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1st Dec 2001, 06:52
..but I'm going to tell you anyway.

According to Matt Richardson in "The Royal Book of Lists" three flatulent British monarchs were: Kings George II (1683-1760) and George IV (1762-1830), and Queen Victoria (1819-1901). In Victoria's case, "the queen always ate too quickly and often mixed malt whisky with claret, resulting in persistent flatulence." :eek:

1st Dec 2001, 18:55
Ahhhhhh! I MUST be related... :eek:

1st Dec 2001, 23:18
And, so is my dog :D

tony draper
1st Dec 2001, 23:21
Was there not a Frenchman who made a living farting on the stage?.
Hmmm ,facinating subject Draper must do some research. ;)

The Nr Fairy
1st Dec 2001, 23:24
td :

M. "Le Petomane" which translated is more or less "Mr Farter".

I knew a guy at school who could fart on demand. I've got quite the opposite problem, especially after an Indian or broccoli . . .

tony draper
1st Dec 2001, 23:34
Indeed Mr F, La Petomane, apparently the chap could could inhale air thru his rectum, and play tunes from ,and could almost speak thru said orifice.
HA! been a bunch of Englishmen at Westminster who have been doing that for years. ;)

2nd Dec 2001, 03:54
Oz, does this mean we should call you Your Majesty from now on? :D

Mr. D, the gentleman's name you're looking for was Joseph Pujol. Here's a few lines from the Manchester Guardian, by someone named Peter Lennon, describing a performance by said M. Pujol:
Not to beat about in the bush, Pujol's talent was that he could fart like nobody else in the world, before, then or since.
He could fart tenderly - le petit pet timide de la jeune fille - or aggressively - le pet ronde du macon; rapidly like a machine gun, or he could produce a deep, slow cannon roar, lasting up to ten seconds. He could give a very good account of a do ra me fa derriere-wise, imitate a violin, a bass or the timbre of a trombone.
Lennon adds, "Pujol was an enormous sensation whenever and wherever he appeared, yet all he did was fart. During periods when he played as opposition to the great Sarah Bernhardt, he outdrew her better than two to one. In addition to all that music he could make, he could blow out a candle at a distance of one foot. The man was no scurvy, back street, perverted farter. He only farted in the very best places, and for considerable sums of money." :D :)

2nd Dec 2001, 11:55
pigboat... nah, but I'll settle for Your HIGH-ness, tho! :eek:

Once knew a bloke who could give a 21-fart salute. That was pretty impressive tho, in those days, Army food would allow most blokes to sing chorus with him!

One day tho, straight after lunch, before leaving the messhall, he tried too hard, once too often. The result wasn't quite so impressive, but the rest of us were in stitches for weeks afterwards!

429 CJ
2nd Dec 2001, 12:13
You fellas ain't seen nuffin' yet... :D

Mr. Methane! (http://www.mrmethane.com/)

Enjoy, but beware, and remember.... it's only natural! ;)

3rd Dec 2001, 20:42
The Nr Fairy

I've got quite the opposite problem,

You mean every time you fart you have to eat an Indian?! :p

6th Dec 2001, 11:14
If you would like to include a little audio in your E-Mail go to www.createafart.com (http://www.createafart.com) :eek: