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20th Apr 2004, 17:27

Anybody hear anything about a fight that broke out in World Traveller Plus on a BA 777 just as it was about to depart Kingston, Jamaica on Monday?

I think it was resolved fairly quickly.


Tony Flynn
20th Apr 2004, 18:10
There was a fight in the fish shop the other night......

cessna l plate
20th Apr 2004, 18:42
............ 4 fish got battered. The old ones are the best ones

20th Apr 2004, 18:42
It lasted three rounds, then a paper towel was thrown into the aisle.
I believe the guy in 3A was declared the winner.

20th Apr 2004, 18:43
Usual scenario Inebriated Pax,slugs pilot on boarding,bleeding nose mouth.Pilot found fit for return flight PuertoVallarta -Toronto.
Pax remained in Mexican Pokey....AirTransat crew:confused:

flight sim boy
20th Apr 2004, 21:10
After flying into Birmingham with Emirates we were waiting round for the door to be opened. A man and a woman who'd been sat up with us in Business had clearly had a few too many and were fairly lairy as we came in to land. While we were waiting some Ozzy bloke made a comment about the poor service and waiting cos it was in the UK and within seconds the drunk Brit started having an argument with him. It all got a bit excitable (and childish) but then seemed to calm down. When the doors opened though the brit shoved the poor Ozzy out the plane and he fell over. He turned round and tried to get back to have a fight with the brit - I was in the doorway (which was full of kids / women / stewardesses) so being 6'4" I stopped the brit getting at him while the ground staff calmed the Ozzy down. After a few minutes its was all sorted but when we got to an escalator in the terminal the drunk brit woman got on first and the Ozzy went down the stairs instead, but the drunk bloke was so busy giving the ozzy an evil look that he walked into the back of the woman and knocked her down the escalator!

I helped her off at the bottom - she was cut up in a few places - and went to get a first aider....


20th Apr 2004, 21:55
If you gentlemen would be kind enough to follow me down to Jetblast?

20th Apr 2004, 22:01
Oldebloke, it could have been worse. If it had been one of these lady captains it might have been: PASSENGER PUNCHED FOR PINCHING PILOT.

20th Apr 2004, 22:32
Yeah, she coulda given him a bust in the mouth. :E

a is dum
21st Apr 2004, 07:54

That one belongs in the "Where is Carn" thread.

21st Apr 2004, 09:04
Pigboat --- and if she were from Oz, not only cooda, but shooda.