View Full Version : Animated Banner Ads Causing Typos!!

Send Clowns
2nd Dec 2001, 22:23
I know my computer is old and slow, but has anyone else found that sometimes the computer is so slow on PPRuNe that it misses some letters you type? I typed a four-letter word (not a rude word, it just had 4 letters!) in one recent post and only one letter came up. This introduces annoying typos, only happens on PPRuNe, but does not always happen (for example it is fine now). I think it may be some of the banner ads which change.

I know advertising pays for the site, but any chance of minimising the coding or changing in them? :(

tony draper
2nd Dec 2001, 22:58
Hmmm, that could explain Draper apalling spelling, key board is old and coffee stained, encrusted with fag ash, but only the numeric 4 has to be watched normaly, as this tends to stutter and one ends up with 444444444, instead of just 4.
Does seem to have been lot of odd letters in words now.
Draper long ago mastered the art of typing whilst watching telly, and only looking at computer screen when finished. ;)

2nd Dec 2001, 23:47
Funny you should ask that, Clooooowns.

I gett hose banner das all the time an dit never cuases me any speling mustiks or ytpos of ayn kidn.