View Full Version : Aussie "sportsman" loses. Australia cheers!

2nd Dec 2001, 04:58
"Da Man", Anthony Mundine, self-proclaimed legend and winner over a succession of nobodies, has been knocked flat on his ass and in the process has brought Australia together in celebration.

You bloody beauty!!

2nd Dec 2001, 05:33
The W.ANKER hits the canvas. There's no doubt he's got a fair bit of talent, but he doesn't have to be such a w.anker about it, eh?

Kaptin M
2nd Dec 2001, 05:40
A boxer with some ability who lost any following he may have had in Australia, when he came out in support of Osama Bin Ladin and the Sept 11th terrorist hijackings!

A loss for Mundine - a win for Australia, to NOT have this self-opinionated individual of limited vocabulary representing Oz in the international public arena!!

Speedbrake UP
2nd Dec 2001, 06:06
Knocked out by a fighter not reknown for a big punch. Previously Sven Ottke has only managed to win four of his 24 fights by knock out. As the Mouth has stated Ottke

He's a straight up and down fighter, he boxes an amateur style, he accumulates points. He likes to go the distance and finish strong in the later rounds, but he hasn't got half of what I've got," Mundine said.

"Not just the punching power. My evasiveness, my boxing skill, finesse, flamboyance, everything that I have, he ain't got."


Shame Mundine Shame :)

tony draper
2nd Dec 2001, 06:12
He sounds like the loud mouthed conceited **** we got here, Prince bloody Nassem, not a bad boxer, but I wanted to see him pummeled just for his mouth. :mad:

henry crun
2nd Dec 2001, 06:37
Thank goodness he got his comeuppance, but judging by his previous verbal performance there will, no doubt, be a perfectly good explanation as to why he found himself flat on his back.

Victor Bravo
2nd Dec 2001, 06:49
I think I recall hearing this bloke saying that "I'm number one". Well, quite frankly I must admit you are mate...number one tosser.

I just hope now that a nobody knocks him on his ass again, and curbs his ego even more.

429 CJ
2nd Dec 2001, 06:55
Hopefully, just like they did to Pharlap's heart, they'll rip his tongue out and put it in a museum somewhere. While he is still using it, with any luck. :p

I realise that all of the "talk" is just that, part of the boxing "thing", but geez it can get on your nerves after a while.

S#!T Happens. ;)

Feeton Terrafirma
2nd Dec 2001, 07:04
I am ashamed to admit that this twerp Mundine is an Australian. His loss is definately our gain. Is it possible that he might pull his head in or will is mouth rule as is has in the past, and splurt forth more crap?

We as Australians can only hope that some one near him has sufficient influence to convince him to retire into obscurity.

2nd Dec 2001, 07:13
Draper, there are similarities, but the glaring difference is that Prince H has runs on the board. Da Man doesn't.

But Mr Crun is dead right; there will be an excuse.

Capt Vegemite
2nd Dec 2001, 07:57
Bloody grand news lets hope this continues.
Unfortunately we get him back,does Bradford want him?
How he can pack so many stupid ideas into such a small head is a mystery..possibly the most loathed Australian sportsman of all time.
I feel for his father...a true champ.

2nd Dec 2001, 08:21
not a great fan of boxing but appreciate what Mundines intentions were.
he walked away from a very lucrative rugby league contract to do his own thing.
i say good on him for having a go, and i'm also told he had ottke on his bum earlier in the fight. oh for one more good shot.

without his sound-bites he would probably be an national icon. shame it's all wasted on that mouth.

Dave Incognito
2nd Dec 2001, 08:43
Surely he had this comming to him. Can't wait to see him talk his way around that photo (which is going to look even better full size in the paper tomorrow).

No doubt he will still call himself No 1. :rolleyes:

2nd Dec 2001, 17:17
I'm Not sure what i enjoyed more, seeing Mundeen get decked or the sheepish grin on on the pretty blond news ladies face as she introduced the story.

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