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The Mistress
15th Aug 2001, 20:35
At my place of work we receive a lot of junk mail via the fax. I received one today that really takes the biscuit:


"While most sex reports focus on what you should be doing, this one looks at what you won't do - and how you felt about it. Sex expert Jane Alexander sympathetically discusses in detail those perverted sexual practices with women who have tried them and reveal that a huge percentage of these women felt physically and emotionally uncomfortable doing them.

To be shocked, dial 09060 123 671 from your fax, press start and read it immediately!"

Oh pleeease! This message was sent to a BUSINESS fax machine. None of the blokes I work with would dare have that sort of info sent over an open fax at work ... they may reply from their machines at home ... but that's a different matter! :D

I once replied to a junk fax offering a FREE catalogue of houses for auction in the north of England. I tried both numbers given, neither of them worked. As most business fax machines will try 10 times to deliver a message before they give up this means that little exercise cost 20 - for nothing! Thankfully I wasn't paying the bill - the catalogue was for my boss.

Are all these faxback junk mails a scam? Have any Pruners actually got the information they asked for?

Windy Militant
15th Aug 2001, 20:43
Thought that this was going to be a plea for help against the deluge of [email protected] that spews out of your machine. Oh well for those of you that are besiged, got this from the news group here at work
"If you want to stop junk faxes just phone BT (0845-070-0702) and they can have your fax number barred. Anyone who then sends junk faxes to you after 28 days can be prosecuted. This also applies to your private phone numbers. Recently we have been plagued with junk faxes so hope this will stop it."
Right that's the good deed for the day, I
can s*d off home now ;)

15th Aug 2001, 20:50
By an interesting coincidence I have just been registering with the fps (fax preference service) to be removed from junk fax dialling lists.

According to the FPS site:

" Under Government legislation introduced on 1 May 1999 it is unlawful to send an unsolicited sales and marketing fax to an individual (which includes consumers, sole traders and except in Scotland partnerships) without their prior consent "



That ought to stop the little bleeders.