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Bio Warrior
15th Aug 2001, 00:58
folks I have an annoying problem my computer refuses to log into PPRuNe, yes I did defrag virus scan and scan disk nothing shows a prob.

Bio is very sad, please any help would be appreciated.

- Bio (Banished to the outside world)

ps I'm being bad and using the hospital computer to send this

tony draper
15th Aug 2001, 01:43
Not much info to work on there Mr B, Can you log on to other websites?,have you checked plugs sockets ect, tried device manager o see if modem is ok?.

Tricky Woo
15th Aug 2001, 05:33
Has that naughty kitten been chewing on the cable again?

15th Aug 2001, 05:39
Funny, I had it in my mind that Bio Kitten wasn't a Mr. Mr.Draper.

By "Log into" do you mean load the page?
I have had numerous,intermittant problems loading correctly in Netscape. Sometimes switching to Explorer helps. Clean out cache, just for the hell of it.

Bio Warrior
15th Aug 2001, 10:04
You folks are a big help I must say :p

Tricky darlin' but the cords taste all fizzy when I chew them and it just energises my entire day.

Mr Draper you need to get your glasses prescription updated.... believe me I am very much a female kitten.

as for my PPRuNe trouble I heard a romour that if someone gets kicked out of PPRuNe their isp gets blocked .... this worries me
But then what on earth could I have done worth banning (those shreaded curtains you can't blame on me truely grand pop Danny)

Better go

15th Aug 2001, 12:07
Bio, I think our great and enlightened leader would e-mail you directly, had you overstepped the line.

I had a problem and the only way to solve it was reload the browser and get rid of all the cookies, mmm cookies... I also sent an e-mail to the Towers and they reset everything at that end.

Since I'm a complete moron when it comes to these puter type boxes, I have no idea which bit of the above, actually worked. :)

As a last resort, try seeing if the puter can reach VR from a top floor window. It won't actually fix anything, but it's very satisfying. ;) ;)

Good luck

You want it when?
15th Aug 2001, 12:58
If the page partially loads it could be a corrupt a cookie (as if). Assuming you are using Micro$oft explorer use click on tools and then tools and the internet options - delete all files on line and subscription content. This will make all your fav. pages re-load.

Then - using Windows Explorer / file manager (off the start bar) open the various sub-directories until you get to \windows or \winnt there is normally a sub directory called cookies - enter it Ctrl-A and delete all of them (or try and locate the pprune one and just delete that one.

When you connect to PPRuNe again you will need to run through the login process so I hope you can remember your password!

I've emailed this to you as well as I assume you can't read the thread!

Good luck

tony draper
15th Aug 2001, 13:29
My sincerest apologies miss Bio,these nicknames render us sexless,perhaps they should be prefixed with mz for he ladies and mr for the lads.
Although you hit the nail on the head Drapers eyes grow dim he is of wrinkled aspect and his boiler devoid of hair, entropy, we of a scientific bent call it.
Good luck with your puter, I find that standing at a distance of about four foot from the recalcitent machine and swearing loudly in a threatening manner at same sometimes helps. ;)

15th Aug 2001, 13:45
Mr. Draper, sometimes it doesn't take a nickname to render us sexless, but that's a different thread.....

Bio, first of all I have to say that I'm very upset you creatd a thread called "Help", because I was going to create a thread with exactly the same name :mad:

However, you're problems seem far more serious than mine, so I guess I'll let you off :cool:

I think Mr. Draper may have been correct in asking you whether it's just PPRuNe that you can't load, or whether it's anything on the Internet. If it's just PPRuNe, most of the advice here is a good place to start. But if you can't load any Internet pages that's completely different.

One very important piece of advice, though: never, never, *NEVER* let a computer know you are angry with it, or in a rush - it will always find a way of repaying you!

Good luck!


Tricky Woo
15th Aug 2001, 15:20
Dearest Bio,

All this is excellent advice so far.

I can only humbly add that it might be best to entice someone of a more technical bent to go over to your place to fix the ailing widget, adjust the valve, hammer the throttle or whatever.

Entice how?

If the techie is female, then I'd recommend moral blackmail, 'cos that always seems to work with women. If a bloke, then a subtle hint that a fixed computer may inspire an evening of wild sex should do the trick. Don't even think of delivering the goods, though, 'cos everyone knows that techies are bad shags.

Hope this helps.


You want it when?
15th Aug 2001, 15:27
TW - Sez you. :mad: :D

tony draper
15th Aug 2001, 15:38
Good advice that, Draper got caught out lovely last year, doing small job in housing office, nice looking manageress approaches Draper, eyelids batting at furious rate, "Your clever aren't you?, will you do me a little favour", sez she, eyelid batting increasing in frequence into the hf band,
"Of course young lady how may Draper help one", sez ,Draper puffing out chest,
" Can you fix these thingies next door for little me," leading Draper by the hand next door.
Four bloody flat pack computer desks to be
assembled, arrrrgggghhhhh!!! ;)

[ 15 August 2001: Message edited by: tony draper ]

biggles mate
15th Aug 2001, 15:54
Dear mr Bio
If you have tried all of the above then there is only one thing left.Buy a raely big hammer and beat the crap out of it.
:mad: ;)

Tricky Woo
15th Aug 2001, 16:24
Yet again, someone is confused as to the true gender of our sweet, modest, girlish Bio. I never realised kittens were so difficult to sex. I reckon a quick lift of the tail by an expert, such as myself, should finally settle the matter.


15th Aug 2001, 18:36
Trickster honey, my dear sweet lil cousin Bio might not like being lifted by the tail. She is definitely a SHE, I've seen the evidence guys. A very pretty little kitten bio.

Bio darlin' if you continue to call Danny 'grand pop', you'll find you can't even log on from work. However, when I had a similar problem - clearing out the temp files, history and cookies solved it.

Tony, (flutters eyelashes appealingly) since you've had experience I could do with someone coming along and helping me put up a couple of shelves ;)

PPRuNe Dispatcher
16th Aug 2001, 00:23
I haven't banned anyone today :eek: so that isn't the problem.

Clear your browse cache completely and delete any pprune.org cookies. Then make sure you have cookies enabled and try again. If that doesn't work then do what Capt PPRuNe did and buy a Mac.

BTW if you are using a shared computer to access PPRuNe, make sure you click the log out link when you are finished, because if you don't anyone else with access to that computer can impersonate you.

Mik Butler
aka PPRuNe Dispatcher

Feeton Terrafirma
16th Aug 2001, 16:11
Capt. PPRuNe bought a MAC??????

<suddenly stops ROFLMAO with nasty thought>

oops..... shouldn't have done that should I?

I didn't mean it really, honest I didn't.
<lies through teeth to get out of the pooh>

Bio hunny, I won't drop around to fix your poota, cos unlike Mr Draper, I'm not easily conned by a perdy face (or a nice set of er.... um... teeth). I'll just suggest that Linux works.

I also note that Ducky is having the same problem. I don't suppose you use the same ISP?

Tricky Woo
16th Aug 2001, 16:44
Glad to hear that Uncle Danny has a surprising amount of taste for a scouser. I have an iMac myself which is a prized possession at Chez Tricky Woo, let me tell you. And it works beautifully, unlike this Intel-fuelled abortion that I'm using at work. Anyone else seen System X? Lust at first sight.

Before anyone starts slagging off Macs 'cos they're not 'proper' PCs, I'd like to point out that the slow bag of s**t known as Windows NT is still way behind the Mac GUI, still unstable, and still not Unix.

As for you penguin-loving Linux lovers: you're all a bit weird, aren't you? Tell me what Linux can do that can't be done under System X? Nothing, 'cos it's basically the same thing, but with real documentation.

Er, a bit protective about my iMac, I am (mumble, mumble).


16th Aug 2001, 16:55
I too have a Mac and it works very well thank you.

Yes it keeps me lovely and dry when I go out in the rain. ;)

Damn all use a a Computer though :rolleyes:

Bio Warrior
18th Aug 2001, 12:59
well it appears it isn't my computer! it is my isp (an allegic reaction to Java) I sent them an email "please make it better"
but you get what you pay for and mine is free so prompt fixing may be beyond them. While I'm recouping at my folks place I'm gonna steal their isp so you'll see me for a few days ...after that who can tell.

Luv and purrrs
(ps can't I please have Danny as a Grand Pop?)

18th Aug 2001, 13:35
hey i have missed you guys :(
i am using bios laptop. which is n ice except for the g spot thingee which i hate! :mad:
i haven't been able to come here. when i try i just get the annoying this page cannot be displayed thing. i call it the white screen of frustration!
i can go to any other website but the one that i really want to :(
i have the same evil isp as bio. i think that it is just a nasty conspiricy that the isp wants to stop us from ppruneing!
why oh why must they????? :confused: