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26th Mar 2002, 13:40
The local pub I use is experiencing problems with British after-sales service -- yet again.. . A month ago their three month old beer cooler broke down. It was under warranty so amiable landlord Dave called the suppliers who said they would send someone out immediately.. . Three days and several phone calls later -- and after the lager drinkers had deserted for cooler pints elsewhere -- a sub-human turns up, spends three hours looking at the thing and declares, "Its knackered, buy a new one.". . Three weeks (and many phone calls and one solicitor's letter) later, the original suppliers reluctantly replace the original piece of rubbish.. . Now its started again. The 14-month old ice-making machine has busted. It has a two year warranty.. . After a day a bloke comes around has a fiddle with it for 10 minutes, wanders off to the cafe for breakfast, comes back, declares it dead with the phrase, "Say on the timesheet I was here for four hours would you....". . Why do we have to suffer this sort of tosh in Blighty? Does it happen elsewhere? What can be done about it?. . A free pint for the best effort. It'll hopefully be chilled if you're a lager drinker...

26th Mar 2002, 14:06
I seem to remember an item on Jet Blast some time ago about a lady somewhere in the UK who had some broken appliance. She got tired of the repair man fiddling with it and finding new excuses not to complete the job every time he came out, so she held him hostage until it was fixed properly. . .. .Tried to find the thread and couldn't - anyone else remember it? It struck a chord with me at the time because I knew how she felt!

26th Mar 2002, 15:51
One in the papers a while back. Old dear rings the police to say that there were 3 scallys loading the contents of her backyard shed onto a van. Police will send some body around when free asked how long replied approx 1-2hrs!!!. .. .She rang back two minutes later and said don't rush as she had shot them and they weren't going anywhere quick. 2 mins later surrounded by two armed response vehicles black marias and support helicopter!!. .. .Result 3 scally locked up.