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silly walks
20th Apr 2004, 03:44
The Gary Neville Diaries!


Put the cones out for Sir today and he glanced at me. Made me feel special.
He never looks at Phil like that. Told Mum and she said I have to share but
that's not fair because I got to the cones first. Moustache looks a bit
thicker today.

Won today but I didn't play Watched MUTV all night to see whether Sir said
he missed me. Am sure they edited it out. Hung out with Rio until he told
me to 'go away innit'. Will tell Sir tomorrow. Deffo not a penalty today -
gave that girl Boa Morte a nasty stare after the game to let him know that I
know. Man in wheelchair laughed at my moustache. cried myself to sleep.

Took Sir an apple. But Weasley gave him a bottle of red wine so he'll
probably play on Tuesday. Creep. Went to Mum's for dinner but she tried to
make me eat sprouts and then laughed when I banged my fists on the kitchen lino. She won't laugh again. Read Sir's book in bed. Coloured in moustache with marker. Looks manly.

Rained at training. Marker wasn't permanent.

Tuesday (early)
Playing tonight so was definitely worth washing bibs for Sir. Looked at
papers and I was in them again! Will put in scrapbook. So glad I said Porto
don't act like men. Am really getting good at this mind games business.
Photo on back of The Sun made my moustache look thin but Mum says it's just the ink. She says I look handsome.

Tuesday (late)
Not fair. Not fair. Not fair. It was a goal and we should have won and someone pushed me and someone tried to hurt Ronaldo and the girls dived on
the floor and the referee blew the whistle before we could score and they
celebrated in front of OUR fans and that made me so angry but I had to go
and tell the TV that they deserved it (they didn't and I had my fingers
crossed. Ha!). It's just not fair because we're the best team in the whole
wide world.

Have given Philip a Chinese burn for that free-kick and told Sir to sell

Sir not happy today. He didn't even cheer up when I gave him my drawing.
Wonder if he'll put it on his fridge with the others? Saw a small boy
laughing at me so held him down until he said that Manchester United were
the best team in the whole wide world. Feel better now. Bought some Re-gane and put on top lip. Can't wait until the morning to see my bushy, manly

Phoned David to ask him to ask Elton about hair transplants. He said he was
'too busy preparing for the quarter-finals of the Champions League'. Am
going to tell Sir and then I'm going to fly to Spain and then hold him down
until he says that Manchester United are the best team in the whole wide
world. And I'm going to take back the Man United sovereign ring I sent him
for Christmas.

Update: Mum says I can't go to Spain.

20th Apr 2004, 07:06
Unsigned note to Sir

"You won't win anything with either of the Chuckle brothers in your team."

20th Apr 2004, 12:55
Now that's funny! Did you write it or lift it? If the former you have missed your vocation! Nice one.

silly walks
20th Apr 2004, 18:37

As much as i would like to take credit, i'm afraid i saw it on another website and enjoyed it so much that i thought i should post it here.


surely not
20th Apr 2004, 20:39
The Goal machine strikes again tonight!!!!!!!!!