (beep, beep, beep)

Right, I'm awake now:

Surfing the myriad TV channels here in fortress Zuerich, I spotted an interesting documentary on John Lennon... in perfect Swiss German, of course. So I listened to a few of the songs, and tried to filter out that universal Swiss speech impediment, that the Swiss fool themselves into thinking of as a language.

Then I had a flash of inspiration. Once I'd tucked it away again, I realised that this thread is a perfect venue for a typical Lennon & Yoko 'Love-In' protest against something or other.

There's a few of us in bed here already, but were going to need many, many more in order to make a definitive statement against whatever it is we're against. Or is it 'for?



p.s. Any ideas what we're protesting about?

19th Aug 2001, 00:11
Yes Switsa Deutsche - yearcharghgh

I'm protesting the protesting - snuggles down with bottle of best red ;)

19th Aug 2001, 00:46
Tricky Woo:

Deja vu?

Didn`t you just say that?

19th Aug 2001, 06:53
Tricky ... I tucked myself up in my big bed, lots of large, fluffy pillows, cat snuggled next to feet, mug of warm milk with a touch of nutmeg, radio playing softly in the background, rain playing softly on the roof, warm and cosy duvet to burrow under. BLISS. Then I realised I couldn't reach the computer and had to get out to send this post ... can I protest about that???


Kermit 180
19th Aug 2001, 09:07
And there was me thinking you were simply impersonating a Rotax engine.

Kerms :rolleyes:

429 CJ
19th Aug 2001, 09:58
Kermit, that's a funny thing to do under a duvet!

*Yawn, hmmm, dreaming of donuts.* :D

Tricky Woo
19th Aug 2001, 12:09

I suggest that we protest loudly about the despicable act of social-terrorism known as the Starbucks chain of coffee houses.

Someone should remind those Yankee rascals that we Europeans have a long cultural history of scoffing coffee. We know how we like our coffee, we know where we like to drink it, we know where we like to drink it.

British coffee is world famous as being weak, bland and, usually, cheap and nasty. But that's how we like it! No bloody septic chain is going to dissuade us, by offering tasty coffee is pleasant surroundings. Get out of it, that's what I say.

Here on Continental Europe, the coffee is as hard as nails, bitter, and sodding expensive. What right do the Yanks have to paddle across the Atlantic in their canoes to change the tastes of the French or Swiss? Neither race will ever enjoy nice coffee. And don't think for one minute that the Belgians or Germans will tolerate this for much longer.

Cultural imperialism at it's worst.

Yank bastards.


19th Aug 2001, 12:57
I want to protest about the 21st Century. I've given it a try for a year and a half now, and it is rubbish compared to the 20th.

I was happy in the 20th Century; I was born in it, grew up in it, got married twice in it, lost my virginity in it, and discovered PPRuNe in it.

What does the 21st Century have to offer by comparison? Every one of those 35000 PPRuNers will die in it, for a start. What do we have to look forward to? More Big Brother? Ian Duncan Smith? A million-pound semi in Ruislip? No, sod it, I'm for going back to the 20th Century and to doing it now. The Milennium stuff was all a mistake, so please can I have my century back?

biggles mate
19th Aug 2001, 13:54
Being awaken by this bloody computer realy does piss you off. Never mind the coffee in oz is realy great and no bloody septics to force it down our throat.So I am in for any protest you want to name,so now too bed o'great ppruner,the protest begins :D ;)

Tricky Woo
19th Aug 2001, 15:18
A somewhat eclectic mixture of complaints so far, but I feel that this will make our cause all the more respected. The impact of our protest will be severe on our enemies.

We will not relent.


429 CJ
19th Aug 2001, 17:06
Land rights for gay humpback whales I say.

Such a travesty to have such wonderful creatures bannished to the oceans when we have taken all of their land that they used to hunt on, and roamed free with the wind in their barnicles and dust in their blowhole.

Back to sweepie-bize now.

Hagbard the Amateur
19th Aug 2001, 18:27
I protest for the right to declare myself an independent state complete with passport, voting rights and a seat in the United Nations.


Tricky Woo
19th Aug 2001, 18:47
(The protest continues...)


20th Aug 2001, 15:34
I want to protest about reality - it sucks and I don't understand it also I want to protest about those silly little plastic swords they give you when you buy vodka jellies - they poke your eye out.

If you can't beat em join em

Feeton Terrafirma
20th Aug 2001, 15:53
You lot know nothing about protesting! But then neither do I so I guess my opinion doesn't matter.


Tricky Woo
20th Aug 2001, 16:20

You may mock, but the Ringo Starr/Yoko Ono 'Love-In' protest had a huge cultural impact, totally out of proportion to the initial effort involved. Which was negligible, let's face it.

Surprisingly, there is some disagreement amongst historians as to whether their well-publicised dissent really did make a large contribution towards ending the Franco-Prussian War of 1871. Don't know why. Does anyone dispute that that particular war did end? Thought not.

Bloody marvellous effort.


20th Aug 2001, 17:54
Blue Diamond, if we get you an extension cable on your keyboard and mouse, will that be sufficient ;) Ooooops, sorry that'll mean no protest - back to the drawing board.

My wine has run out, can I protest that no-one brought another one. Feets you've usually got a bucket or two spare.

22nd Aug 2001, 06:23
.... drags toasty warm self out of cosy, comfortable bed and goes to computer ...

Is it within the rules to protest about more than one thing? If so, I wish to protest that I have one cold foot because I can't find my other slipper - have any of you seen it anywhere?

My cat also wishes to protest that I keep disturbing his slumbers with all this hopping in and out of bed ... oh, and he says he now wishes to be referred to as my "feline animal companion" and is protesting about the use of the word "pet".

22nd Aug 2001, 06:42

Lennon, in bed with Yoki or Yoni or whatever.

I remember. I was on the street outside the QE, just passing through though.

Give peace a chance. Didn't work. Lousy tune anyway. Close the drapes.

Tricky Woo
22nd Aug 2001, 10:18

Biggles Flies Undone
22nd Aug 2001, 12:46
I would like to protest that this thread started while I was still on hols.

Just wondering if PP and TM might be able to squeeze me in there....... :rolleyes:


The Mistress
22nd Aug 2001, 12:52
Only if you're very, very good :p

biggles mate
22nd Aug 2001, 12:58
I have just had a vision of of us in bed together bloody scary..
I think I should call my therapist :cool: :cool: :eek:

22nd Aug 2001, 12:59
I want to protest about the banality of the protesting.

Biggles Flies Undone
22nd Aug 2001, 13:45
I always try to be very, very good (don't we all?) :p

I also wish to protest at the banality of Busty54's posting. :eek:


22nd Aug 2001, 15:15
BFU! At last! All these strange people have been jostling me and I haven't been able to get any sleep at all.

Biggles Flies Undone
22nd Aug 2001, 15:24
Ah, well, PP – the return of the status quo. All us ‘old hands’ from the original and greatly missed thread need to stick together ;) Let’s have a quick group hug before Tricky gets back on with the housework


Tricky Woo
22nd Aug 2001, 15:57
The wanderer returns; welcome back BFU.



22nd Aug 2001, 16:07
Hope you had a good holiday Biggles.

Now either get your head down or bugger off.

Biggles Flies Undone
22nd Aug 2001, 17:39
Thanks for the welcome, Tricky, and U_R yes I did, thanks, and I'll have you know that getting my head down is one of my favourite occupations (we all need sleep, don't we?).

Now you can all bugger off (stand firm PP & TM) if you're going to be noisy.


22nd Aug 2001, 19:08
Contented zzzzzZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz

The Mistress
22nd Aug 2001, 19:18
Mich auch ... 'cept I'm not tired ...

Biggles Flies Undone
22nd Aug 2001, 19:35
Well, so long as we keep the noise down ladies..... :p

Tricky Woo
22nd Aug 2001, 19:56
...zzz... Ahhh... everything is right with the world.... zzzZZZzzz...

23rd Aug 2001, 00:04

I heard that - kindly do your flies up at once!

Tricky Woo
23rd Aug 2001, 04:19

As you well know, nothing to report thus far.

TW, xxx