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16th Aug 2001, 05:26
To go with cheese, pies, curry and rice...

Breakfast - the most important meal of the day - even in aviation. Different cultures handle it very differently.

Bear in mind I am based in canada and in england for six weeks a year and can't have here what i can have there.

Two eggs, fried totally but with runny yolks, a couple of rashers of damn good bacon, a couple of sausages (from a wide selection of types), some fried tomato, fried mushrooms, fried potatoes, a couple of slices of hot toast made from decent bread and a cup of strong tea.

Yeah, cholesterol city, I know, but I don't eat at all when i'm in canada, 'cept in the cafeteria at work, ...mostly.

I take a couple of bacon sarnies on the 8hr 13min to 10hr 28min flight back to base. I'm never disappointed with the in-flight meal.

your favorite breakfast?

16th Aug 2001, 05:56
20 minutes of extra sleep.

16th Aug 2001, 06:14
Too jaded.

go to bed 20min earlier.

16th Aug 2001, 09:32
A bakery near here has the best cheese and bacon rolls at a good size and good price. And if i can time it right, getting them right out of the oven is perfect. All nice and crispy. Another nearby bakery has cheese and bacon rolls at $A0.55 but arent quite as good.

A couple of them and an orange juice makes a great breakfast, easy and quick to eat and im sure most of the food groups are in there as well. Plus te OJ is quite refreshng. Though sometimes a chocolate milkshake (Big M no less) is just as good.

tony draper
16th Aug 2001, 11:37
The problem nowadays is getting hold of decent bacon.
Still have a fry up breafast occasionaly but only on a saturday now.
When I was a young tad at sea, we had mebbee done two hours work before we sat down for our brecky.
Take large platter, four slices of fried bread,place on plate, place egg one each slice surround with twenty rashers of bacon, add tomatoes,bubble and squeek, hot cakes, couple of sausages, and of course plenty of toast.
Oh yes I nearly forgot ,wash down with large glass of tomato juice, and huge mug of jhot sweet tea.
I only weighed 8 1/2 stone then , heh heh if I ate something like that now I would be in hospital thirty minutes latter.
Yeh I used to love my breakfast.
Tend to just have a soft boiled egg and buttered soldiers now. ;)

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16th Aug 2001, 12:09

I buy bacon from a small country butcher in Lincolnshire whenever I get back there. Its sliced off the piece, exactly how you want it and simply cannot be compared with anything that comes prepacked. Not cheap but worth every penny for an occasional treat.

tony draper
16th Aug 2001, 12:24
In my quest for bacon I have discovered a small shop that will cut it for you off the roll, I think they tend to slice it far to thick now, I know its a matter of taste, I like it sliced very thin, then you can get it to perfect crispness without burning it.
Its the horrible white gunk that floods out of the stuff now, I've tried grilling, traditional frying, doing it slowly in the oven, zapping it for a few minutes in the microwave before Frying /grilling nothing seems to work.
Payed a fortune to have some shipped up from Gloucester , supposedly traditionly cured, no luck, exctly the same and cut into flagstone thick slices, given up on bacon now.

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You want it when?
16th Aug 2001, 12:38
Bacon sarnies (+ english mustard) and a mug of tea. Best hang-over cure ever - why is that, anyone know?

Normal breakfast - quick bowl of cereal then an apple when I reach work (normally about an hour and half later).

Hotel breakfast - bowl of fruit, cooked english, unpteen cups of tea.

Holiday breakfast - You are kidding, lets make it brunch, or maybe even later :)

I'd rather
16th Aug 2001, 13:08
Best breakfast - any breakfast eaten in a posh hotel some time after 10am.

Best hangover breakfast - bacon sarnie, touch of mayo, with the magic ingredient - Encona.

16th Aug 2001, 13:15
Well I used to be an eggs and bacon man but!!

Whilst in America last year I was introduced to the finest breakfast that I have ever had.

2 Eggs (I prefer scrambled), Hash Browns, and a lovely medium rare breakfast Steak. All washed down with good strong coffee.

Now I still go for the Traditional English when at home, but when in America, there can be only one :)

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Tricky Woo
16th Aug 2001, 14:55
Herr Draper,

I didn't realise that you used to be a Jolly Jack Tar. Have you still got a penchant for bell-bottomed trousers? Can you play the hornpipe? Ever been keel-hauled? We should be kept informed on these matters. You old salt, you.

Back to the thread...

I'm with PTT; breakfast is a demonic plot designed to interrupt a perfectly adequate morning's slumber. On countless occasions, when staying at hotels on business, I've watched colleagues discuss the breakfast rendezvous, usually involving some unearthly hour. When I make my feelings on the matter known, which I do, there's usually an impasse of mutual incomprehension.

Sleep versus breakfast? Hah!


tony draper
16th Aug 2001, 15:35
Negative Mr Woo,Draper sailed beneath the good honest Red Duster, we left such displays of nautical ostentation to those strange creatures of the Grey Funnel line.
Normal attire was wrangler jeans and tee shirt.
A little known fact is that merchant seamen intoduced Wranglers Jeans into the UK genuine ones could only be got in two place then ,the US of A and Curacao, I have know shorebound men offer me their daughters to deflower, if I would bring them back a pair of Wranglers.
Bell bottoms and strange dances were the preserve of that other lot ,after all they had plenty of time on their hands, not as if they ever actually went to sea much, don't think they liked getting their pretty little ships wet. ;) ;)

Evening Star
16th Aug 2001, 15:50

Beware the QANTAS sausage :( .

Stiff Lil' Fingers
16th Aug 2001, 17:39
Usually don't breakfast during the week (I'm with the zzzzzzzzzs brigade) other than a mug of tea followed by a cappucino at work to get the motor running.

My all time favourite breaky has to be pancetta bacon sarnies. Bacon as crispy as Walkers and soft white bread. No need for sauce other than a little mayo.

A few years ago I had to attend a lot of week long residential courses. Utter drudgery. However, I was amazed that a smalle number of attendees elected to go on these courses for the sole reason that they could snag 5+ cooked breakfasts. Mad as hatters!


Cardinal Puff
16th Aug 2001, 18:49
The Hexagon Hotel in Queenstown in the Eastern Cape used to serve a killer (literally) buffet breakfast. Any time I wangled a stay overnight the new day was greeted with fresh OJ, steak, devilled kidneys, kedgeree, two fried eggs, three beef sossies, three pork sossies, fried liver and onions, fried mushrooms, fried banana, fried tomato, three slices of toast, fruit and tea.

The resulting load of ballast guaranteed the rest of the day was spent almost comatose while some one else drove....

16th Aug 2001, 18:49
I prefer a large mug of tea, (British tea, mind not that liptons yellow lable that seems to be all you can get here on the continent), with milk no sugar, three slices of white sliced bread toast, with butter and my mate marmite. Which, as everyone will know from previous threads on Pprune, is now proven to thrash that aussie pretender Vegemite! Or if I'm in a Swiss mood, I'll have a choccy-gipfeli, which is a croissant type thingy but baked with a whole chocolate bar inside. Quite delicious. I cant remember the last time I had bacon, unfortunately. They dont do it in Switzerland. :(

Tricky Woo
16th Aug 2001, 19:23
Also the 'Home Sick' brekkies at the Noble Dubliner has got it all wrong. Yes, they do provide baked beans, as God intended, but their sausages are unauthentically tasty. What are they thinking?


p.s. Is Mishandled up for a Züri-bash?

Hagbard the Amateur
16th Aug 2001, 20:34
Totally agree on the Nob "Home Sick." It has raised my spirits many a time, washed down with a hair of the dog.

I remember a theatre job I did last year where I was staying full expenses at the Britannia Country House Hotel (not recommended in general) in South Manchester where they had a titanic cooked breakfast buffet every morning. I wanted to trough it each day but only found the stomach (thanks to my lack of resistance to UK lager) 3 or 4 times in three weeks. What a waste.

16th Aug 2001, 21:17
Best breakfast nosh ever was had in Santa Fe
- Chilli burritos for breakfast ! :p

Red hot chilli don't half wake you up ...

Otherwise I'd agree with the slumber brigade: I could cope with mornings much better if only they didn't happen so early in the day ;)

17th Aug 2001, 00:01
Best Brekkie?

Strong black coffee, and a nice raspberry Danish

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm :D :D :D :D

17th Aug 2001, 02:03
It`s not a real man`s breakfast if it doesn`t contain black pudding, which can only be cooked by lightly frying each side so it is still pink in the middle.
Accompany with unsalted bacon, pork sausage,fried egg, scrambled egg, mushrooms, plum and grilled tommato, beans, ulster fry, soda bread, fried bread, toast and bread.
Season to taste.
Serve with 2 pints of strong tea.

17th Aug 2001, 05:49
Unless i am at a Hotel, or on an airplane then i don't have breakfast, rather have the extra sleep :D

mmmm cooked breakfast


17th Aug 2001, 14:26
Bacon & Eggs

The chicken is involved
The pig is commited!

Don D Cake
17th Aug 2001, 17:51
During the week it has to be sleep.

On the weekends, anything fried by someone else. Breakfasts taste much nicer cooked by someone else.

A good hangover cure is toast with Encona and honey.

The Mistress
17th Aug 2001, 18:03
Anything served to me on a tray, whilst I'm still in bed would be nice.

Ask Nil nos about the Thai breakfast he had when we were in Bangkok - chillies, lemon grass, the works. Spent the rest of the day in the loo!

... and it burns, burns, burns
the ring of fire
the ring of fire :eek:

17th Aug 2001, 19:00
Full English Brekkie in the Black and White Cafe, Cardiff.

bacon, eggs, beans, fried bread, mushrooms and a scolding hot cup of tea, with two slices of bread and butter.

Most of the time these days I go continental with a croussant and a coffee, maybe some fruit.

Best breakfast ever - USA baby. Can't decide if its the oatland cakes (peanut butter and banana with maple syrup) at Cap'n Sals in Santa Monica, or the 5 stack pancakes with crispy bacon and lashings of maple syrup in Stevens on 8th and Market, San Francisco.

now I'm hungry!!!

17th Aug 2001, 23:31
Used to be an egg, bacon and black pudding roll from Iain's van. Mintoe Avenue Aberdeen.

Cereal, if anything nowadays.

Incidentally, American bacon doesn't pee out that white stuff... Fry it, and it comes out swimming in fat, like UK bacon did, about 30 years ago...

18th Aug 2001, 00:49
Pjdj...USA baby? :eek: :eek:

Is that legal? Have they descended so far into barbarism?

24th Aug 2001, 04:41
i usually have toast or cereal for brekkie
hubbards cereal is the best!
at outward bound i ate hubbards outward bound cereal. i thought it was appropriate :p
i noticed that there is a disclaimer on the box saying that eating the cereal won't necessarly mean that you will be able to do an outward bound course :rolleyes:
reminds me of the spoof of a moro bar ad i saw once. moron for people who think that eating a chocolate bar will make them fit :D