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20th Apr 2004, 14:53
Passengers warned of six-hour check-ins
By Jonathan Prynn, Evening Standard Consumer Affairs Editor
19 April 2004
Passengers were today warned to prepare for unprecedented six- hour check-ins for transatlantic flights this summer.

New security checks required by the US authorities will lead to chaos at Heathrow and Gatwick, a leading charter airline said.

The checks - known as the Advanced Passenger Information System - will be mandatory from this summer, adding crucial extra minutes to the check-in process, said Travel Trade Gazette magazine.

The head of regulation at holiday firm First Choice, one of Britain's biggest, said: "If it takes an extra half a minute per passenger to collect this information, you are looking at an extra three hours' check-in for a full 767. This would create an enormous number of people congreating at airports."

Passengers are already told to allow three hours for checkin, causing huge queues at Heathrow and Gatwick.

Sounds like a nightmare in the making. Couldn't all this extra information be gathered at the time of booking and paying for the ticket?:hmm:


Notso Fantastic
20th Apr 2004, 15:22
Of course, hiring an extra check-in agent would halve the time...............! Gadzooks, a third would get it done in no time!

20th Apr 2004, 15:32

Staff cost money!

and you can't just get rid of them.

Soldier on mon braves...unpaid overtime again and sod the passengers....oh and keep that fixed smile on your face or else!:E

20th Apr 2004, 15:42
I'm just wondering if this pleasureable procedure will be reciprocated for travellers from the US?

I also wonder what the US reactions will be if, say France, started demanding the same level of information from US carriers/passengers. Could be interesting.

Wasn't it the Brazilians who were the first to reply in kind with mugshots and so forth of travellers and crew from the US?

20th Apr 2004, 15:51
If additional information is required on the PNR, it should be collected at the time of the reservation. It makes no sense to wait until check-in to input it.

20th Apr 2004, 17:39
I was amused by a yankess on Radio 5 this morning who was all in favour "because it's for security". Which is easy enough to say when you aren't affected - then it was pointed out to her that she would have to queue, with the result that she became very angry indeed...

20th Apr 2004, 18:16
It must be getting to the point now where the terrorist will strike at the airport. Huge numbers of people all crowded into a small space. Just what they want...

20th Apr 2004, 18:26
They (the terrorists) will find ways to circumvent this. Have "US Authorities" not heard of sleepers?

Lance Murdoch
20th Apr 2004, 19:48
Yet another stroke of brilliance on the part of the US authorities. This will completely mess up the transatlantic passenger market. Cant see many tourists putting up with a six hour check in more than once. The best way to stop this stupidity for the benefit of all concerned (especially the US tourist industry) is for the Europeans to reciprocate.

20th Apr 2004, 20:03

Have to disagree with you on that one, after all knee jerk apparentley emotional reciprocation is a US speciality...

The US sets its standards and Europe sets theirs. Then its up to the punter as to whether they want to bother.

I for one have decided to avoid the US for all but essential business over this, I'm sure I'm not alone. Its a pity really.


Lance Murdoch
20th Apr 2004, 20:08
I see your point Mini, and I agree Im probably only to go over there on business if they implement six hour check ins..... which is a damn shame because once youre actually there its a great place full of nice people. The stupid thing is its the Yanks who will suffer most from this and security will not be improved at all.

20th Apr 2004, 20:26
Of course, you could fly to Canada or Mexico then drive..........:}

Rich Lee
20th Apr 2004, 20:33
Think of how long the queues will be with the "super size" Airbus.:uhoh:

surely not
20th Apr 2004, 21:26
There are so many other parts of the world to visit, why bother with the USA.

The airlines flying to/from the USA are amongst the cutest at driving prices down for handling therefore I doubt that the optionof additiional c-in staff is one they will accept if asked to pay for it.

The baggage areas where the bins are loaded are not designed to cope with baggage acceptance at -6hrs to STD. The c-in desks availability is often oversubscribed at the times of day that USA bound flights depart.

If this follows previous legislation the USA airlines will be required to provide the same information.

Thought occurs to me that this is really being sponsored by the makers of video conferencing equipment :D

20th Apr 2004, 21:36
Surely Not

Good point about the baggage issue, yeah, sounds like a wind up...

Noah Zark.
20th Apr 2004, 23:14
Unless these procedures can be accelerated to lessen the waiting time, it will probably have quite a pronounced economic effect, with people not bothering to go to the U.S.A. for holidays, etc.
That in itself is an own-goal for the U.S.A., and another victory for the perpetrators of evil.
As lineboy_nz says, what about sleepers? In all probability those persons who seek to further terrorism et al in America are already ensconced.

21st Apr 2004, 09:00
Was thinking of a hol in the US later this year, not going to put up with this crap though, someone else can have my custom/.

21st Apr 2004, 09:12
Welcome to Canada then. It's just a short trip to slide you across the border afterwards. Wear a tulip in your lapel and pretend you're Dutch.

21st Apr 2004, 09:31
Canada is certainly high on my list, but once there I would'nt bother sliding across the border.

Hmm, Jasper maybe? Then Vancouver, never been there.