View Full Version : Music Quiz 404 (will be late)

20th Apr 2004, 01:13
Bit embarrassed here.......

Forgot to write the Quiz Sunday night (Cooda reminded me of my error yesterday)...so wrote it last night, and have promptly forgot to bring it down from home.

So....tomorrow morning I promise..............:ok: :ok: :ok:

20th Apr 2004, 03:09
S'Ok scran

In view of your past service to music quizes, I'm sure we're all prepared to forgive you :cool:

just this once, mind :} :E

(Remember the 20:1 rule) :ugh:

20th Apr 2004, 03:23
You know of course ya gotta buy us all a beer. ;) :cool:

At the risk of incurring the wrath of scran, shouldn't that be quiz 405? I thought I did 404 last week.:confused:

20th Apr 2004, 05:09
Yes pb
But its an anomaly caused by your being on the wrong side of the date line :p

Why not visit Darwin in May. Then you can see Eric Bogle in concert and possibly collect that beer from scran :ok: :E