View Full Version : Kenneth Wolstenholme dies

26th Mar 2002, 18:23
From http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport/hi/english/football/newsid_1894000/1894464.stm. .. .Legendary football commentator Kenneth Wolstenholme has died aged 81. . .. .Wolstenholme was most famous for uttering the words "they think it's all over, it is now" at the end of England's 1966 World Cup final win at Wembley. . .. .But he was the "voice of football" for more than 20 years with the BBC. . .. .He died on Monday at a private hospital in Torquay with his daughter by his side.

Big Tudor
26th Mar 2002, 19:27
Sorry to hear the passing of such a great commentator. What a great comment for a great moment, it summed up exactly what was happening without the hysterical ravings that we hear now. . .The man may have gone but the phrase will ilve on forever.

27th Mar 2002, 00:39
Is it all over?. .. .It is now.