View Full Version : Why do ramblers wear red socks ?

Sally Cinnamon
21st Apr 2004, 18:50
Why do ramblers always seem to wear red socks and not any other colour???

On a recent day out, I noticed that the more serious ramblers, those of sensible footwear, mini rucksac and walking stick, were all sporting red socks pulled up over there sensible walking shoes. Are the red socks used as a symbol to show a keen rambler? Or is there a simpler explanation? Is this a purely British thing? Anyone know?.....or care? :ok:

21st Apr 2004, 19:29
It's so that they can easily spot their feet through their beards!!! :D ;) :D ;)

simon brown
21st Apr 2004, 19:52
Red socks amongst Ramblers are a form of rank to distinguish them from the hoards of "amateurs" and less experienced as is usually the way in British social circles

A new rambler is to be found wearing grey woolly socks and on completion of 150 rambles of at least 10 miles each, they are entitled to a green pair of socks but only on completion of at least one encounter with an angry farmer and an exam set by the countryside commission in association with the health and safety institute.

The next goal for the aspiring rambler is the blue pair of socks (or the ramblers blue) as it is known amongst graduate ramblers.
Selection for this is more stringent than a green socker.
To qualify you have to have climbed at leat 10 munroes in as many months, encountered at least 4 angry farmers and must have been attacked by a bull at least once whilst in the act of lighting your pipe

The pinacle and final accolade is the red sock. A prerequisite is an unkept beard and to have been a member of the SDP (remember them) You have to have been maimed by a bull, plucked off a hillside by mountain rescue on at least one occasion. Your walking stick must have at least 40 badges indicating where you have been including at least 10 foreign destinations. You must also have worn laderhosen on your German forays.Welsh ramblers have a special clause regarding the not worrying of cattle to qualify.

Obviously if you're Welsh your rambling career is somewhat limited..........

21st Apr 2004, 19:56
Ah, simon brown
You beat me to the punch!

21st Apr 2004, 21:27
Because they are the cheapest on the market.

21st Apr 2004, 21:28
Don't talk to me about Ramblers. Last time I met one I got into an argument.

Simon's sock ranking should be taken alongside the Walking Pole ranking. Grey socks = one normal pole. Red socks = pair of titanium, sprung poles with screw point for camera. :rolleyes:
(Not that I'm against walking poles, it's just I don't use them for nipping down t'pub).

21st Apr 2004, 22:18
I have a pair of RAF socks, they are a cream sorta colour with a pinky thin stripe around the top..........Years old they are!

Mountain Resue Kit

Loada pussies! :D

AB, I can take you to a pub in Great Langdale that will make you change your views............or maybe not, the ramblers dance to live folk music in their boots!
It's a great night out!

tony draper
21st Apr 2004, 23:10
Perhaps its to freighten off snakes and such. :cool:

21st Apr 2004, 23:27
Because when they get home, they can wash their socks, hang them out to dry over the fire-place, and pretend it's Christmas! :=

22nd Apr 2004, 00:32
errrrrrmm............red sheep :E

22nd Apr 2004, 09:01
So you can't see the blood from severe rubbing and burst blisters.:yuk: