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20th Apr 2004, 18:50
Hi all,

Mrs WD and I are feeling lucky this year and reckon we might be able to get away for a foreign holiday at long last. However, we are going to be fairly limited with our budget, and not being terribly widely travelled I would appreciate any suggestions which would come close to satisfying the following criteria:

Date - late September/early October for 7 nights

1. Must be a good snorkelling destination and warm enough that no wetsuit required.

2. No nightclubs, English pubs, all day breakfasts, Sharons & Tracys etc.....

3. Something to do except sit on the beach - historical interest would be good.

4. Flights plus basic accomodation (B&B or S/C) for 300 each.

Ideally we would prefer something that isn't long haul as we wont have enough dosh for more than 7 nights and don't want to spend it sat on a plane (well, I don't mind, but only if I get to sit up front!).

Thanks to anyone who can give us some inspiration.:ok:

20th Apr 2004, 19:06

Well you don't want Blackpool as thelights will be on!

20th Apr 2004, 19:09

You've posed a stinker of a problem. By definition snorkelling destinations have shallow seas. And by the end of the northern hemisphere summers, areas around shallow seas tend to get rather wet and in tropical areas stormy. Since you want a short trip, the southern hemisphere is obviously out.

There are a few places that might fit the bill but not ones I've visited.


20th Apr 2004, 19:36
Agree with 42, I would have suggested the Caribbean (Turks & Caicos, St Martin,...) but then there's the budget and longhaul limits. How about Eilat, Israel or Hurghada (Red Sea coast of Egypt). Can't think of much else.


Windle Poons
20th Apr 2004, 19:38
WD, it seems to me that the Red Sea would fit the bill, although I'm not sure that it'll meet your fourth criteria. Still worth a look as there are plent of resorts.


Now were did my personal title go?

20th Apr 2004, 19:44
Now were did my personal title go?
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Boss Raptor
20th Apr 2004, 19:46
The Gambia be cheap then and just after the rains green and not too hot...very cheap to live/eat there

20th Apr 2004, 20:05
Does any one know much about the Seychelles Islands?

I will be taking the boss and his wife there early next year.

Any info will be a lot of help.

I'll be flying a Falcon 50EX if that helps.

Out Of Trim
20th Apr 2004, 20:11
I'd suggest Cyprus.. Still nice and warm/hot then ( I've been sun burnt in November there once), also plenty of Historic Interest available.. Roman remains etc - and still possible to avoid British style pubs.. if you go to the right areas. Paphos may be best for that.. plenty of Greek style tavernas with cheap food and beer. Also Snorkeling pretty good!

Might even be snow up in the mountains too in October.. so possible able to Ski!!:ok:

Lance Murdoch
20th Apr 2004, 20:11
Not sure whether its good for snorkelling, but the coastal region of Morocco would probably be worth considering?

20th Apr 2004, 20:20
Me and the better half had a nice week in Tenereife last year that for me, fits the bill as you have described here. We stayed well away from the beaten track.

We also managed to get it all inclusive which meant that we knew that costs while away wouldn't escalate too much.

I found that hunting around on teletext was a pretty good way to find some bargains - you will need to be patient though. Also, be prepared to try and argue away any extras they try and add on when you try to book - we had to go up the ladder to get the holiday at the advertised price.

PM me if you want some more detail.

20th Apr 2004, 20:36
How about North Cyprus? (Turkish Republic of N C ). At present only accessible with a stopover in Turkey (45 min - 1 hour, same aircraft), direct flights from MAN/STN/LGW.
It's got all Cyprus's advantages, but is cheaper and less crowded.
There's going to be a referendum about unifying with S. Cyprus later this month, so if they vote in favour, they will join the EU, flights will be direct, and prices will (eventually) go up.

Just an idea.
Have a fine holiday

20th Apr 2004, 21:08
Thanks for the suggestions so far. I've also had Malta suggested, which sounds like it could be a good one too. Any thoughts?

20th Apr 2004, 21:58
Malta certainly has culture - Valletta is a fascinating place, especially if you're interested in Templar history. The problem with Malta is its lack of beaches - Mellieha is your best bet for sand. But this can be an advantage if you're interested in diving or snorkelling, as it means the underwater visibility is good.

Sicily is also worth considering - lots of culture and beaches, and there are budget flights to Palermo. If you can get out to the Aeolian islands the water is fantastically clear and offers superb diving. And the food, IMHO, is superior to anything you'll get in Malta.

Corsica is another option - best diving is probably in the south, out of Bonifacio, for the same reason as Malta - it's rocky, so no good beaches. If you want sandy beaches, the north coast is better. The inland scenery is superb, with some challenging walking too. But it is on the pricey side - more expensive than mainland France.

If you go for the Red Sea, which is likely to be the warmest, Sharm El Sheikh is infinitely preferable to Hurghada, which is a bit of a dump. You can get excursions up to St Catherine's Monastery and Sinai camel safaris, if you want an alternative to sitting on the beach, but it's not overrun with 'cultural' options.

If you have specific questions on the Seychelles, PM me. But I'm currently on the move, so you may not get an answer until next week. :)

20th Apr 2004, 22:21
Years ago had a hol on Gozo, the little island next to Malta - v unspoilt and lovely clear water. Flatmate who was a keen diver also went there and said diving was excellent.

Hostie from Hell
20th Apr 2004, 22:25


Date - late September/early October for 7 nights......

1. Scuba diving and Snorkling are excellent on Malta's other Island of Gozo. Infact late Sept/ early October is when the tourists have gone home and the serious divers go out! Can snorkel without a wetsuit.

2. One or two nightclubs on the Island (Gozo) that I can think of but you would have trouble locating them! Resturants and food are fantastic and very reasonably priced.
No Sharons or Traceys!

3. Plenty of things to do other than sit on the beach! Would recommend you stay on Gozo and visit Malta for the historical bits!

4. Check out www.gozo.com

You should be able to get answers to all your questions from this site. Please feel free to PM if I can help further.

H from H

20th Apr 2004, 22:50
I'll second that!

20th Apr 2004, 22:56
Yes Hostie from Hell is right

Was going to give the same advice myself but your comments about nightclubs etc concerned me cause on Malta itself you'll certainly get plenty of them. Gozo is a much quieter, less developed island with more dulating terrain than Malta which is flat as a pancake, but don't expect mountains cause when I say dulating I mean a few small hills. The waters around these islands are very clean proven by the type of flora that blossoms in them & clear into the bargain. Its a great place for watersports as long as you're not into dramatic varied scenery & lush terrain bacause these islands are not, there not far from the coast of north Africa & the terrain & some of the houses reflect this so expect aridness & a certain Araby influence along with the European! Also any of the water sports I indulged in, & lets put it this way I spent far more of my holiday at sea rather than on land, were well organised. The people are also nice & friendly.

However they do abound in history with fortresses, biblical looking fortified cities, in WW1 it was a hospital island, in WW2 it was the most bombed place on earth for its size due to its strategic position. The food is excellent & its a great starting off point for a visit to Sicily & Mount Etna, Europes most active volcano. Malta even has its own airshow, when I was there it was around the end of September. It is also quite cheap with great last minute bargains often to be picked up in good quality hotels though staying two weeks rather than one wouldn't have worked out that more expensive in my case anyway if I could have spared the time.


20th Apr 2004, 23:51
How about Egypt... hot, but dry heat....
Low season in August so cheap....

Went there a couple of years ago in August cost 200 each!!

21st Apr 2004, 10:58
Look no further than Foxcharlie's suggestion..it's gotta be Eygpt - Fantastic place!

Aileron Roll
21st Apr 2004, 13:38
Check out Malaysia. Langkawi Island the place to go... good food, booze, beaches and Snorkling............ all DUTY FREE also...............

21st Apr 2004, 15:05
I think you'd find the water in Morocco too cold.

21st Apr 2004, 17:09
If you find a week in Langkawi for 300 - let me know!

21st Apr 2004, 18:18
When cosidering a vacation of a week or less also consider the timezones, especially for those who want to do outdoor daylight activities.

If you are an early riser going east is easier for you. IF you are a late riser going west is much easier so that you don't wind up sleeping half the first couple of days away.

So if you are a late riser you should consider something like Puerto Rico or maybe Havana. Both have ample sites to see on land and in the water.

Puerto Rico could be combined with St. Johns or St. thomas to broaden your scuba experience if you so desire.

If you are a natural early riser than Eliat is the place to go....

Then take the last day or two before climbing on the airplane to see the dead sea and a few other sites while letting the nitrogen boil out of your blood. (in puerto Rico you can hike in the rain forest and shop in the old city.)