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Feeton Terrafirma
17th Aug 2001, 17:20
Just heard that Bio Warrior has pranged her bike and is in hospital.

I hope she is not hurt to much, but should find out more tomorrow.

Bio, get well chicky!

You want it when?
17th Aug 2001, 17:27
Too much pop at lunchtime? Get well soon, I expect to see you in chat over the weekend!

Tricky Woo
17th Aug 2001, 17:31
She probably landed on all four paws.

17th Aug 2001, 17:53
Yeah, take care Bio - hope you're not too badly damaged.

Get well soon !


17th Aug 2001, 18:02
Bio, this is just no good at all! You make sure those vets give you a warm, quiet spot to curl up in and plenty of milk to drink (lactose-free of course) and I'm sure you'll be feeling better before long. :D

Hersham Boy
17th Aug 2001, 18:12
Babe! Not again?!

From one two-wheeled pilot to another... get well soon! :(


17th Aug 2001, 19:07
:( Get well soon Bio! Wouldn't have been related to the stress of your problems getting on to PPRuNe would it? :mad: :mad: :mad:


17th Aug 2001, 19:09
Hey lil cous, get well soon. We miss you muchly xxxxx

tony draper
17th Aug 2001, 19:14
Be careful miss Bio, those vets are bounders, they are liable to do a extra little op,
Twould be a great same if you were unable to have puppies later in life. ;)

17th Aug 2001, 19:20
Get well Bio, and now get those little claws out of the vet's arm. ;)

Send Clowns
17th Aug 2001, 21:21
Hey, baby Bio, hope you get out of the vet's soon.

17th Aug 2001, 22:16
Bio: They have great convalescent cabins at the caravanserai. Just let us know when you plan to arrive.

17th Aug 2001, 22:24
So where should we ship the
Catnip? :rolleyes:

Hope you are out and about soon Bio !

18th Aug 2001, 05:23
bio, just heard, hope you're well and back soon to bring the pussy into chat!!!! Take care hon :l

18th Aug 2001, 05:39
Bio, mate
As a bike rider you'll appreciate the question. How's the bike??
Hope you aren't too badly battered. Take care!

Kermit 180
18th Aug 2001, 08:22
Missing you heaps Bio. Get better soon! :(


Feeton Terrafirma
18th Aug 2001, 10:23
A little bird just told me that Bio has escaped those freaky medical types and is well enough to surf proon :)

Feeton Terrafirma
18th Aug 2001, 10:27
Bio, hunny, great to see you back. :)

You want to try chat?

Bio Warrior
18th Aug 2001, 11:31
Thankyou folks
I have just stolen my parents isp to do this (Dings and my isp has developed an irrational fear of Java scripts such as pprune, as if the pain wasn't enough!!!! :p )

Bio is getting better and I'm glad to have the needles out of my arm :o , motorbike accident plus bad reaction to the medication led to my overnight stay at 'the vets.'
But I'm doing fine now, I even have stopped doing an impersonation of a penguin walking.

Reddo honey someone finally understands! The bike is being assessed by the insurance company monday. Bio is fretting a little over this!

Thankyou all for caring and I give my solemn word not to have another accident (.....at least until I get my bike fixed, or I buy a new one....what can I say, won't make a promise I can't keep)

- Bio (kitten with 6 lives and counting)

18th Aug 2001, 17:56
Awwwwww Bio, get well soon.
Miss ya honey xx

18th Aug 2001, 18:44
"I cried and cried..."
I wept and wept...
mourned and mourned...
no. I farted a few times and then ate a bar of chocolate. Then I cried and cried. Glad you will be 'on yer bike' again soon

18th Aug 2001, 19:28
Poor you babe..... :( Glad to see your ok, you take it easy when you get back on the thing. Catch you soon..xx

Tricky Woo
19th Aug 2001, 00:25

Please stop falling off your f**king bike!

TW, xxx

(Edited 'cos I forgot my fish icon)

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20th Aug 2001, 07:27
Let's take up a collection and buy Bio a car. It's time for the accident prone kitty to have four wheels. Bio has only seven lives left.

Get well soon luv.


Kermit 180
20th Aug 2001, 11:39
Thought it was six left? Nevertheless, to save our dear Bio's remaining lives we should try to fund a four wheeler.

I hear through the grapevine that Bio quite likes the look of a jeep, similar to the one driven by Daisy in The Dukes of Hazard. Anybody know of one for sale?

Kermie ;)

20th Aug 2001, 11:48
Yes! a car would at least giver her something but the road to hit.

I hear the flamin' bike is repairable. Of course she was happy about that but I'm sure the rest of us who have chatted to her or read her posts aren't.

Bio get a car! Youre to nice a kid to end up as road kill.

I'm in for some cash.


20th Aug 2001, 13:44
Aww Bio sis... only just heard about this :) Glad to hear you're okay though. Let's just hope the bike is too.

Big hug from your sis *hhhhhhhhuuuuuuuugggggggg*

20th Aug 2001, 18:03
well hey if you are into buying people stuff i'd like a private jet! :D

20th Aug 2001, 18:14
No problem Ding, I hear there is a sale on the "Hot Wheels Action Learjet" ...

Was that what you were talking about ? :D

Bird Strike
20th Aug 2001, 20:42
Bio you poor thing!

Glad you're out of that 'horrible place' though. I hope you'll have a quick recovery. Same applies to your bike, but maybe a car will prevent a re-enactment of this event?? I thought cats moved on 4 legs, not on 2 legs anyway?

20th Aug 2001, 23:28
Cars are a necessary evil. They are good if you want to cart heavy stuff, like bottles of bourbon and cases of beer.
Stick to your bike. :D

Bird Strike
21st Aug 2001, 08:29
Or if you want to stay dry in a country like the UK, Reddo?? What do you think? :D

21st Aug 2001, 12:36
I'm good at talking to insurance companies :D - for some reason they always come around to my way of thinking....

23rd Aug 2001, 00:11
Birdy, I like the country so far. Although I haven't experienced winter. I have climbed the Goat's Fell on a wet and windy "summer's day".
I will vouch for Buttons' insurance company negotiation skills :D