View Full Version : Thrown out of PPRuNe? (Technical Fault)

You want it when?
15th Aug 2001, 20:43
I've just been locked out of PPRuNe :eek: by a technical fault (or at least I hope it was technical - I'll be good honest!)

Tried to re-join but was blocked as no member profile exists? I tried a couple of times and got the same message - so I clicked on "my profile" and updated it (no changes) and was then allowed in.

Handy hint for anyone getting the same message in the future

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PPRuNe Dispatcher
15th Aug 2001, 23:25
It sounds like your pprune.org cookie was deleted or got corrupted. If this happens again then clear your browser cache, delete any pprune cookies, make sure you have cookies enabled and try again.

Mik Butler
aka PPRuNe Dispatcher