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21st Apr 2004, 21:38
Inspired from a basement flat in another thread...

What places have you known in real life that have been used as locations in the movies or TV?

For instance, parts of Brunel University were used in the film 'A Clockwork Orange'. When I saw the film I was amused to recognize the bottom of one of the Engineering towers used as the entrance to the block of flats, and the cinema scene in which the protagonist's eyes are propped open was filmed in one of the lecture theatres. (It wasn't only film-makers who needed matchsticks on their eyelids in there...!) There are other instances in that movie also, and many years later while I was attending the place, the library and Chemistry buildings were used in an episode of 'Inspector Morse'.

Anyone else?

21st Apr 2004, 21:45
I know real places that sure as hell were NOT used in the movies. When I was but a lad in Dundee I went to a movie at The Playhouse. The tale was of the United States Rangers, and how they alone had won the war. Very hard men, all. They had done some of their training, it appeared, in none other than Dundee, Scotland, so a critical audience awaited further disclosure. Came the Moment of Truth, when a train looking like the 20th Century Limited or the Santa Fe Chief arrived at Dundee, but a Dundee that never existed, save as in Brigadoon, and a station far removed from Tay Bridge Station (old LNER) or Dundee West Station (old LMS) that we all knew and loved. Great was the hilarity, and the remainder of the show was treated as the comedy it was.

21st Apr 2004, 21:55
Last of the Summer Wine has, for the past hundred years, been filmed mainly in Holmfirth (near Huddersfield) which is just a few miles from where I was born and bred. Sid's cafe was in fact an antique shop though it may well have been changed to a, erm, cafe since the early days. The place actually became something of a tourist destination on the back of the programme with pictures of Compo all over the place. In fact there were so many tourists about the place, they started filming some of the scenes in Marsden which must be about ten miles away.

Other than that there was a short lived comedy programme in the late 70s that used my old secondary school as one of its locations and if anyone remembers Selwyn Froggit, that was filmed in a village called Skelmanthorpe just down the road from that school.

You couldn't move for film crews in the Huddersfield area at the time... :ok:

21st Apr 2004, 21:58
The San Diego Conference and Exhibition Center used in Demolition Man as a mall I believe.

The Westin Bonaventure in downtown LA scene of numerous movies such that it has plaques by the elevators detailing which movie which elevator. Has been used in True Lies (supposed to be a Marriott in DC), In The Line of Fire, Nick of Time, among others.

Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA and 7even Mile Beach, Grand Cayman - the Firm.


21st Apr 2004, 22:11
On holiday a few years ago with some friends on The Isle of Skye we came upon perchance a film crew deep inside The Cullins.
They were making 'Whaling Jack' with Bob Hoskins.........we enticed Mars Bars off them. :ok:

I have been to the white cottage and the bay at a 'secret location' in The Highlands where part of Ring of Bright Water was filmed. :{ :{

I was working at our local hospital when a film crew arrived to 'use' our morgue and a 6 bedded bay for a film called The Darkest Light.
I got chatting to their Unit Nurse, who said she was leaving and I was offered a job, so moonlighted as their Unit Nurse for a couple of weeks when they were on location in the Yorkshire Dales.

21st Apr 2004, 22:18
'Rita, Sue and Bob too', cult classic eighties film was shot on the moors 5 mins up the road from here (the sha**ing scene in the car), and the showhouse they bonked in was Mrs. Singhs (the village shopkeeper) house about a two minute walk from where I am now.

Also not quite the movies, but another cult offering, 'Edge of Darkness', shot in a house at the end of my mum and dads lane. Went up one night to watch, saw them film the scene where Joanne Whalley - Kilmer got blasted into a pool.

21st Apr 2004, 22:24
Stalybridge, YANKs
Dukinfield, Making Out {tv}
[Some] of "Summer Wine" was filmed in Greenfield [Lancs:rolleyes: ]
Band of Gold Ashton-u-Lyne
XYY Man Manch Airport

21st Apr 2004, 22:29
I was doing a Construction Industry Challenge Day in a posh Hertfordshire School when some of the pupils asked to be excused to take part in the filming next door. They were filming the Coronation scene in Jonny English in St Albans Cathedral.


21st Apr 2004, 22:31
The Broomielaw quay, Glasgow, in "The Maggie", starring Broderick Crawford around 1951. A curiosity is that "the boy", a Glasgow lad of 15 or so, was a great success in the movie. He was invited to go on for training and future stardom, but turned it down because he did not want to "talk English" (not the language; the Southern accent).

21st Apr 2004, 22:34
The big funeral scene in Four weddings & a funeral was filmed at Grays in Essex, the factory in the background is Proctor & gamble. One had P&G as a customer at the time & would be obliged to clock it's red & white horribleness all day long.

The American ambassadors residence in the Omen was in fact Brocket Hall in Lemsford, former familial seat of chinless Twonk and failed fraudster, Charles Brocket.

One of the big chase scenes in Ronin was filmed in & around Rue du Laos in the 15th arrondisement, not very far from the Eiffel tower & ecole millitaire. One had the pleasure of spending a very pleasant week there a year or so back.

Windle Poons
21st Apr 2004, 22:41
Following on from Parapunter's thread, the first church in Four Weddings is St. Michaels in Betchworth, Surrey. The Dolphin Pub opposite is very nice for a real ale.


21st Apr 2004, 23:02
The Film "Dogs of War" many parts of the Film were Filmed in Belize City in Belize Central America, The Hotel in the Film was one of the better resturants in the City (Many a Meal was had in there when I served out there), The Swing Bridge in the centre of the City also stars in the Film.

Mr Chips
21st Apr 2004, 23:06
the English film "Bend it like Beckham" starred the gorgeous Keira Knightley, and was filmed round teh back of my mum and dad's house.. on the square where I used to have kick abouts

never any girls as cute as her though!

ahhh... jumpers for goalposts.....

21st Apr 2004, 23:12
I went to see Truffaut's "La femme d'à côté" in Grenoble

Strange thing was that in the movie, Fanny Ardant and Gérard Depardieu go to see a movie, in the very same theater I was watching them (Gaumont, Avenue Alsace-Lorraine) :confused: :confused:

21st Apr 2004, 23:14
Pennan, as seen in "Local Hero". Famous for its phone box and pub - been in both.

tony draper
21st Apr 2004, 23:19
Lots of places here appeared in the movie Get Carter, the trouble with knowing the locale is you see the actors do impossible feats of travel,ie Micheal Caine jumps over the landward side of the High Level Bridge at Gateshead and lands feet first in South Shields fifteen miles away.
I do remember sitting in a open air cinema in Punta Cardon in Venuzula watching a Movie The Heist I think it was called, it had been made on Tyneside,it made us very homesick, we had been on the South American coast for 9 bloody months.


21st Apr 2004, 23:24
Koh Khao Phing Kan (http://www.thaistudents.com/thebeach/jamesbond/jb_island.JPG) (aka James Bond Island) near Phang Nga/Thailand.

"The Man with the Golden Gun"

21st Apr 2004, 23:29

Did you manage to get any of the 42 year old whisky?
Or was it two 15s and a twelve?

21st Apr 2004, 23:45
I live in a photogenic bit of the Thames Valley. Little Marlow, which is home to my local pub, has featured in umpteen TV series including a good few Midsomer Murders, and the last Morse. Turville, a few miles away, has featured in many series too, including, I am sorry to say, the egregious and unfunny Vicar of Dibley.

tony draper
22nd Apr 2004, 00:05
Have to agree with you there UR, how that twee unfunny bloody rubbish could ever be voted the second best comedy ever beats me.
Makes you understand why politicians ar so nervous at election times .

22nd Apr 2004, 00:07
Letchmore Heath - used in Village of the Damned 1960s original
(oh how true a tale ... ;)

22nd Apr 2004, 00:38
Interior of navajo flown by tinpis for film "Storm Boy"


22nd Apr 2004, 01:01
The Eden Project near me was recently used in the bond film 'Die another Day'. The port of Charlestown was used in the three musketeers.

22nd Apr 2004, 01:20
Down here in Darkest Africa is becoming more popular for the $ industry, good currency conversion, cheap local's et al..

The middle of the Namib desert - "The Cell" with J Lo.. my mate who did the chopper ferries back and forth to the set said she had a butt like a bushman.. :ooh:

Was in Walvis Bay not long back - they are filming the remake of "Flight of the Phoenix" there now - even brought in a Boxcar and parts of a second for the shoot..

Was a 'weapons advisor' on the set of the old B grade "American Ninja" filmed in Simonstown just outside Cape Town back in 84 / 85'.



22nd Apr 2004, 01:52
How about Priscilla Queen of the Desert filmed in the Kings Canyon area of Central Australia, with Guy Pierce prancing around in his flowing frocks.

22nd Apr 2004, 02:41
I live in Manhattan. You can hardly walk around the block here without finding movie/TV locations...and actors, too.

But I had one very strange experience as regards the Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan picture: "You've Got Mail." I went to the local cineplex to see the film, and in one scene Meg Ryan was sitting in a movie theater with her boyfriend Greg Kinnear. I then realized that I was watching the film in the very same theater where the film was filmed! Really strange.

22nd Apr 2004, 08:08
Part of Saving Private Ryan was filmed on what used to be Hatfield Airfield as was a Band of Brothers.

22nd Apr 2004, 08:15
The truly abysmal film "Mary Reilly" starring Julia Roberts was partly filmed in Jeffrey St, Edinburgh - was shacked up there at the time with soon-to-be-Mr S. Jules was ferried to and fro in a Range Rover with blacked-out windows and never seen; John Malkovich, playing Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde, would sit on the kerb waiting for his scenes.

Boss Raptor
22nd Apr 2004, 08:31
Chalfont St. Giles, Bucks. where I grew up, the High St. was used in the opening scenes of the 'Dads Army' movie where they all march down the street

Margate, Kent, near where I live used in the recent movie 'Last Orders'

Around Ealing, Southall, Yeading - West London, where I was also brought up in 'Bend It Like Beckham'

My mate is from Seaham Co. Durham where Billy Elliot was made

22nd Apr 2004, 09:16
The pub scene in "Withnail and I" - memory tells me it went by the name of "The Old Black Mother and Son" or something similar - was in fact The Frog and Firkin in Westbourne Park, which was my home and occupation for almost a year.

And of course, large tracts of what is now recognised as Middle Earth are quite literally my back yard. Queenstown, about 45 minutes away, and Poolburn, a similar distance in the opposite direction (where I saw my own wee piece of the action) were home to many of the location shoots.
Mt Somers and Mt Potts, up country a ways (inland Canterbury), is where Senior had his moments of glory as a Royal courtier in Rohan.

22nd Apr 2004, 09:38
"The Blue Max" and "Darling Lili" were filmed in Weston near Dublin when I were a kid, with biplanes and smoketrails everywhere.
Mind you, that was before they plonked the enormous Microsoft and Intel factories right beside it.
When I lived in Hong Kong, we got used to seeing the streets of Kowloon Tong strewn with bloodstained bodies from the local film studios.
Our kids primary school teacher, a large individual, used turn a few extra quid by being the "bad gwailo" in the Kung Fu movies, being required to beat the [email protected] out of the hero in scene one and get killed messily in the final one. Happy days.

22nd Apr 2004, 09:53
Man with the Golden Gun again. Bond emerges from joint in Kowloon -- Bottoms Up, I'm sure most pilots know it. He jumps into a cab/bumboat (can't remember which) and says take me Kowloonside.

Bottoms Up is Kowloon-side.

Also, a mate of mine watched some of the Golden Gun filming in Thailand. The cop cars were left-hand drive. The Thais drive on the left, IE the steering wheel is on the right.

The famous British children's programme Crackerjack! once filmed a sequence in Purley. I was in it watching Peter Glaze whiz down a hill in a bath.....

Biggles Flies Undone
22nd Apr 2004, 10:00
The terminal building at Shoreham was used in an episode of Clouseau. I can't remember who the woman in the scene was, but I do remember she was gorgeous.

22nd Apr 2004, 10:13
A number of scenes for National Lampoons Animal house were filmed in the university district of Eugene, Oregon, including the infamous food fight scene.

I friend who lives there kindly gave me a duided tour.

I think that some scenes were also filmed in Corvallis, just to the north. Drove through, but didn't get a chance to look around.


22nd Apr 2004, 10:20
Stayed a few times in the Crown Inn Amersham which was the hotel featured in Four Weddings & a Funeral. (Didn't see Andie McDowel though :( )

French Lieutenants Woman filmed Charleston Cornwall....where I learned to swim MANY years ago := The Pier (or Cobb) was actually Lyme Regis.

Drank in the pub in my home village that was used in a Courage (I think) TV advert many years back. The Ship, Porthleven Cornwall.

James Bond Island thailand as well - on honey moon :E

Various locations, restaurants & cafes around Paris that have featured in films when I lived there....

22nd Apr 2004, 10:34
Dishman on an entirely different -- and thread drifting -- note, I was in the Ship less than two weeks ago! The chippy just up from Spar is still brilliant!!

Had a week in Sithney on my mate's farm. Well relaxing!

22nd Apr 2004, 10:56
I think Shoreham airport was also used for Poirot (I think that is right!).


Biggles Flies Undone
22nd Apr 2004, 10:58
Oooops! Poirot - that's what I meant! See - I told you she was gorgeous :O

22nd Apr 2004, 11:13
Angels - to avoid wrath of Mods for thread drift check your PM :)

Oh and so this post is "valid" - an enforced stopover in BKK oin return from Honeymoon was in a hotel I recognised in a film...but can't remember name of Hotel nor film :E 'tis true though. LEft me camera there :( .....called them and they posted it to me FOC. Nice people the Thais:ok:

22nd Apr 2004, 12:18

I have a copy of The Maggie (somewhere!) and in fact its not Broderick Crawford who plays the American tycoon conned by the crew of the Maggie. I can’t remember the actor’s name at the moment, but its definitely not Crawford.

Bristol Cathedral – “The Quatermass Experiment”.

RAF Bassingbourne in Cambridgeshire. “Full Metal Jacket”. All of the camp scenes, which was supposed to be in Kentucky, were filmed here. The Vietnam scenes were filmed in London Docklands (pretty obvious, when you’ve been told). Mainly, because Stanley Kubrick, the Director, refused to travel on an aircraft.

Fleet/Farnham, Hampshire – “Gladiator” and “Mission Impossible”. The opening fight scenes of Gladiator, were filmed in a wood between Fleet and Farnham. The fire tender scene in Mission Impossible, which was supposed to be in Maryland (tender was supposed to be heading for CIA Headquarters), was filmed on the road, which runs through the point-to-point course in Fleet.

Mapledurham, Reading – “The Eagle Has Landed”. The Pub in the village (in the film) was a set built on the edge of the millpool. The Mill, was extended by the film-makers so that the German paratrooper, who drowns on the water wheel, wouldn’t actually be hurt. If you look at the scene, you will see the real mill immediately to the rear. The U.S. Army headquarters, is Mapledurham House (which is actually only 200 yards from the mill). The small row of shops opposite the pub, was a set, built on the village car park. The German E-Boat scene, was shot in the millpool, which is a small offshoot of the Thames. The church in the film is the real village church, albeit, with a false porch. For film buffs, who have never visited Mapledurham, its worth the trip. Mapledurham House has a small exhibition about the film. As far as I’m aware, none of the film was shot in its supposed location of East Anglia.

Edited to add:


Would I be right in saying, that the E Boat Channel Islands scene in The Eagle Has Landed, was filmed at Charlestown??

tony draper
22nd Apr 2004, 12:26
Here yer go chaps, none need go factless since Google.

Loved the Maggie.

The Maggie
a k a High and Dry

1954 - UK



Starring James Copeland, Paul Douglas, Alex Mackenzie, Abe Barker, Tommy Kearins. Directed by Alexander MacKendrick. (NR, 92 minutes).
Originally released as High and Dry, The Maggie was one of the most endearing of the "regional" British comedies of the 1950s. Hollywood's Paul Douglas plays an American businessman whose brash, glad-handing techniques earn nothing but cold stares in a tiny Scottish village. Ever anxious to cut costs, Douglas arranges with a local "transport company" to move his luggage to a remote Scots island. That's how he gets mixed up with The Maggie, a ranshackle old shipping vessel captained by taciturn Alex Mackenzie. Our only cavil: The Maggie is slow going at times, cutting its humor potential in half. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

22nd Apr 2004, 12:35
Another very good source of information about movies is The Internet Movie Database (http://www.imdb.com)

22nd Apr 2004, 12:45
What used to be the foyer of the 'Copthorne Commodore' hotel in Paris was used in National Lampoon's European Vacation - I was there when I got engaged

Also stayed for a few nights in Tsavo wildlife reserve in Kenya on honeymoon, where they filmed 'The Lion and the Darkness' (Val Kilmer, Michael Douglas).

Strangely, even though my only two items relating to this topic would appear to be connected - my engagement and honeymoon were with two different people :bored:

22nd Apr 2004, 13:05
007 James Bond 'Die Another Day' was filmed in Farnborough, in fact just over the canal from Thr 06. 'Gladiator' was filmed in a field just off Junction 8 of the M3. A brand new motorway service station now stands where Russell Crowe 'unleashed Hell'.

Ace Rimmer
22nd Apr 2004, 14:04
Hammersmith Mall was used to film some of the scenes in Sliding Doors when the heroine gets a rowing boyfriend...As I recall they used the Blue Anchor and the Auriol Kensington boathouse (former home of the Rimmerian single scull).

22nd Apr 2004, 14:07
I used to take my doggies for a walk at a park that was used in the first Lord of the Rings movie - in the Wellington region - NZ of course. Yes it was a beautiful park. Doggies loved it too

Biggles Flies Undone
22nd Apr 2004, 14:39
Planet of the Apes location shots were filmed on the high plains below the Tiede volcano in Tenerife.

22nd Apr 2004, 14:55
The TV removals firm series ( The Gaffer?) staring Warren Clark was shot in Watford. The van "African Queen" belonged to Blue Swift Removals of Amersham and was used for removals, despite its age, when not filming. It may still be in retirement on a farm near the Crooked Billet in Iver, Bucks.

The infamous El Dorado series used Porto Cabopino for all the beach and harbour sceens. The beach bar was built for the series, but is now a bar in daily use.

Windy Militant
22nd Apr 2004, 20:00
Lower Town Fishguard and Goodwick were used for Moby Dick with Gregory Peck. Me Mum and auntie used to go there on the bus to swoon over him.
And later it was used for Under Milk Wood. The House with a ship on the roof was a tourist draw for years afterwards.
There's a couple of Bond Locations here in Swindon. The Renault building was used in a View to a Kill I think and the now disused Motorola factory was used as a Turkish oil refinary in one of the more recent ones.

"Och What about the Subway Cap'n" "Och Away with you laddie and make the tea"...... Kerrrrash thud!
has to be one of the all time classic dialogues from the movies.
God bless "The Maggie" and all who sailed in her! :ok:

22nd Apr 2004, 20:21
I was a crew member for the filming of some scenes of the movie "The Little Drummer Girl" that were shot where I lived at the time, starring Diane Keaton, Sami Frey and the unforgettable Klaus Kinski, directed by George Roy Hill and based on the novel by John Le Carré. Needless to say I know some places in real life that have been used as locations in that movie.

I didn´t get an honourable mention in the credits though :{ :{
but some nice bucks that I needed desperately - I was as student at the time - and the catering was excellent...

22nd Apr 2004, 21:02
Guildford Cathedral, Omen 1. (where Damien freaks out in the car as they approach the cathedral).

22nd Apr 2004, 21:14
A lot of American films are made just outside Los Angeles in a place called Hollywood, I understand.

Similarly, many British films are made at Pinewood, near Denham, Bucks.

Hope this helps.

22nd Apr 2004, 21:18
My school, having been built by you Brits in 1869 is rather imposing and hence used a in a lot of movies & advertisments...

Also behind my building is a historic tank, bit o' shooting takes place when they want to create a rustic atmosphere...

Have managed to glimpse Amitabh Bachchan for the same reason :)

22nd Apr 2004, 21:53
Two other scenes, Windy:

1. While they stuck on the subway a voice hails them from the pedestrian suspension bridge: "Ahoy! Captain Carlson!". I wonder how many remember Captain Carlson and the Flying Enterprise.

2. The boy is up in the bow with a bucketful of stones. He throws them periodically ahead into the fog. Crawfod asks what he is up to. "Ach, Sir, he iss the ra-dar".

22nd Apr 2004, 23:28
Shiregreen Working Mens Club in Sheffield.

Its where the guys do their strip at the end of "The Full Monty". I've had a few drinks in there in my time (all 30 years of it) and I have to say that you get a good pint!:ok:

And bingo!:ok:

23rd Apr 2004, 10:37
I was hoping someone was going to mention the Pub in Nottingham, close to the Raleigh works, that the crew drank at whilst (or after) filming "Saturday Night and Sunday Morning"... around 1959. Trying to trace an school mate who used to live there. A Shipstones House I think.

The Invisible Man
23rd Apr 2004, 10:58
The T.I.M.'s bedroom was once used as a film set many years ago.

It was deemed too xxxx rated for general release.:O :\

(waits for slaggin off by co-star Mrs T.I.M.)

Charlie Foxtrot India
23rd Apr 2004, 14:16
Living in Jersey, Bergerac was always a laugh, mainly because they used locals as extras and you'd see your mates pop up in the background. They used to use my car as a prop (it was much cooler than Bergerac's car) and I'd get paid 20 quid a day. Lots of dramatic licence, he would drive HIS magical car round a corner and instantly be on the other side of the island! Amazing. At the airport folk would arrive in the departures hall and vice versa and the Old Court House pub where much of it was filmed was called something else on TV...very confusing.

And why did Jim, supposedly a local, talk in a broad Cornwall accent?? :confused: And why did he change his name, emigrate to England and do Midsomer murders with exactly the same character? Probably because the powers that be in Jersey never let poor old John Nettles get his "qualies" to live there.

For anyone who has had to deal with the Jersey Honorary Police, Bergerac himself would have been infinately preferable.

25th Apr 2004, 23:27
The first "Highlander'' had a swordfight scene on the Cioch, just below Sgurr Alasdair in the Cuillins. When I lived there it was my favourite private place, one to share sandwiches with high-flying seagulls. Seeing it on film, 12,000 miles and twenty years distant, was a shock. A nod of admiration for the helo pilot (s) who provided the camera platform.

Wandering into a pub in Lindisfarne just after Roman Polanski had finished "Cul de Sac" but before the film had been released, was an experience! Had the distinct feeling they'd had enough of outsiders.

26th Apr 2004, 05:36
My father was sitting reserve as a new Northwest Orient 727 S/O and went down to the KMSP (Minneapolis, Minnesota) terminal to be an extra in "Airport." 1969, I think. They told him to come back the next day in his uniform and they'd use him, but he got called out for a trip.

I worked at Edwards AFB in the late eighties, site of many scenes in "The Right Stuff."

And that cerebral classic, "Smokey & The Bandit," was filmed on the not-yet-open Interstate 20 between Birmingham, Alabama, and Atlanta. I drove it to work for many years, and could recognize different exits by their topography. "I'm gonna barbeque yo' a__ in molasses!"

26th Apr 2004, 09:44
I was at Waddington in sixty something when they filmed the scenes of the Vulcan departing in Thunderball. They were careful to keep us off-camera though and used actors to double for groundcrew. We real groundcrew were far too scruffy to be seen in public!

At RAF Northolt, our tin shed 311 hangar was a popular scene. It was used as "Pussy Galore's Flying Circus" in Goldfinger and also appeared in Octopussy when James Bond 'flew' a Bede jet through the hangar and created general havoc. In the film "Battle of Britain" Air Vice Marshal Parkes taxied up to our other hangar at Northolt in his Hurricane, with some dummy huts in the background built on our helicopter pan especially for the scene. Northolt regularly features in TV series and I remember bumping into an Air Chief Marshal, an Admiral and a Lieutenant General at the NAAFI wagon one day. It was a bit of a surprise until I realised they were film extras taking a rest from a scene being shot outside the hangar.

26th Apr 2004, 13:33
Fierce Creatures was filmed at Marwell, nr Winchester, Hants.

Also in the opening titles of the Vicar of Dibley - the twyford M3 cutting is shown (well it looks very familiar)

26th Apr 2004, 13:43
West Malling aerodrove (formerly RAF West Malling, now Kings Hill Business Park) was used for some of The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour.

I think (not sure) that the video for "I am a Walrus" was also filmed at West Malling as well.

Anyone remember the 80's police show "Cats Eyes"??? Filmed in West Malling, Maidstone and Chatham.

26th Apr 2004, 14:48
Blacksheep's post reminds me, that Northholt was used 40 odd years ago for the Bing Crosby/Bob Hope film "Road to Hong Kong". It doubled as Hong Kong airport. Lots of imagination needed, as I seem to recall that a single palm tree was stuck in front of a world war II wooden hut!

bubba zanetti
26th Apr 2004, 16:10
The Jack Nicholson film "Five Easy Pieces" was filmed in and around Victoria. The wonderful final scene, where he leaves Karen Black for a logging truck, was filmed at the Red Rooster Cafe a few miles from here. I was out for a motorbike ride on Saturday morning and as I went by the old Rooster I was thinking how much I love that film. Have to give it yet another look. :D

26th Apr 2004, 16:27
Barton, Manchester, was used last year to film a TV drama series set in, or around wartime.

Apparently they had to change the external appearance of the control tower, to make it look old and decrepid.

Bet that didn't blow the budget !

Shaggy Sheep Driver
26th Apr 2004, 17:05
Isn't it the M4 cutting at Stokenchurch in the opening titles of 'Dibley'?

Parts of 'Patton' were filmed in Knutsford, Cheshire.

The cafe in 'Summer Wine' is indeed a cafe in real life. Stopped there last year for a buttie and brew on a bike ride-out.

The Mermaid pub in the Peak Distict above Leek, near the Roaches, was used extensively in a recent episode of Dalziel & Pascoe. I also saw an earlier episode of D&P being filmed in the bar of that hotel at the NEC, Brum.

Duxford was used in the air raid scene in 'Battle of Britain', and I understand one of the hangars was actually blown up for the film. :(

Barton has been used in lots of films and TV. Watching them, two things amaze me:

1) How long it takes to shoot even a 3 second scene

2) The number of people involved - busses full of them!


Biggles Flies Undone
26th Apr 2004, 17:05
The stagecoach scene in Carry On Cowboy was filmed near Esher in Surrey (says a lot for the mega budget...).

CFI - John Nettles was granted honorary resident status in Jersey about 10 years ago in recognition of the immense boost Bergerac gave to tourism in the island.

Windy Militant
26th Apr 2004, 22:21
Ah the Magic of cinema. I've just remembered that they filmed a Timote (spel?) ad not far from the ancestral home. It was about 1986 or 87 Featured the obligatory blonde totty and a crystal stream by a water mill. They filmed it at Felin Geri flour mill and in a meadow by the river Teifi just down stream of Cenarth. It pissed down with rain the entire week they were there and the river was in full spate brown as coca and full of uprooted trees and dead sheep! And no Computer animation in those days it was all done with huge banks of arc lamps and them tin foil umbrellas. ;)

27th Apr 2004, 04:17
The wonderful final scene, where he leaves Karen Black for a logging truck ...

It has been many years, but that scene is burned into my cerebellum. Such a haunting movie. The big red truck reminded me of the ones my grandfather drove.

Also memorable is the scene where Jack plays a brief piece on the piano while the camera makes a slow 360 of the practice room in his childhood home. Timing that must have been hard!

DC Meatloaf
27th Apr 2004, 05:54
Grew up in the West San Fernando Valley of LA, site of too many movie locations to name, but a couple stand out. A few scenes from Ferris Bueller's Day Off (all of the scenes from the vice-principals (?) office) were shot at my high school while I was there. My mom was an extra in American Pie II, which used her community down by the beach to double as a Michigan lake town.

But the best movies shot in my neighborhood were porn, actually. The San Fernando Valley is, I think, the porn capital of the US, if not the world. When I was a kid, there was a house down the street that my parents told my friends and I to stay away from. Of course, that made it a regular stop on our bike rides. It was always well buttoned up -- thick drapes over the windows, front door protected by a big, iron screen. But it was always remarkably well lit inside, so bright that even during the daytime the light would overwhelm the drapes. We never got a good look at what went on there until the one day they decided to shoot a scene out by the pool in the backyard. My friends and I must have spent two hours up on our tippy-toes peering through the holes in the fence. Innocence lost, I tell you. Finally made sense how all those pieces fit together.

27th Apr 2004, 07:49
Seem to remember 'Straw Dogs' (1971) was filmed in West Cornwall, somewhere near Penzance. Saw it again recently and couldn't quite place the exact locale of the house.

My geography teacher at the time was involved in a car accident at the time, she was run into by Dustin Hofman.

Just thought you would like to know that...........

27th Apr 2004, 10:34
I completed the Austrian High Mountain Landing Course with Helicopter Wing 2, based at Aigen im Ennstal, which is best known for being the airfield at the end of 'Where Eagles Dare'.

A very picturesque place and still looks like it did back in '68.

WED website (http://www.whereeaglesdare.com)

27th Apr 2004, 16:51
One of my favourite movie locations - the beautiful, meandering river delta and reedbeds around Dalyan, South West Turkey. (http://www.regina-rau.de/Deutsch/Turkalbum/Album/Turk/Dalyan/Dalyan_Inh.html) This is where parts of 'The African Queen' (http://uk.imdb.com/title/tt0043265/) were filmed. A must-visit spot and a great movie too.

Jx :ok:

Biggles Flies Undone
27th Apr 2004, 17:00
Smeagol - Straw Dogs was filmed at St. Buryan.

Some writer friends of mine rented the house for a few months back in the 80's and said it was still exactly as it was when the film was shot. VERY remote, no plumbing or mains power - quite a creepy place in fact.

29th Apr 2004, 13:20
First movie I recognised anything was "Mad Max", with a lot of familiar places around Melbourne. Its a hoot seeing the hoons play on Pipe road, Altona where the pursuit car went through the caravan.

I always used to look at the overpass going under the Werribee exit on the Geelong road, never saw Max though, and now they've knocked it down:(

At the start the sign says "road to anarchy", well done Kennedy-Miller, it is the road to the town of Anakie...

29th Apr 2004, 14:12
Gregory's Girl used Abronhill High School in Cumbernauld as the school in the story. My brother in law was a teacher there at the time and had a minor role in the film.
The Fish & Chip shop, was the old "Trio" in Larch Road.
The football matches were filmed at the Oak Road pitches in Abronhill.
The nurses accomodation was Seafar House which was a training center for what was then the South of Scotland Electricity Board.
The big clock where Gregory has to meet his date is the old clock from St. Enoch's railway station and is in Cumbernauld town center.

Doune Castle, close to Stirling, appears numerous times in Monty Python and the Holy Grail notably as Camelot, the Castle of Guy de Lombard (with Trojan Rabbit), Swamp Castle where Sir Lancelot causes chaos at the wedding, and Castle Anthrax where Sir Galahad has an interesting offer!

Mr Chips
29th Apr 2004, 14:24
Grrrr Karrank! Mentioning roads in Melbourne make me wish I was back there, having spent Christmas in that fair city....

Have to carry on looking out of the window at Wet West Drayton, where I don't think anyone has ever filmed anything ever. Except maybe Crime Watch

29th Apr 2004, 19:59
North Weald Airfield :

Bits of Band of Brothers (the scene where they all prepare for take off and the Dc-3's depart)

Charlotte Gray : DC3's flying again

I think bits of Private Ryan were filmed there too but I might be completely wrong

Dr Jekyll
29th Apr 2004, 20:52
Parts of Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers were filmed on the old Hatfield airfield.

The French village and the glider scenes in the first film, the tented army camp in the second.

The multistorey car park car chase in one of the recent Bond films (remote controlled BMW being shot at) was filmed at Brent Cross shopping centre.

sandy helmet
29th Apr 2004, 20:55
'The Jaguar' with Jean Renau (sp) and 'Dragonfly' with Kevin Costner - Angel Falls, Canaima, Venezuela - also there some pathetic spider eats everybody movie.
'White Squall' with Jeff Bridges and 'Pirates of the Caribbean' with Johnny Depp - St.Vincent, West Indies
'Island in the Sun' with Harry Belafonte and Joan Collins?? - and one of the early James Bond flicks - Barbados, West Indies
Bow River, Alberta, Canada was where they did 'Legends of the Fall' with Brad Pitt

30th Apr 2004, 00:41
Wallace and Gromit - a garden shed in Bristol:E


30th Apr 2004, 00:47
Parts of 'Wish you were here?' were shot in Worthing In the (very old) Dome Cinema and the bus garage. I saw it at the Dome, and there was a small gasp when the film showed a scene of the ticket office, and we realised that the actress selling tickets in the film had sold us ours!

None of the above
1st May 2004, 07:20
The opening sequence of "Angels One Five" includes airborne shots from low level taken during an attack (or PR run, can't remember which) on a chateau on the French coast.
The approach to the cliffs is genuine enough but by deft editing Halton House (Officers' Mess) becomes the clifftop chateau.
For those of you who know the station, the run to the house is filmed from the North-West across the canal and playing fields.

3rd May 2004, 09:25
Lots of Heartbeat shot around the North York Moors Railway (Pickering to Grosmont) - beautiful part of the world.

And Nottingham Castle in Robin Hood, Prince of Theives, was actually Carcasonne castle, about 45 mins south of Toulouse in France.


The Filth
3rd May 2004, 10:46
When I was but a lad in Dundee....
You have my deepest sympathy. How I used to detest the 12 mile trip to Dundee as a kid.

Full Metal Jacket - Enfield Lock in Ponders End, and the palm trees were stolen during filming.

Lawrence of Arabia - Lawrence's motor bike crash was filmed in Chobham, in leafy Surrey, but the desert scenes weren't. Many of the desert scenes were filmed in sandier areas of the world.

Who Dares Wins - The pop concert scene was filmed in a church in Upper Street, Islington. The real vicar of the church collapsed and died the week after filming, having chocked on a piece of bacon. There is a bench outside of the church dedicated to him.

The Professionals & The Sweeney - Many of the indoor car chase scenes were filmed in the old Agricultural Hall, Liverpool Road, Islington.

The African Queen - Some of the famous boat scenes were filmed on the River Ash in Shepperton, Surrey. The River Ash regulary floods my garden.

Confessions of a... - Many of the Confessions of a... films and similar cheap sex movies from the 70's were filmed in the manor house in Hambledon, Surrey. Ex Formula One driver and 1996 world champion, Damon Hill, now owns the property.

When filming Lost in Space and 101 Dalmations respectively, Mi Mi Rogers and Glen Close, could often be found having a swift half in Shepperton pubs. When filming Judge Dread Sylvester Stallone avoided the locals, clearly scared one of us might lump him one.

The road atop the isthmus from Kingston airport in Jamaica leading to Kingston town, and where 007 beat up the chauffeur, who in turn swallowed cyanide, is exactly as depicted in Dr. No all those years ago. Also, the cement works are still there.

Songs of Praise - Was once broadcast from Arbroath. I can't recall Match of the Day ever covering an Arbroath game though.

3rd May 2004, 11:23
Amberly Chalk Pits Museum was the location of Zorin's mine in "View To A Kill" - Amazing how they managed to make West Sussex look almost identical to Silicon Valley - not.

Also, in "Tomorrow Never Dies" the airport terminal scene where Bond meets Q is suppose to be in Germany but it's actually Stansted. Also the scene where he gets "introduced" to his BMW is the Inflite hangar at Stansted, complete with Titan Airways 146 in the background, a free piece of advertising for them, they get bloody everywhere!

I believe a short clip of the Steyning bypass was also used in the top class BBC dramatisation of "The Day of the Triffids".

3rd May 2004, 13:21
Indeed, Mr Filth, some might say that Dundee is an acquired taste, and if acquired at all, acquired only through perseverence.

3rd May 2004, 22:45
Bloxworth Manor in Dorset was used as the farmhouse in "Far From The Madding Crowd". I were an extra for the fair scene, and instead of trying to get us to act tipsy they fed us pints of scrumpy so we didn't have to act drunk at all. I were underage then, so probably should now sue the producers for child abuse and years of trauma....

4th May 2004, 05:58
Mr Chips - Wet West Drayton featured in "The Minder" quite a lot...

...as did Uxbridge and Watford and the backstreets of Shepherds Bush. I was once baffled by how Arthur Daley once drove into Watford, parked his car, got out and walked into Savvides fish & chip shop in West Pond Parade, Ruislip. They say the camera never lies, but the editor certainly does! Good choice of chippy though; 'twas the best in West London until Georgiou retired.

4th May 2004, 08:48
Should anyone wish to know why they should migrate south of the hemispheric border then they should check out "The man who sued God".

They can then find out why Billy loves Zane Grey!

On second thoughts don't bother, as Bermagui couldn't handle such a massive influx of deprived people!