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21st Apr 2004, 11:37
Hypothetically speaking :O Say you stopped at some services, bought a McDonalds, BK, KFC etc etc, got back in your car & started eating on the move, then at the bottom of the pile of lard they call fries, you find a bolt...you know, a good ol' fashioned steel bolt.

What would you do? or.... in todays compo-culture land, had I mistakenly tried to eat it...could I claim a bob-or-two?

Aileron Roll
21st Apr 2004, 11:42
Not here in the UK (AND ALOT OF OTHER PLACES), you would be lucky to get a replacement burger, and that after explaining in great detail to the moran serving (with all the other customers listening) and then it would need to be discused with the assistant or fries amanager !

21st Apr 2004, 12:55
I ate a McDonalds the other day, and lived.

I was standing in the line and the lady ahead of me turned and said "I hope that isn't what I think it is" (I thought I had scored ;) ). But I looked on the floor at what she was looking at, and there was a live .22 shell on the floor. As I picked it up, there was another one just next to the counter. I think the manager was even more shocked when I took them over to him and told him that I didn't find them in a Happy Meal.

Onan the Clumsy
21st Apr 2004, 13:09
a live .22 shell So you had the McSeafood Supper then?

21st Apr 2004, 13:10
Yeah but they got to kill the burgers somehow, don't they?.

21st Apr 2004, 13:28
A friend and his young family were eating at a Hot Shoppe Jr long ago. That chain was one of the M******t's low-end eating places, now long gone.

He complained to the server that the salad dressing tasted odd. Come to find out that the kitchen crew had been using an old salad dressing squeeze bottle for silver polish - and it somehow got onto his table. He survived.


21st Apr 2004, 13:31
Understand it's long gone if they had silver cuttelry in Marriott's low-end eating places

21st Apr 2004, 13:53
Odd items in your take away food

Err.....food?????:yuk: :ugh:

21st Apr 2004, 14:16
I prefer even items, ever counted how many french fries in a standard pack? Gotta be the double cheeseburger, and woebetide the server if my onion rings are prime in number....:8 :zzz:


21st Apr 2004, 14:22
There used to be an Pie company in the Manchester area,
that were regularly in court for "unusual" items found in their pies.

The top of an employees finger.
Fag ends.
A screw

21st Apr 2004, 14:24
Trainspotting - Soup:yuk: :yuk: :yuk:

21st Apr 2004, 14:56
...and then, IB4138, there was Pillars v R J Reynolds Tobacco Co, 1918, 117 Miss 490, 500; 78 So 365, 366: per Cook, P J, "We can imagine no reason why, with ordinary care, human toes could not be left out of chewing tobacco, and if toes are found in chewing tobacco, it seems to us that somebody has been very careless".

21st Apr 2004, 15:21
I spent three weeks 'on the line' with a UK regional airline, learning the ropes British-style when it came to operating.

We were on our way back to base one evening with the captain flying and me just getting into my crew meal, a sort of tuna fish salad.

The flight attendant came in to say that one of the pax was complaining that the food 'smelled like varnish'.

'Oh, yeah,' said I, sniiiiff, 'that's just the salad dressing,' chomp, gobble, slurp.

Well, it had been a long day and I was hungry; it was only later that I realised salad dressing wasn't meant to smell like varnish and that if it did smell like varnish then it probably wasn't a good idea to eat it. See, the training was working! In Lagos I would eat just about anything that didn't move across my plate faster than my fork. It's all just protein, really.

21st Apr 2004, 18:23
There was a case i remember reading about in the papers where a young kid, after stopping at Kurger Bing (dont want danny to get sued if i get it wrong) found half a lizard in his chips (in the UK!). Kid was violently sick down the back of mothers throat.

Also, the half a mouse in a mars bar, the deep fried chickens head at KFC and the bull's eye (literally) In a kebab someone once had.

Also a kebab shop in the boro was given a 7-day notice by the health authority for finding "substances" (i leave the rest up to your imagination) in the garlic sauce.


The Invisible Cat
21st Apr 2004, 18:27
the half a mouse in a mars bar
Maybe one is going to try these bars some day

21st Apr 2004, 20:21
I found a big-toe nail-clipping in a chicken balti once, but it was otherwise so good, I laid it aside and carried on.

21st Apr 2004, 22:40
Topcat, to get back to your original question about the bolt, remember the old advice: Do not bolt your food.

22nd Apr 2004, 02:54
I found a big-toe nail-clipping in a chicken balti once, but it was otherwise so good, I laid it aside and carried on.

That is one seroius curry enthusiast ! Were any liquid refreshments involved at all ? :ok: :E