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14th Aug 2001, 19:10
OK this guy is on an airplane and he really really has to use the washroom, but the men's one is occupied, so the stewardess lets him use the women's with one warning, "Don't press any of the buttons" she says. So he goes into the washroom, and beside the toilet are 4 buttons, WW, WA, PP, and ATR. Since he's curious, he presses WW, and Warm Water splashes onto his ass. Then he press WA and Warm Air dries it off. Thinking this is pretty cool, he press PP and Powder Puff poofs onto his butt. Now hes amazed, and he press ATR. Next thing he knows he's in the hospital. He doesn't know how he got there, so he asks the nurse and says the last thing I remember is being in the women's washroom and playing with all the cool buttons, and she says, "Ya you must have been having a great time till you pressed automatic tampon removal!"