View Full Version : So who is sanjosebaz anyway?

2nd Dec 2001, 03:46
the question we all want to know :)
well ok just me then :D

2nd Dec 2001, 03:48
'spose I asked for it, but posting the "who is DingDucky"! At least this thread will die rapidly anyway :D

2nd Dec 2001, 04:16
not if i keep it going :p

2nd Dec 2001, 04:17
bah :mad:

2nd Dec 2001, 05:42
.... and you could always get your friends to help, Dings.


2nd Dec 2001, 11:12
....just to keep it ticking along :D

2nd Dec 2001, 11:30
Thankfully, nobody has ever asked who I am... :p

the wizard of auz
2nd Dec 2001, 13:04
Thats coz we already know, OZEX.
So behave yerself....... :D :D

2nd Dec 2001, 14:32
Keeping the spotlight on. :D

2nd Dec 2001, 14:53
Who am I????

2nd Dec 2001, 15:00
I don't care who either of you are. Well I do really.
Someone figured out who I was on another website. Scary that.
No one knows who I am on this site. Even friends I made through PPRuNe.

2nd Dec 2001, 15:01
Who cares?

3rd Dec 2001, 02:03
I happen to know from certan sources that SJB is a non-native Geordie currently in exile in California; however the UK authorities do allow him the occasional visit home. On these occasions he would be quite willing to attend a bash in the NCL area; however relatively short notice precludes him from organising such a mini-bash and so Draper's assistance would be welcome

3rd Dec 2001, 03:58
oh Mycroft i am sure that you have juicer gossip than that ;) :D :p

tony draper
3rd Dec 2001, 04:04
He doesn't talk like a proper Geordie.
You sure he's not a Makum. :(

Mirkin About
3rd Dec 2001, 04:11
Can any man truly know another?

3rd Dec 2001, 05:38
..the Shadow knows... :cool:

3rd Dec 2001, 12:41
Well - I don't touch PPruNe for a few hours and this thread reaches two pages. Obviously you guys ('n gals) have nothing better to do. No Mr Draper, definitely not a Mackem - how dare you. But a NCL bash would be a good idea, particularly if it happened to coincide with one of my sojourns to God's own earth. :D

(and don't believe all Mycroft tells you either ;) )

Oh - and Steepclimb: If you are from Yes, as shown in your location, that narrows it down to just a few musicians (Anderson, Howe, Bruford, Wakeman ...)

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tony draper
3rd Dec 2001, 13:44
The cunning of Draper triumphs again,thought that would lure him out, you can deflower a Geordies daughter, burn down, his house,milk his bank account,all these things will annoy a Geordie, but vandalise his leek trench or call him a makum, you better seek out a good hiding place. ;)

3rd Dec 2001, 16:10
Dash Holmes - foiled again :) And I find yuv bin near ma leek trench, I'll set the Lambton Worm on ye.

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4th Dec 2001, 05:41
He is ... Just another number .

4th Dec 2001, 16:32
You might not tell us who you are sanjosebaz but please tell us non-Geordies what the hell a Lampton Worm is :confused:

Tricky Woo
4th Dec 2001, 16:37
A Lambton Worm? It's a British actress called Amanda Donohoe with her t!ts out.

Hope this helps.


tony draper
4th Dec 2001, 19:13
SEE, Draper is repeating himself, posted this not long back.
One Sunday morn young Lambton
Went a-fishin' in the Wear;
An' catched a fish upon his huek,
He thowt leuk't varry queer,
But whatt'n a kind a fish it was
Young Lambton couldn't tell.
He couldn't be boshed for to carry it hyem,
So he hoyed it in a well.

Whisht! lads, haad yor gobs,
Aa'll tell yer aall and aaful story,
Whisht! lads, haad yor gobs,
An' Aal tell yer 'bout the woorm.

Noo Lambton felt inclined to gan
For ta fight in foreign wars.
So he joined a troop o' Knights that cared
For neither wounds nor scars,
An' off he went to Palestine
Where queer things him befel,
An' varry seun forgot aboot
The funny worm i' the well.


But the woorm it growed an' growed an' growed,
An' growed an aaful size;
He'd geet big heed, a geet big gob,
An' geet big goggley eyes.
An' when at neets he craaled aboot
For ta' pick up bits o'news,
If he felt thoorsty upon the road,
He milked a dozen coos.


This feorful woorm wad often feed
On calves an' lambs an' sheep,
An' swally little bairns alive
When they laid doon to sleep.
An' when he'd eaten aal he cud
An' he had has he's fill,
Away he went an' lapped his tail
Ten times roond Pensher Hill.


The news of this geet funny woorm
An' his queer gannins on
Seun crossed the seas, and reached the lugs
Of brave an' bowld Sir John.
So hyem he cam an' catched the beast
An' cut 'im in three halves,
An' stopped it eatin' aall bairns,
An' sheep an' lambs and calves.


So noo ye knaa hoo aall the folks
On byeth sides of the Wear
Lost lots o' sheep an' lots o' sleep
An' lived in mortal feor.
So let's hev one to brave Sir John
That kept the bairns frae harm
Saved coos an' calves by myekin' haalves
O' the famis Lambton Woorm

Noo lads, Aa'll haad me gob,
That's aall Aa knaa aboot the story
Of Sir John's clivvor job
Wi' the aaful Lambton Woorm

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Big Tudor
4th Dec 2001, 21:10
God bless you Draper. Memories of cold winter evenings gathered around the peat fires of Consett as a young lad come flooding back. As an Geordie-in-exile it warms the cockles of the heart to hear of the old country in this hallowed arena.

tony draper
4th Dec 2001, 22:22
Wey nee botha Hinny, Conset, land of the red dust, steel men, canny wimin, ind bonny bairns.
Gone forever alas. ;)

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4th Dec 2001, 22:30
See - the Lambton Worm... It's a heeuge sneeak man (er, it's a rather large snake) ;)

5th Dec 2001, 14:52
Many thanks Mr. Draper for your enlightening spiel. I especially liked the "three halves".
It reminded me of the times my older brother would tell me that I was having "the smaller half".

6th Dec 2001, 02:02
If you have the plugins, you can hear the Lambton Worm song at the link below (the URL UBB ain't working) :eek:
[URL=http://www.thenortheast.fsnet.co.uk/Chester.htm#THE LEGEND OF THE LAMBTON WORM]

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10th Dec 2001, 08:42
I shall give that a try baz. By the way, who are you?

wheels up
10th Dec 2001, 09:57